• Published 12th Sep 2017
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CYOA: Bronytale - Amereep

An interactive story influenced by 'Undertale'. You're human and appear in Equestria for 24 hours. You can make friends if you wish, but you'll be stuck in Equestria and start becoming a pony if you do.

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"Ugh....," Pinkie rolls her eyes from you finding the last link, "you really are a stubborn one."

You notice that she's showing little signs of anxiety.

"Listen, the world is a big place to live in and it can be very depressing without somepony to share it with. You know this, I can feel it. Somewhere inside of you is calling out for a friend, but you're just to afraid of the consequences that come with having one. You don't have to worry, I'll be there for you no matter what happens; supporting you throughout it all."

She gives you a warm smile, "Friendship... is really great when you give it a try."

Her eyes start to shine in an innocent cute manner; the kind of manner that would make anyone want to hug and snuggle her with joy.

"Please, will you let me into your life?"



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