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I write bad AiE stories. No. Seriously, they're terrible. If you can't laugh at vomit, blood, and exploding testicles, don't read my work. It's safer that way.


Everyone gets scared of the dark sometimes. When you're a kid, you might need a nightlight to make all the bad stuff go away. When you grow up and grow old, though, sometimes that darkness has something special waiting for you, and no nightlight can shine it away. I'll just keep telling myself that if I don't look, it can't get me. Right?

Please Note: This reads more like stream of consciousness psychological creepiness, rather than monster or classical style horrors.

Coverart by RU5KI

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I was not expecting that cover art change... Jesus Christ.

I liked this, though! I've always been fond of introspective writing mixed with the general feel of suspense and unease rather than outright horror.


Actually this story got to me. Great job. Really artsy, so it tickled my pickle. You really captured the magic here.

Heh, thanks. General Suspense should be the next character you use.


That cover art... Thanks for the nightmare fuel.

Deep and dark

Thanks! I really liked it myself.

Thank you.

In the backs of my mind, I can feel more than hear a soft, lilting whisper as it calls my name in a hiss like steam from a kettle.


I think I'm going to lay down and go over my life then after I have read this story again, I'll take a walk, come home and think about life again.

Before I can tell myself no, before I can find a mental distraction, and before I can quell the curiosity, I lose grip on my resolve. The darkness shudders. My eyes flicker.

And I look.



I sit up in bed, a frustrated smile on my lips, and shake my head knowingly at the corner of my room. The striped orange cat occupying it removes his spooky mask and bats his eyelids innocently before shrugging in mock-guilt as the audience laughs in hysterics.

Oh ho ho, that silly cat and his mind games; he'll do anything for a slice of lasagna.

You beautiful magnificent bastard.
I have missed you.

Is Twilight your best pony? And do you dislike the person you are?

There's a reason this doesn't have a self-insert tag. :raritywink:

8035274 It is very similar to Always Here. That is why I asked.

Eh, I like making Twilight into representations of abstract concepts. Makes me kinda happy sometimes.

It always does this as I begin to fall asleep

So what would happen if you were to invest in bear traps and fill the corners with them?

And I don’t want to look at it anymore.

Well if not looking at it doesn't kill you, and looking at it doesn't kill you then it's not really dangerous is it? More of a nuisance than a threat.

I am an old man now, but this thing feels far older than me.

Here's a thought: move. Or does it follow even if you move out of town?

Acknowledge me, it says, or get bit. But I know that if I don’t look, if I can stay strong until I fall asleep, then it can’t get me.

Well previous dialogue says that you have looked at it before, and it didn't get you. All in all, this corner creature just brings this to mind:


u 2 hunybun


Well previous dialogue says that you have looked at it before, and it didn't get you

...it did get him. Every time.
Yes, it would follow him wherever he moved.
Bear traps would not hurt it.
It doesn't kill you (usually), but it still attacks you.
Perhaps you may need to think about what this creature is from a different angle. :raritywink:

8035356 Nah, I'm well aware that it's a horror more or less rooted in his head, I just like snarking at stories as I go :pinkiecrazy:

So him and I have the same entity in a little corner of our rooms.

I call mine Ilos.

Ilos is a cumstain that grew up that its mother should have swallowed before she got pregnant..

It always blames me for things that I couldn't prevent or condemns me for things I did or didn't do, sucks for it as I'm too old and too stubborn to give a shit anymore.
Mostly anyways.

Whoa, now this is certainly an unexpected piece. Excellent job pencil, I can say that I did not expect you to write horror and suspense so well, I hope that you will write some more some time soon. You should also consider writing more such philosophically oriented works, you seem to have a knack for it.

Go the fuck to sleep, Pencil.


That little spot in the back of your mind where you keep things you don't want to remember but can never forget?

That gut wrenching feeling that happens when you lie in bed trying to go to sleep but can't as terrible memories fill your head?

The so called "skeletons in the closet" that you always regret never burying or getting closure for are what this is about.

I just named my skeletons as it makes it easier to tell them to fuck off.

Sad but enlightening. I'm well on my way right now.

Why's it gotta be so real though

Who can honestly say that they regret nothing?


alright, this isn't creepy at all - kyle crane from dying light

I like to think this is the dark telling of when a brony leaves the fandom.

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