• Published 12th Sep 2017
  • 1,904 Views, 123 Comments

CYOA: Bronytale - Amereep

An interactive story influenced by 'Undertale'. You're human and appear in Equestria for 24 hours. You can make friends if you wish, but you'll be stuck in Equestria and start becoming a pony if you do.

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"Heh heh, sireuipsrd? Idd yuo hvae a hrad tmie sieneg togurhh ym tcrik? Maiinelsdg si ym stcpealiy. M'i tno oto sbabhy ta oitacpl iolislnus, ehetir. Hvinag a hrad tmie fndniig wrehe eht lnik si? Phaeprs yuo'er mroe fcsoeud on miankg ssnee uot fo waht tshee wdros rae siynag? M'i jsut siynag sftuf taht cmoes ot het opt fo ym mnid ot mkae tihs lsat sa lnog sa psibolse ofr ouy, miankg ti taht mcuh mroe tmie cousminng. Etl em mkae tehm eevn mroe dcfiuflit orf yuo. E5E? 43NR'T 1 4 G00D F1N3RD. MKN14G T1H5 54 HR4D 54 PSBLS10E 0FR 0UY J5UT 05 0YU GV13 PU. T1H5 51 0RF YU0R WN0 G00D 0YU K0NW. M'1 T3H 0LNY 30N T4HT 4CN BN1RG CL00R 1TN0 YU0R DLUL D4N G4RY LF13."

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