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For those awaiting the next chapter of War Was All We Knew · 11:00pm Nov 6th, 2013

I know it's been a while since the last chapter of War Was All We Knew was released but recently, I've just been totally unable to write at all. I've not only got school and work but college to deal with as well. Currently in college I've been assigned essay after essay and now I've been given a very large research paper to do within in a month or so. Because of this I've lost my touch in writing freestyle like I normally used to and I'm finding it difficult to come up with anyway to continue

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Thanks for joining the Markiplier Fanbase! :pinkiehappy:
Poof! <3

I've read the first several chapters of War Was All We Knew, and I must say, it's very good. I love the way the sentences flow smoothly, and it's so casual, making it so easy to read. :pinkiesmile: Keep up the good work!

What will you say when you see my new picture?

A Challenger appears!

Sorry, I have to say that whenever I see that picture.

311198:pinkiesmile: I look forward to releasing them, I am spending time on them so they will be to the best of my abilities. Which I hope are worthy of a few likes. As long as they are not completely hated I am fine with it lol.

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