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As a part of The Interspecies Friendship Project, Fluttershy has moved from Equestria to the United States in order to show that friendship can be had between two entirely different species. And the Columbian Commonwealth is a strange and wondrous place, with many different things, technology and people.

And she's about to experience it all.

But behind the scenes... darkness awaits, plans are formed, weapons are built and forces are rallied, as war looms on the horizon...

What a Wonderful Life.

Fallout and MLPFIM Belong to their respective owners.
I only own my characters, the story and certain elements.

Things may change and some canon may be twisted to fit
Better Cover Art Needed

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i love it and please make more chapters for this story

In my opinion, the pacing and wording is pretty good. The fact that the first chapter is set before the Great War makes me curious, so I'll certainly be keeping an eye on this story.

6653491 Hehehe, thanks! I'll certainly try :rainbowkiss:
Thanks for faving!

I've never, and I mean never seen any stories that take place before that fateful day, when the bombs fell.
So boom, this was born. Thank you very much!

This story had me at fallout

6654841 D:
I'll devote my entire life to this fic! :pinkiegasp:

6654855 I know right? :rainbowkiss:

6654872 It is one hell of a game, ain't it?

Finish this.
Think of the kids.

That won't get to read this,
and savor their nutritious tears.

6654882 Good.
(Seriously, the world needs good fallout 4 fanfics.)

6654913 That went savage verily quickly.

6654708 your welcome and ok

6654913 I shall finish this! :yay: and I'll drink up those tears *grabs straw*
6654966 That it did 8D

6654947 There need to be more of those and more Pre-war fics :P I can't find any.

6654978 Whooo!

6655006 When is the next chapter coming?

6655073 I'm writing it right now, if I'm lucky, maybe tonight, or then ext day.
If not... probably sometime in the week Dx

6655076 I love fallout :D

6655144 me too


6654966 Can't always be sunshine and hookers.
Welcome to the jungle.

6655344 I laughed so hard at that that I woke my sister up. No morning sex for me?

6655385 Incest is the best, put your sister to the test.

6655467 damn it. I try to one up you but you just keep topping yourself.

6655645 You sound like my beloved wlam.

Some days you're the bird, others you're the statue.
Survival of the shittiest my bread, survival of the shittiest.

6655692 wlam would love to get on this. He won't shut up, sometimes.

I recommend proofreading this a couple of times to fix the numerous mistakes. They aren't bad, just annoying.

6656163 I know, me and him are always waving our dicks around or dicking around.
We're just a bunch of anonymous internet dicks.
I'm in the middle of a measurement contest with wlam right now on a HiE thread.

The point is--

goddamn it! What did I miss?! DX
*goes back*

This is pretty good! Keep it up!:pinkiehappy:

6658929 Thank you, I shall friend! :D

6658621 I don't know why or how you and whoever you replied to started that conversation, but I'm just going to say that it was very random to me. Though come to think of it, my best friend is sometimes random so...uhm...yeah.:applejackunsure:

6657767 No lollygagging.

Get back on the type writer.

6658994 Get used to it.

FiMFic is my swamp now.

The more you struggle the further you sink.
Then again it's never fun without a struggle.

6659061 What swamp? All I see is the Wasteland for miles out.:ajsmug: And besides, you are thinking about quicksands. Swamps don't usually do that, at least I don't think so.:applejackunsure:

plus who said you to be an ass towards the author? NOBODY!! No sit back be fucking patient, alright?!:twilightangry2:

6659051 Typewriters' are so slow D: I'm not that old :twilightangry2: get back to your shed old timer!
We're using fancy smancy technology up in this hoose.

6659094 Im pretty sure OP would appreciate any ass being offered up, I sure do.
Fact made up by me:
Swamps have quick sand in them.
Enviornmental OptionsSwamp Ass:
1. Fuck you. I'm Hoarse Fuggler.
I invent what I want.:pinkiehappy:

6659114 Careful, you really don't want to waved that around especially around the Brotherhood of Steel.(Sry my character kicked in for a moment):twilightsheepish:

6659145 I swear this site used to be great until those pink ponies moved in.

Silly OP, memes are for weebs.

6659126 Really?! That's not What I learned in school, dumbass. Here are the reasons you should NOT fuck with me: 1) Redheads have attitudes 2) I'm so Stubborn that it might as well be stronger than titanium 3) I'm from Indiana Mothafucka, that there is part redneck country. and 4) Bitch I'm Alpha!!:ajbemused::twilightangry2::flutterrage:

Plus not all swamps have quicksands, some do, yes but not all:applejackunsure:

It's a Vaughn and Wallace thing, I don't expect for you understand, dumbass.:ajsmug:

6659130 Fucking Brotherhood, always stealing my dank tech Dx
6659170 Pinkie Pie's? :yay:
Memes are fun dough D:

6659182 Oh no! not more Pinkie Pie's!! One is enough.:twilightoops: It's like there would be multiple Deadpools in one time. I hope he doesn't hear this....:twilightoops:

Too late.

Goddamit!! FUCK YOU DEADPOOL!!:twilightangry2:

6659195 All of the Pinkie Pies!
Think of all of the baked goods! :yay:

1.Memes tell me gingers catch fire when exposed to broad day light.
2. Jesus fuel melts steel beams.
3. Louisiana Fast.
4. I can't tell if you're having as much fun as I am.

6659211 It's not that. It's the fact that she can break the fourth wall. More than one or two will destroy all of reality!!!:twilightoops:

6659219 1) I'm Auburn (Reddish brown):ajbemused: 2)I said stronger than Titanium, which is as strong as a diamond:facehoof: 3) All of Indiana Is packing with firearms:ajsmug: 4)No not really:ajbemused:

6659220 Fourth Wall's overrated.
Story's been updated dudes~ :yay:

I'm going to keep track of this, but I just can't help thinking of something from one of the more 'Racey' mods from New Vegas. Fluttershy, Queen of the Deathclaws is just too wrong/right of an image. :pinkiecrazy:

6659281 Ooohohoohoo... oooo that is a lovely image...
I like :yay:

Also thanks!

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