Feeling down? Want to brighten your day? Come on in.

Are you tired of listening to bad news but you want hear good news? This is the group for you.

Are you tired of those pessimistic people that preaches about how bad life is and gives you a brain aneurysm out of stupidity? This is the group for you.

Are you those people that you want to show everyone that they're overreacting while telling them to look on the bright side of the things? This is the group for you.

Do you believe there is a brighter future for humanity? Then come on in.

Rules are pretty simple,
-No bullying. It will result in a permanent ban
-No trolling
-Don't be a jerk to a fellow member
-No spamming
-Attacking a person and a group outside of this group is intolerable.
-No Racism, sexism, and definitely no misanthropy ALLOWED
-Politics is fine, but as long it's not left wing biased nor right wing biased
-Got bad news? Take it somewhere else.

Fail to follow these rule, you will be banned.

That's everything, enjoy and always look on the bright side of life.

Human Heroes are Superior: Because humans saving the day sounds awesome.
Humans aren't bastards: Most of the time we need give misanthropy the middle finger.

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