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Harry Leferts

Hey, Harry Leferts here from Nova Scotia, Canada. Hopefully you'll enjoy my stories.


For the first time in a long time, Twilight finally has the chance to sit down with the rest of the Bearers for a get together in the same, special place. The six prove that the bond of their friendship can conquer all and can never be broken no matter what happens.

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a new story, huh? it's time to read!

That was good. I hate those "Twilight gets depressed" stories myself, so it's nice to see someone writing something to the contrary. :twilightsmile:

that was a pretty good story, I didn't expect them all to be dead (which was a plot-twist for me!) and I do like that she isn't depressed about all of her friends being dead. A lot of stories have her depressed and suicidal because of all her friends having died. if she's an alicorn and has a load of powers that may or may not include being able to talk to the dead why wouldn't she just use them?

FIRST... sorry couldn't help myself, anyway, like what you did here, and it would make sense that Twilight would be able to converse with her friends after their passing
edit: damn

The second most bothersome thing about this fanfic is how Applejack's speech is written. I understand contracting certain words to get her accent across, but removing the t from "ain't" or the r from "after" is just too much.

The most bothersome thing is, as usual, the lack of Twilight's closest friend. The Elements of Harmony are not an exclusive club, and one would think that if there was reason to be concerned for Twilight (or at least curious), her most supportive and loyal friend would be getting to the bottom of it. If found the title of this fic and the lack of a Spike tag disturbingly ironic.

I think this is a nice little one shot that feels true to mlp in that not even death can kill friendship. :pinkiehappy:

Spike is still alive in this, but is currently undergoing his century long sleep to fully grow into his draconic abilities.

Can you add more this,

It's cute in its own way, and I rather like how you had Twilight stay connected to her five closest friends. I also like that she has yet to tell Celly and Luna what's happening. Nicely done.

I liked it, even if it felt a little short. Good idea you had there!

Loved it! I do wish it was longer though, it's just too good. :pinkiehappy:

BEAUTIFUL. That is all.


Seriously - I really like this. Anti-depressant and (IMHO) 100% in-character for Twilight.

Celestia & Luna being baffled just makes it better.

Okay, this seems like it needs to continue. it feels complete, but at the same time... not. Like this universe could be filled with one-shots about "Troll Twilight" making life confusing for her Sisters.

"Though I expect that we shall learn eventually once she tires of her little games..."

This line is what kinda got that across for me. Your Twilight Sparkle is just... awesome.:twilightsmile:

Finally! Somepony gets it! This story is a refreshing breath of fresh air in a musty, dank, unhappy genre! How can so many of us claim to espouse friendship and tolerance and magic, and abandon hope?

Actually, when she gets this way, the correct term is "Trollight". And when she lays on the snark, it becomes "Trollight Snarkle".:rainbowlaugh:

She is Celestia's student after all.:trollestia:

Now this, I like. Certainly was a story I could enjoy.

There's too much depressing shit on this site, which is sorta weird considering what MLP is all about. This nicely pushes back against all the grimdark tragedy some authors like to positively wallow in.

Keep on writing the good stuff!

I like this:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:, its so rare for tia not to have a CLUE as to WHAT THE H*%^ IS GOING ON!:pinkiecrazy:
like, fave

I liked this. I don't even think it was really sad.

Good stuff! :pinkiehappy:

Short but very touching, and since Twilight is Alicorn now, it is simple that she is Alicorn of friendship or magic, there is no other alternative then those two.

Also, I like the idea that Applejack wanted to give Twilight her hat, and who would dear to burn gift for a princess in front of 3 princesses of Equestria, I am not sure do that pony was insane or just stupid to pull something like that off.


What about Twilight parents and brother, and how is Cadance holding up after his husband death, this story deserve a sequel.

"Our bonds of friendship are stronger then that Fluttershy.
"The very same hat that old Grapple Apple had burned to not more then ashes in front of Twilight
Just hold them up for a ti ime."

He's rather insane actually thanks to being a very old and bitter pony who no longer gives a damn about anything but his opinion and being "Right".
The only thing stronger in the face of death then friendship, is love. Lets just say that Cadence shares a secret with Twilight and leave it at that. :raritywink:

As for the rest, Twilight's friends can pass messages back and forth as needed.

Like I said, it need sequel, where both Twilight and Cadance with they little secret drive Celestia and Luna insane.

Great fic. And yeah, I agree Alicorn Twilight getting understandably depressed at outliving her friends was even threatening to bring me down at times whenever I read a fic about it. This was a unique idea around that little bit of drama. Hope to see more of your works soon! :twilightsmile:

I love the story for what it is, but I cant feel the message. :fluttercry:

Great story, love the anti-angst of Twilight's immortality. This is definitely a Twilight Sparkle I would enjoy reading more about her adventures and life.

See this version of Twilicorn makes perfect sense due to her entire ascendance being due to mastering the Magic of Friendship. It also makes lovely use of those lesser stars on her cutie mark of which there are five. Like they store the souls and qualities of her closest friends and basically make her the living embodiment of harmony as all the bearers would live on through her.

So yeah, like/faved, amazing story for a one shot mate.

Great story. Nice to see a happy immortalTwilight fic for once.

Spike is a dragon after all. He'll probably live to be 3000 or something.

Very nice. It is a truly rare day when someone bothers to paint the whole alicorn twilight in such a positive light. I enjoyed this fic quite a bit, in spite of it's short length. I think you could turn this into something a bit more.

In the Epic Words of Fluttershy, "Yay~!" :heart:
Also, please post these on Fanfiction.net! Their awesome~! :rainbowkiss:

That's because for some reason lots of people like to make immortality seem like a horrible curse.

This was a good read, a little bit on the spooky side with the that and Cutie Mark, but that just made it just that much better:twilightsmile: I also agree it was a nice change of pace for these immortal Twilight stories; so much depression or just plain down right horrifying reads:twilightoops:

cu dos to you for behing different:raritywink:

Twilight's cutie mark changed ...again? What happened the previous time?
For a moment there, I imagined one of the stars on Twilight's cutie mark changing color whenever one of her friends passed on, but Celestia would have figured out a clue like that easily.

Silly notion time:
Does this mean there are new bearers for the Elements? That would be a nice basis to continue this tale--given the new bearers could pass messages back and forth with their predecessors through Twilight. In a few centuries, that meeting hall could have quite a population.

Each of the smaller stars do actually change color, but at the most, Celestia is assuming that she is doing it in honor of her friends, not that they're actually sharing her body/soul.

3088807 The only thing that would make it a curse was if one selfishly hoarded it.

3842327 Actually, what makes it a curse is that you're forced to see those you care about grow old and die, whilst you live on, failing to age, losing more and more loved ones to the dusts of time. Eventually, the overwhelming sense of loss gets to be too much for you, and one of two things happen: either you simply stop caring, or you're driven mad with grief, and if the latter occurs, once again, one of two thing happen: either you go insane, or you commit suicide in order to rejoin your loved ones.

4239212 "And the fox asserted, 'I never wanted those grapes, they were probably sour anyways.' "

1)You are what, in your teens or twenties? You have no perspective. All whiny, puling "who wants to live forever" stories are written by people who have no chance in hell of even living past a century.

2)If you are immortal, ethics and morals dictate that you are going to pursue means to pass this on to others. Even barring all interest on your part, the passage of time will inevitably drop the answer to it into your lap. (this, btw, is what motivates evangelical Christians. We believe that not only have we been redeemed, but that we will someday live in a redeemed world, in perfect, immortal bodies, and we wish to share this gift of life with everyone. Think about that the next time you tell a Christian to 'keep their religion to themselves.')

1.) When did I bring religion into this?:applejackconfused: I don't think I was the one who brought religion into the playing field. Never once did I bring up the topic of religion in my last comment on this story.
2.) Why are you questioning my age? Just asking.
3.) What perspective? That was my attempt at being as unbiased as possible. If you want, I'll edit the comment, but me having no perspective was kind of the point.

so I whipped this up once the plot bunny got a hold of me and I wrote it out.

A plot bunny? This? This is too amazing a concept to be merely a bunny!

Good show, I realllllyyyy like this idea.

LOVE IT:heart: are you thinking about making a sequel one where she talks to her brother or at lest tells Cadence about it so she can do it with Shining or one where Celestia and Luna find out and how they take it:pinkiehappy: if not i understand :twilightsmile:

Harry, this is absolutely brilliant. I have not once regretting following you to keep track of your stories. This is probably one of THE best ideas I've seen regarding this particular scenario which as said by others, usually sad. Honestly, I would not mind seeing where this goes if you choose to continue it.

I feel that this could be expanded upon, it feels short, unfinished.

Gooooooooood damnit, why do you keep doing this? Now I want you to continue THIS story as well!

Stop making good stories! Quit making me all conflicted!

I'm afraid neither of those will ever come true...

Because a condition that lets you stay alive forever and watch as those you love die all around you isn't a terrible curse? :rainbowlaugh:

I suppose if you never let yourself heal from that grief it'd suck balls. Mortal people manage it all the time, why couldn't an Immortal person heal from that loss too?

But to my thinking, intentionally choosing to obsess over that grief for eternity is insanity.

Twilightdamnit, took me forever to find this fic again. This is still one of my favorite Alicorn Twilight fics ever, even though it's so short. Now it's added to my both of my super-duper-favorite-recommended lists, so I can't lose it again! mwhahaha!

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