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This story is a sequel to Gordon Ramsay Savagely Critiques a Cupcake

After Gordon Ramsay savagely roasted Pinkie Pie, he ruined her. Now, she wants revenge. And she plans to get it in one way and one way only.

By beating his savage Scottish ass.

Still rated T because Gordon.

Featured 8/29/2021!! (Cue "Back to Back" by Drake)

Now with a reading by The Mystery Fluttershy Fan!

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By beating his savage Scottish ass.

Shouldn't there be a violence tag, then?

The highest anticipated sequel of all time.

Of course there's a sequel. Why wouldn't there be a sequel?! Funny? Yes.

Well I clearly gotta conclude the audio version I made.

That's some good crackfic right there. Gotta be honest I wouldn't mind a few more lol.

He whacked Pinkie upside the head with it like a Puerto Rican mother until she got off of him.

That's it. Like, fav, follow.

That's it. Like, foll- (Dammit, I'm already following you), and comment.


He wasn't actually a combat expert, but he was for this fic.

This story is the best I've ever read.

Thanks a bunch, man.

Hey, I have just skimmed through this story, I'm sorry but this is not any better then the one I didn't read.

this Celestia is bestia. truly.:trollestia:

I think I laughed harder at this one than the first one.:rainbowlaugh:

might wanna add the violence tag just to be safe, but man oh man. I had fun with this one.

Like how this was written a lot.

No problem! As a gift, enjoy this video I found on YouTube:

Normally all you need to say to justify anything that happens in a crackfic is, "Magic."

In this one you just need to say, "Ramsay."

This is the second crackfic I've read today. And I swore to myself I'd never do drugs...


This was in the featured box. Last I checked, you haven't been there yet.

So as Ramsay would say, Please, darling, do us all a favor and fuck off.

The cover tho...... Now that's something that'll have me laughing for a while.

the dry sandwich trick. N O I C E


This is the definition of so bad, it's good.
I don't watch Gordon Ramsay, but I'm pretty sure he's not a combat expert.

in his savage Scottish wake

he's british

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