• Published 12th Sep 2017
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CYOA: Bronytale - Amereep

An interactive story influenced by 'Undertale'. You're human and appear in Equestria for 24 hours. You can make friends if you wish, but you'll be stuck in Equestria and start becoming a pony if you do.

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"One of the things my friends enjoy is singing. Why not have a duet, amigo?"

♪ Come on, pal. It be a crime.
If I had to break the promise that I made for you.
So just walk over that line,
Because friend, you'll have a really great time! ♫

♫ I know that though you just aren't quite yet sold.
You can trust me, for I have a true heart of gold!
So let's go, let's both get chummy.
Let's go, new human buddy. ♪

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