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A group where I post story prompts based on the legions of plotbunnies that keep me up at night. Anyone can take the ideas I post here and write stories about them, I only ask that you submit the stories you write from the prompts to the group.

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Completely understandable. I write mostly to escape from stuff like that. I won't only post stories with self/harm in them, so you can expect other genres from me.

I just looked through them and I'm sorry but I don't read stories that involve self harm.

I'm sure their good but I have reasons.

Awesome. Let me know what you think.:raritywink:

No prob man. Happy to be able to provide you with some good material. You are welcome to read my other stories while you wait, I'm sure you'll enjoy them.



Glad someone's finally picking this up.

Hope you have fun with it and please send me a link when it's up.

I am the friend that Omega Wolf was telling you about. I am excited to try and write a prompted story, and your prompt has given me some ideas. I just want to finish writing the one that I have started for Omega's prompt group, and I will start on the one for here. Just know that I will be writing it in between updates for my other stories, so it might not be any time soon.

Sure, just send him a link to the group and he can join.

Cool. I have a friend that may be interested as well. Can you send him an invite to the group?

No, go ahead.

I would be glad for you to use it.

A great idea:twilightsmile:. I do think that I could work with that:twilightsheepish:. Is there a deadline for this?:unsuresweetie:

Promt Idea: Humans and Equestrian species can travel between their two worlds and it is treated as no different than traveling between countries. What would it be like, having a minotaur running a gas station down the road or a human kid in pony school getting picked on for being a 'monkey boy' or dealing with pony turists?

349899 That does sound like fun, but the prompts are supposed to come from me. :twilightsheepish:

Right heres and idea:

Celestia wakes up in the morning transformed into a moose that is unable to talk. The guards panic and she is imprisoned and subjected to multiple Twilight Sparkle tests and harsh interogations from the guards.

She is mistreated and handled poorly, the guards making multiple remarks about how non-ponies seemed so stupid. Three days later she transforms back and is not pleased, bringing the hurt down upon all involved.

  • Viewing 1 - 16 of 16
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