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Science fiction has had a very, very long standing of being one of the most imaginative genres of writing. The MLP fandom itself has had many science fiction stories, some good, some bad. Both are welcome here, for everyone to learn from!

This group could be used to ask anyone with a physics background about physics in their stories, anything ranging from lighting systems in the light bulbs or even advanced theoretical propulsion systems! If you want someone to go over your idea of how technology is in your specific era of time, well, this is great place to post a question.

If you aren't here to post a question, you could also create a thread discussing your favorite Science Fiction books, stories, no matter MLP-related or not, just as long as it's Science Fiction, it's good here.

Stories must be tagged with Sci-Fi to be eligible to be posted into the folder. If you wish to add more folders, PM Flyerton or one of the admins. Additionally, all stories can be put into more than one folder if they fulfill the requirements. Otherwise a distant future dystopian science fantasy would be terrible hard to place in a folder.

Rules are simple.
1. You may not post anything unrelated to Science fiction, unless it is about science, then it is allowed.
2. You must not disobey the admins unless following such would violate the First Rule.
3. You will be allowed to defend your ideas, so long as they do not violate the First or Second Rule.
4. You will attempt to keep threads on topic, unless doing so would violate the First, Second or Third Rule.

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Did someone break the Rule of cool/10 folder?

Stories must be tagged with Sci-Fi to be eligible to be posted into the folder.

Requesting a waiver for Displaced Into Nothing, which was tagged as Sci-Fi until the new system took effect and I only had a couple tags to work with... (I consider the Dark tag to be non-optional with it, and it's a Horror story first and foremost, so what do I do with a story that is Sci-Fi, Mystery, and Thriller?)

Hey there, guys and gals (or fillies and gentlecolts, if you prefer). Just thought I'd give a short hello and everything.

412759 Fuck you.~

ban me bby.~

Do not shitpost in the comments, please.

I'm not sure who reads these, but still.


Oh... So this group is definitely destined to die. Let's enjoy the ride!

There was one other, but the last thread was about... a month ago.

So, how long do you guys give this new group, a week? 4 days? In all seriousness, I can't believe there wasn't a sci-fi group before.

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