CYOA: Bronytale

by Amereep


Your eyes slowly open up.

You feel groggy, like you're waking up early in the morning.

The vision in your eyes begin to sharpen and they get wider as you realized something, you've never been here before.

You jump up and look around. Everything around you is so dark, but you're having no trouble seeing yourself. You stare up and see a bright spotlight beaming down at you.


You heard a voice coming from close by.

"Down here."

You lowered your head and see an image of what looks like a starburst. You shuffle your feet to get a better look and hear the echo of every step you make on the smooth stone floor you're on.

There's a amber grayish cap in the center of the image. You crouch down and could tell that you're looking at a mushroom. It looks odd, as it has two round yellow orbs with red marking; almost as if they were eyeballs.

"I'm Mooshy," it spoke, "Mooshy the Mushroom!"

You fall backwards from this bizarre sight.

"Aren't you a human?"

You nod, but what you want to know is if it was really a mushroom.

"Well then human, welcome to Equestria!"

The name is completely foreign to you.

"We never really get that many humans around here, but you'll fit right in."

You say otherwise and ask the fungi if it has any idea on how you got here.

"Perhaps you got here through a magic portal. That's what happens when you're in a world of magic, you never know when magical anomalies may occur."

The thought that this was all part of a weird dream crossed your mind, but you're more concerned on getting back home; a place that actually made sense to you.

"Don't worry. Humans tend to only last a day here before they're sent back home. So why don't you go ahead and explore this amazing land while you can."

That didn't really sound appealing to you, but getting out of this dark room could calm you down. You look around and see an arch with what looks like a closed door, but you can't tell until you get closer.

"But I should warn you," spoke the mushroom, "whatever you do..."


"Making friends here for a human has an odd effect on them. The last humans we had all formed a bond here and have all slowly turned into ponies because of it."

That sounds very far-fetched, but then again, you are talking to a mushroom.

"But that's not all of it, those that did have found that they're stuck in this world. FOREVER!"

And that sounds like a problem. Something you should really take into consideration before making a decision on anything around here.

"You'll return home if you just don't agree to acknowledging anything sentient here as your friend."

"You believe me right? You can trust your pal Mooshy, can't you?"