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Twilight Sparkle spends her first night as Celestia´s personal protégé at Canterlot Castle. Alone, away from home, sleepless.

When she can´t find rest, the darkness carries a wonderful voice to her.

Just a little shortstory I came up with after listening to Lullaby for a Princess

Thank you zimmerwald1915 for proofreading and editing this.

Update: Thanks a bunch to Alyssa Hartwick for the amazing coverart.

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I'm currently writing a story that features filly Twilight and this story is amazing! It really sets the tone for some awesome creative juices! Thanks for writing this story. Have a fave and a like!



No need to thank me. This is only the creation of a chaotic mind.
A comment like that is one of the greatest achievements you can get as a writer. I´m positively surprised and flattered.


I love it when Celestia is like this with Twilight

That song and this fic just remind me of how much it must have hurt Celestia for a thousand years to have to stare up at the night sky and know that her sister is gone. And even more than that, how much it must have hurt to have to hide that pain from everypony.

These aren't tears. It's liquid pride, totally different. :fluttercry:

Really liked this, though knowing that it was inspired by Celestia's lullaby made me inclined to like it going in :pinkiehappy:. I think it started out strong, talking about why Twilight was so eager to move into the Castle and that smart mares aren't scared of the dark.

My only quibble is Twilight going to find Celestia. I feel like it could do with one of two more lines of description, just because it is hard to picture where things are as is. Her room seems to overlook the garden, but is down the hall from it? However, you have a good economy of words here, so maybe more description would just bog it down (I wish we had a shoulder shrug emoticon).


There is nothing wrong with liquid pride. Especially when this topic is involved. If you really want to break a dam, you should watch the animatic to this song from warpout.:pinkiehappy:
Good to hear you liked it.


We know Twilight pretty well by now, so I just added a bit more "child". I thought that was a good mix.
I never really described the way she went to get to the gardens, so ... meh! :rainbowhuh:


Oh god that last line...
that line is like a foreshadow to a future we don't know of yet....
either way this story is a nice change of pace for me so thank you for this!

:moustache:"Titlite--cel-s-tia " ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,,,,XD

beautiful storie

Such a nice story, and really touching. Take a fav. Also, accidentally added it to my romance bookshelf because I clicked without thinking. Feel free to ignore that.


Thank you :twilightsmile:

As long as you liked it and you got entertained, you are free to put my the story in any bookshelf .

Spread the word! Muahahahahaha! MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! *cough*

Uhm... Yeah...

Thanks again :pinkiehappy:


D'awl. Just lovely.

6378798 When is filly Twilight not lovely? :twilightsmile:

6378962 I can't think of any time...

Amazing. Simply amazing! Very touching, sad, and heartwarming :pinkiesad2: You have a like and a fav! Also...

"Good night, Twilight," I hear her answer faintly as I finally drift into my dreams. "I hope I never have to sing such a lullaby to you."

This line alone is enough for me to fav this story! I shivered once I read it! Well done! Very well done!

I know this is Twilight and Celestia but I got major Celestia and Luna feels. My favorite type of feels. I love the residual sadness and sorrow from these sisters and I love stories that explore those feels. Well done friend. Well done.

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