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This group is dedicated of Humans going against the Caribou Empire/Fall of Equestria. Since I haven't seen a group (YET). Not that I'm saying that there is no such thing, its just I haven't seen any (YET). Anyways, I've took the Liberty to make such thing, creating a Fall of Humanity-verse.

Do you like to see see those deceiving Caribou die by Man? What about the Zebra tribes? Do you want to see them become riddled with bullets, evaporate, blown up? Well, you come to the right place friend. Submit your stories and enjoy the group and happy slaughtering, er... hunting.:pinkiecrazy:


Rule One: There will be no spamming of any contents whatsoever, failure to comply to this rule will result in ban.

Rule Two: Stories that has been submitted must belong in correct files, adventure, anthro, etc, etc, failure to comply will result in removal of stories or story.

Rule Three: The stories must contain Caribou Empire vs Humans or Humans/FoE if not, the stories or story will not be accepted.



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Well this is awkward. Can someone add a story to one of the folders? I got to have a story or two to really start this group up ya know:twilightblush:

Edit: But it must be caribou vs human related and must be in the appropriate folder please and thank you. And if you encounter and problems please report to me.

Oh? Most curious, hope it does well dude :yay:

Well, seeing that i already have 5 member over a day, sounds like im doing good. I actually created this group for another reason too. Right now, as we speak, im making a project that follows this verse.

Hehe, I inspired ya huh? Well that's cool, hope this group does well!

Dust, welcome my fellow hunter. I just want to say, thank you. Because of you this group wouldn't have ever existed. You inspired me to create this group due to your compassion of making those Caribou burn, beaten, and all sorts of bodily harm. I could always use a hunter like you. God that sounded cheesey right?

Working on the finishing touches, dear sir

  • Viewing 1 - 7 of 7
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