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Sequel to Indomitable

Zen, human-turned-Lucario, has lived among the residents of Equestria for nearly two years. He has fought many battles and has uncovered many mysteries alongside Yui. Now, Princess Celestia shares with them and two others a most unsettling discovery.

Off the coast of Equestria, a great source of tremors threatens to tear the continent apart. To save Equestria from its impending chaos, Zen, Yui, Topaz, and the human hunter, Ren, set sail to face this threat for the fate of Equestria.

One question remains; Who will prevail, Monster or Hunter?

A/N: There is no tag on for 'Pokemon' as it isn't the central focus, just know that the main character is a Lucario but that is all the ties to Pokemon he has. Enjoy!

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Comment posted by jennafischer deleted July 15th

Trip down memory lane huh? Such good times~

I am excited! This looks like its going too be fun! Thanks for writing Slender~

I always appreciate your kindness, this’ll hopefully be a good special :twilightsmile:

Don't you think I missed that destiny reference~

Its all coming together and this raid team is gaining force, love too see it!

Awesome to hear and yeah ya love to see it :twilightsmile:

I'm awake at an ungodly hour, and this fits right in to my schedule.

Let's get this fight rolling~

I dunno if I should be grateful or worried. But yeah, final battle next time~!

Sorry for such a late comment, I had issues upon issues with many things, but finally got around to reading this chapter.

Simply amazing~ I love how it all came to this final battle and the sappyness and the action and the story is all so wonderful!

Thanks for this Slender, really helps in these rough times.

I don’t mind the wait, and I’m happy that something I write is enough to brighten anyone’s day, so hearing that tells me I’m achieving my goal. Thanks for reading ^_^

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