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One hundred years have passed since Twilight's ascension into becoming an alicorn, she thought that it would work out after a while but now after a hundred years, she feels as if her transformation was questionable. Her friends have all died, Celestia rarely sees her and a feeling of empty accomplishments consumes her every waking moment. Now after all that has happened Twilight sends one last letter to the Princess, hoping to find a sense of worth in what she has become.

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Though I do hope you decide to continue this, like show a standpoint from Twilight's perspective.

2249655 ER KERCER YER "ERMAHGERD"! Ert wersh erserm. Ert's fern ter terk lik dersh!:pinkiecrazy:

ok you need to continue this Enfield, this has a good story behind it

and people think that immortality is a gift, its a living hell:trollestia::trollestia:

You basically repeated the same thing several times. At the beginning at first I thought Twilight will commit a suicide, that would be even more depressing for Celestia.

Also, many typos and incorrect words such as "she recollected" Would be better if you wrote "She remembered"

Really, it feels... Odd, repeated when it isn't needed.

But Here's a Pinkie for Idea :pinkiesmile:

This is a good concept, and I think you should flesh it out more into a proper story. It would be a lot more powerful if we got to see these things for ourselves rather than hear Twilight's recounting of them. Then, the story could end with the letter. Just my thoughts. :twilightsheepish:

well, now i'm depressed. great story, though!

2249689 2249675 said 'I *translation lost* your ohmygod. It was awesome. It's fun to talk like this.'
I think...

She remembered how Nightmare moon had been defeated, Twilight and her friends used the Element of Harmony to purge Nightmare Moon and restore Luna back to who she rightfully was, but that was long ago. A hundred years ago to be exact. Celestia then was suddenly reminded of the holders of the Elements of Harmony and she found herself shedding tears. Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, all of them were dead. It had been a hundred years and each one of them had passed on from old age.

All the element bearers died of old age the same year they beat NMM? What.

To quote Uncle GonnaBiteIt from Thumb wars, "What a whiner."

Jeez Louise! Being immortal means that ALL of your friends get to be immortal too, living on in your memory. Being immortal means you get to make NEW friends again and again. Being immortal means you get to keep having fun, living life, and helping people better and better as you learn how to do nearly everything. Being immortal gives you the chance to push the boundaries of every inch of knowledge. The best Earth scientists are still trying to work out the fundamental forces of reality, and reaching backward in time to before the big bang, and looking at distant stars to identify which ones have planets.

You're BORED?! Then you aren't trying!

10% of life is what happens to you. 90% is how you react to it. So have fun, Twilight! Take a lesson from Pinkie Pie, and let your worries wash away when you giggle at the ghosties.

MLP is about taking the scary things in life and turning those frowns upside-down.


...hate to say it...but, Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Normally, I love little notes like this one, but your perspective on Twilight lacked a certain...individuality when I inevitably compare it to the multitude of other fics like it out there from the Advent of Twilight Alicorn fics. :fluttershysad:

I'm not saying the premise is bad, or even not to write a fic like this, but it needs to have it's own take, something to make it stand out. So far, this fic has been the same standard formula others have been using, nothing really standing out from the bunch.:fluttershyouch:

My advice, go back to when you thought of this, and continue this one. Go into what Twilight does in her isolation, Celestia's long term reaction as well as Luna and Cadence's reactions. Build on this, make us care and enrapture us with their struggles and a resolution you can see happening. :rainbowdetermined2:

You can do better, you just need to reach out and grasp that first hand beyond what you've got here, the rest will come right after.:scootangel:

I wish you well, and all the success in the world.:twilightsmile:

2250975 Close enough. The part that was lost in translation was "concur." You win one NOTHING! *distant rap music plays*:pinkiehappy:

2255497 I'll take the Ram! 23.4.13

2255545 I'd take the Butcher. Just cause he's fast as fuck...

2255554 The Ram is like me. Fast and Strong as Hell but, can't turn for shit.

2255572 Well, I'm more like the floater: Slow, fat, and always throwing up. Nah, I'm just a little on the chubby side.

2255587 Sounds like the opposite of me. Way too skinny, fast and don't get sick. Well... there was that one time with the carrots. *Shivers* Bright orange barf is BAD!

2255994 Dude, you should see purple vomit sometime... Seriously, I have no idea how my vomit came out purple... I've never eaten anything of the color purple...

2256004 Could be a chemical reaction to something. Or you could just be secretly a magical pony!:pinkiecrazy:

2256017 Nah, if I was I'd be farting rainbows...

Not a big fan of "Twilight is immortal" stories, sorry.

I painted art for this if you are interested :) Princess Twilight

6355019 Oh my gosh, this is awesome. Thanks, I was expecting this.

Comment posted by chuckitty deleted Aug 26th, 2015

Glad you like it!

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