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Finally! A place to showcase all your wholly descriptive and scientific works of literature! I'm sure it's not just me who's been waiting for a sci-fi tag. Now that it's here, we can gather up all our best works of science fiction into one wonderful group!

Stories here must contain some type of scientific thematics or revolve around a scientific subject. Also, be sure your story has a SciFi tag. For now, no clop, but sex is okay as long as that's not the plot of the story.

Standard site rules apply.

Also currently looking for staff! PM me for consideration.

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Welp I'm going to try and add my story here... It does have a sci Fi element but it's a dramma as well... So I hope people don't mind.

Hey Sensei, the cover picture has been refusing to load. I don't know if it is only on my side.

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We didn't have sci-fi tags until recently. Being sci-fi and labelling it sci-fi are requirements here. Not just claiming it to be sci-fi. It has to contain something of scientific nature. The science fiction groups I've seen hardly have anything science fiction about them. I'm intending this group to have stories with sci-fi tags.

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