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How can I upload my story here, so that it's not only 'Absolutely Disgustin'? I mean, it's not even a group of humans discovering Equestria and giving them technology (it's just a non-human, Spartan-like exterminator landing on an anthro world, with most actual Stellaris fluff in the background), but at least its original.

I'd like to point out that I just accidentally recreated the Rachni wars and the subsequent breeding program in the game all on accident.

I didn't even realize it happened until after I told them no more breeding and they started dying.


Four years ago.

Is it just me or is the game easier when you play Ironman mode? Tried three times without it and got slaughtered. Playing a game with it an I directly or indirectly control a third of the max size galaxy map.

Also has anyone successful taken out a fallen precursor civilization?

When do the obligatory 'My Star Empire Colonizes the Primitive Pony Planet' stories arrive?

Space Amoebas.

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