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Hello there, Douglas O'Riley's my name and I am a proud Irishman. I'm fifteen years old and currently living near the border that separates the wonderful country of Ireland in half. For fifteen years I've lived in a tiny little village where not much happens and...and, ah forget it. I've really got to get this off my chest, about a year ago some TV show called "My Little Pony, Friendship Is Magic" came out and I have to say that I like it. Sadly however my parents, Barry and Margret O'Riley, saw me watching it and thinking that it the next big thing for kids my age, decided to join the Brony community. Uhhhh. It's incredibly embarrassing I know but at least it can't get any worse...right? God help me.
Rated Teen for violence and language, in Irish slangs.

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My name's Riley and proud Irishman!

Hm, shows promise. Will track for now.

I love the post rate on this story T.T i just wish that it was even faster even if i know that's impossible.

Wow, new chapter only about an hour after I favorited. Keep up the pace.

So far so good, though you may want to proof-read your story, because you used the wrong word a bunch of times. Nonetheless, keep up the good job.

I like this concept :D
Brony parents, non Brony son, Fookin genius!

Hmm interesting. Other than acting like an ass and fool for past few chapters, he has been reunited with his father.

This'll only happen at random intervals. I can't guarantee that the post rate will be quick but I'm trying to upload at least one chapter every two days or less.

1912701That's kind of like their second job. To annoy us.:facehoof:

I need more chapters. More chapters indeed.

I think if I were the CMC I'd be a bit less forgiving about him destroying my treehouse. But meh.

Comment posted by SkankMaster deleted Jan 9th, 2013

And the plot thickens. I like where this is going. :D

Wait a tick... something.... something's not right.

Douglas's last friend Ted, the betrayer who humiliated Douglas at the party by pointing out that his parents were dressed as the Royal Caterlot newlyweds

But... chapter 2...

Ted was one of his last few friends that stuck with him after Barry and Margret became bronies. Ted liked Douglas for who he was, not what his parents had become.

This can only mean one thing.
Chrysalis changed his memories.

That bloody sneaky bug. She changed his memories! D:<

Dis gun be gud. That is all.

He no longer is our son, he said some strange things about us ruining our life and then he disowned himself

He is, or perhaps He's

I read chapter 1 of this and thought "this wont be interesting" but I persevered and Im enjoying

MOAR MANLINESS.....dude your going to a sleepover involving multicolored female ponies.....to make it more manly you need Chuck Norris, a keg of beer, a fuckton of guns and an even bigger fuckton of vodka

MOAR hey one person was bound to say it :derpytongue2:

How did this get put in the 'Followers of Discord' group when he isn't even tagged here?

I should probably keep my laptop shut from now on...:facehoof:

"He's been banished for now...

...he's going to bring the fury of chaos with him."


That filly was Screwball >:D

I'm having major troubles with keeping up a willing suspension of disbelief here... Nobody can be THAT dense that they simply see some images and then do a complete 180 over the past few days of their life. Maybe I missed the part that said that he was mind controlled to some extent but I dunno. This whole change of heart bit is just a little to forced... Course if it's just an act it would make sense... Or if it really was magical mind rape and that part just wasn't explained it would make sense too but I digress.

Ahaha, he's getting to his Irish roots. Getting shitfaced :D I'm extremely sorry if I offended any Irish people

very interesting, bringing in the main person from your previous story into this one, though this story didn't seem like a sequel to your previous story "Agent of Chaos", but I like it and can't wait for the next chapter

He just flipped Shining Armour off! Lol!

wow you wrote so much in a short amount of time compared to other writers XD I was shocked to see how many chapters you wrote since I last read this

Nice story. so far so good. and someones going to write this so might as well be me MOAR! :flutterrage:

:moustache: This story is awesome, have a moustache!


:fluttercry: Such a sad ending to a great story! Will there be a sequel? :duck:

Not bad. I found the characterization to be a bit hollow, but the premise behind the story was pretty original.
Me gusta. :moustache:

Seems like an interesting start...now onto the rest of the story...

just read your last name, lets just say i may be referencing a certain fox host.....negatively of course to him not you:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Brony parents who are still good parents and bawses at real life ftw!

I see a problem with the story of "The Operator".

What Discord wanted the Operator to do was maintain order in Ponyville because there had been a few uprisings. The Operator didn't want to do Discord's job so he tried to run away.

Of all of the things that Discord would want to do, maintain order is the ABSOLUTE LAST thing he would ever do. Discord is the spirit/god of Chaos and disharmony. Discord HATES order, because it counters his chaos to make harmony. He also hates harmony. Discord hates order. Why would he want to maintain it?

I don't think I like Douglas very much at all.

His behaviour is way out of line, and I do not believe Cheerilee would have tolerated it.

So, even though Douglas likes the show, he doesn't know who the CMC, or the Apple family, or even Twilight are? Plus he isn't reacting at all to the CMC wanting to keep him as a pet, and seems to have completely forgotten about his family still in the forest. For now I'm going to chalk all this up to the concussion he got from the wreak being VERY bad, but he better straighten out pretty soon.

"You're mad," Xinkz said.
"Thank God for that because if I wasn't, it might never work," Douglas retorted.
Jack Sparrow?

Hah! The bird hahahaha I'm Irish to and great story

Your surmise is correct, but the sequence could do with revision to be much better written and signposted, because as it stands, I felt like I was expected to believe he didn't know who anyone in the show's cast was, despite having earlier watched at least one episode with his parents - and recognised costumes of minor character Trixie and fan character Doctor Whooves.

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