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Feeling Spicy · 7:46pm November 20th

The fact this was posted by a blue check mark user, makes it worth while.

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Comment posted by Skitarii_garte_01101001 deleted July 15th


Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

Or achievement. It's a crossroads and it's always worth walking.

Well, if you are set on this opinion, I still would not recommend looking for news which you know is going to disappoint you.
If you've been by wasps, don't go digging for scorpions.

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment. Nothing will save the current state of the industry if they don't start taking a violent u-turn.

The gaming industry will be back to normalcy as soon as the current crash and burns, along with the clowns that are running them.

If you’re going to change my mind, there’s no point. I do me, and you do you. I will only laugh at their missteps, after all it is an industry run by clowns, and the people that blindly defends them are their replacements.

Right so my point stands.
There is hope for video gaming. In fact, plenty if what you've brought attention to is true and leads to something.
Why isn't that your focus?

I'm sorry but I don't see the point in drawing so much attention to the things you despise in a manner that does not invite clear action taken or caution advised besides rage at what has already been put into action.
Which is primarily what you, and the news videos you bring up, seem to be doing.
Are you part of any petitions? Show us the link to the petitions.
Is there a game coming out that caters to the interests of your gaming circle? Let us on it and say why it's a good game worth its price.
You've got to balance the good with the bad or there's no sense of direction.

Because, as I said, your approach isn't improving the state of affairs or your opinions on it. It's just anger without clear route of resolve.
And what concerns me is that you seemingly keep looking for more horrors in this bed of scandal and failure you see in the video gaming industry which is in danger of creating total pessimism in those concerned, giving into apathy, so no action will be taken.
So I ask again, how is what you're doing helping?

Correction: The state of western gaming is fucked. Eastern gaming (from Japan to Poland) is doing good, along with indie, and AA games.

Look at western gaming, government intervention due to predatory monetization, pursuing the live service model, crunch overtime hours, AAA games are half baked when released thus saving more content for DLCs (paywall), and treating fans and customers like trash.

Ever wonder why many people are seeing the writings on the wall of a Second Video Game Crash?

But it doesn’t matter, the Chinese government is imposing gaming curfew on minors in China, and that breaks every western gaming companies heart because they can’t make more sweet Chinese moolah from them. Serves Blizzard right for censoring Blitzchung on behalf of their Chinese corporate masters, “Think globally and all voice matters”, my ass. Looks like they won’t be making more money with their practices anymore.

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