CYOA: Bronytale

by Amereep


"Correct! Accept no form of heart filled friendship from anything, not even from me."

Mooshy begins shrinking into the ground.

"We'll meet again human. Farewell."

It enters into a small patch of dirt that's in the middle of the stone floor; leaving you in this dark room alone. You head over to the arches you saw moments ago and can make out that it does have a closed double door. You push it open and see light in the next room.

You cover your eyes from the change in lighting and slowly your vision begins to adjust. You're in a large room that has crystal decorations everywhere. The shards are used columns, arches, and decorations that resembles a tree. Besides the minerals, the walls have book selves all covered with literature. You pick up one of them and try to read it, but you can't make out heads or tails of what language it is. You put it back and see the furniture, there's tables around the room but no chairs. The tables are low, looking like it was meant for kids to sit at instead of adults.

This room looks like a library, but the height of the ceiling seems too high for this to be just a normal one.

Doors on the other side of the room swing open and a creature comes walking through. It's walking on four legs that made a clopping with each step. Purple fur is what made up this creature's skin and lavender made up its mane. It looked almost like a pony, but it had wings on the side of its waist and a glowing horn coming out of its head. There was a book in front of its face that was glowing in the same color of the horn. The interest it has in the book is so powerful that pony passes right by you without even acknowledging your presents in the room.

It approaches the bookshelves and a hoard of books begin to glow as it looked at them. The pony walks to one of the tables and the books come flying off the selves. They land on the table and the pony sits at it; still unaware of your presents.

You start thinking to the reason why that theirs a pony in a library, but perhaps you should leave it alone.

You step towards the door she came from and the sound of your footstep could be heard in the room.

"HUH!?!?" It shrieked in a feminine voice and looks over at you.

She studies you with her violet eyes.

"Hey," she said while approaching, "How'd you get here?"

The mare starts to circle you; looking up and down your body.

"Your body should've been altered when you went through the mirror. How did you keep it?"

You haven't the slightest recollection at what she's talking about.

She stops her pacing as she noticed your face, "Hmm. that expression... You're still adjusting to this world, aren't you. You know I've been to your world once, it's an awkward situation, isn't it?" She extends a hoof to you, "Nice to meet you, visitor. My name is Twilight."

You wonder if she wanted you to bop it with a fist or to shake it like a human would. She did say that she was once in your world and she does have a friendly face. Perhaps she's trying to get you comfortable by using customs that you're acquainted to.

You take her hoof and shake it like a human would.

"If you need anything, just ask me. I could be quite proficuous for you."

You tilt your head to the word 'proficuous.'

"I don't want to sound gasconading but others see me as bellwether because I'm considered a princess due to the fact that I'm an Alicorn, and also one of the bearers of harmony. There are six elements that make up harmony that is essential for a peaceful life not just for me, but for everypony. Many have tried to stop us from keeping the land safe but we always triumph over any situation with the power of friendship. Like there was this one time where we were facing a chimera that was made by the Ixis tribe. It tried to take over Equestria by using the library to find a cure for a disease it had, but we eventually settled things with the help of a special friend. Speaking about friendship, I should mention that I'm the Princess of Friendship. There's a few princesses here in Equestria; they're the Princess of the Sun, Princess of the Moon, Princess of Glamour, Princess of Love. Although, you should be familiar from what to expect here in Equestria. You'll meet many creatures here outside from ponies like-"

You just keep nodding at what she says, but you just couldn't keep listening to her rambling on and on about stuff that you won't need to know after today. You tune her out, but still make it look like you're listening. You just wanted to know what 'proficuous' meant, not her whole life story.

You waffle over the idea if her subjects are tortured like this on a daily basis.


Twilight snaps you out of your thought.

"Are you listening to me?"

You nod, like the liar you are.

She scrunches up her face, "Then you wouldn't mind if I give you a little test."

You begin to sweat and start thinking that you should've stayed in the dark room.

Twilight has a quiz

"Alright, lets start with an easy one."

"What's my name?"

ⒶTwinkle				ⒷTwilight
ⒸMidna					ⒹBella