CYOA: Bronytale

by Amereep


You backhand her hoof aside to decline her offer.

"Wha!" Rainbow Dash cried, "You're passing up the chance hang out with me?"

She gives you an ornery look, "What? You think your better then me or something?"

You tell her that you don't have time to hang around with her.

Dash looks flustered by your decision, "F-FINE! Go ahead you... you..." her eyes become teary, completely poignant from your answer.

"HEARTLESS JERK!!!!!!!!" She flies off leaving a booming sound in the air.

Despite all the trash talk you had with her, refusing to be friends actually hurt her feelings.

But you honestly didn't care. She was just another nuisance to deal with.

The sun has finally fallen and you sit down on the grass; laying your back on the trunk of an isolated tree.

It's been a long day. Waking up in a foreign land, populated and ruled by these colorful happy creatures. Just what are with these ponies? Why does everyone of them want to be friends with you? Do they believe that its going to bring you any good? You only have about six more hours until morning; then you're back home and can put this rotten ordeal to rest.

You look up at the night sky; full of stars and a moon overhead. You hear the grass and leaves rustle to the gentle breeze that brushes over your skin. The calming sounds of the night settles your troubles within this peaceful world.

This place is not that much different from home.

Perhaps even better.


You look over and see a pink mare with a poofy mane looking at you with a big smile on her face. You acknowledge her with a scowl, hating the fact that there's another one of these creatures here.

"I've been looking all over for you. I'm Pinkie Pie and you're the one with the grumpy attitude I've heard so much about."

She tilts her head as she views you, nearly falling over by the shift of her weight.

"I'm curious,"

She starts bouncing around you, only to annoy you further at the fact that little springing sounds are heard in every jump.

"Do you think ponies that are avoidant could find companionship?"

"That the most detached pony could make a friend, if they just opened up?"

You only question her presence and she giggles.

"Okay. Perhaps, you can answer this one."

Pinkie gets close to your face.

"Do you wanna have a fun time?"

"Cause what I think you REALLY need, is to have some fun."

You show no interest in her suggestion.

"Such a party pooper."

"Do you remember Twilight? She's worried that you won't find any friends here in Equestria. She asked me to be your pal, so here I am."

You say that you're fine and you don't need her companionship. She returns with a tough and determined expression back at you.

"I made a Pinkie Promise to Twilight that I was going to make you accept me as a friend, and I never break a Pinkie Promise."

As you look into her blue eyes, you start to get the feeling that she's about to cause you a lot of problems. But you've come this far without any friends and you plan to have it stay that way.

There's no way you'll ever going to accept her as one.

"It's a beautiful night outside. crickets are chirping, stars are twinkling... on nights like these, humans like you...."

"Should be playing depressing video games."

"....tee hee, this is rated 'E' after all."

"But anyways, what should I do to get you to become my friend?"

"........Ah! I got it."

"Okay, I'll make a deal with you. We'll play a game of hide and seek."

"I'll hide the link that continues the story and you try to find it."

You give her an odd look.

"Don't act so naive, you know what I'm talking about."

"I'll keep hiding link after link until one of us gives up."

"I'll leave you alone if you win, but if I win, then you officially declare me as your friend."

You protest and insult that offer.

"Too bad, them's the rules."

She gives a cocky look at you, "I'll have you know that I'm the 1st pony to go to when you want a friend around here, and I'll get you to accept me as your friend somehow. You'll see."

"Well, ready to begin?"