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Harry Leferts

Hey, Harry Leferts here from Nova Scotia, Canada. Hopefully you'll enjoy my stories.


It was your average Christmas Eve night on Privet Drive, and Nightmare was walking through the house when she heard a noise coming from the sitting room. Of course, she just had to go and check out what was going on herself.

Considering what happened, perhaps she would have been better off just having ignored it...

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Comments ( 39 )

Very funzies.

Both funny and heartwarming. Well done.

It would have been slightly better if Claus collaborated with Hooves to temporarily give Luna and Celestia their wishes and gave them at least a day of time they could spend together.

The lulz.:pinkiehappy:

When I first read the title I didn't know it was one of yours and passed over it thinking it was something else (skimming titles while bored will do that...). Saw it again and saw you tagged as the author and just had to see what the latest addition to the Lonley-verse was.

And for some reason my mind tags the Festive/Seasonal/Worldly Spirits as from the "Rise of the Guardians" movie...

Somebody downvoted? 2 people in fact. Mind telling us why?

Shame it wasn't a triple crossover! Rise of the Guardians, FiM and Harry Potter. Still though, loved the story. :pinkiehappy:

I loved it! Very well done!

Well, that was thoroughly enjoyable!

Privet Drive?

From Harry Potter?

Yup, it's part of the "Lonelyverse" which crosses over Harry Potter with FiM.

Well, no one is really stopping anyone from imagining that the holiday spirits were in fact those from Rise of the Guardians... :pinkiehappy:
Sadly, there are limits on even his power...

Not everyone got their presents this year, it seems. A sad state of affairs, that.

The last sentence of the story's description is interesting, considering I never got a vibe that it was that bad. I mean, they were so happy at the end; how can someone say that in retrospect it was not a good decision? Yes, it's in jest but the sentiment is still there... I'm overthinking this, am I not?

I wonder if Nim is going to meet the Pumpkin King sometime soon as well then soon as well then? I think Nim and Jack would get along great then as well?

5443772 you took mah words bruh :trixieshiftleft:

"Hello"-Normal Speaking
"Interesting..."- Nightmare Moon speaking.
'Huh'- Normal Thoughts.
'All mine...'-Nightmare Moon's thoughts
'Dear Father Christmas...' - Reading

Hey, wait a minute! You are the same author who made "The Wizard and the Lonely Princess," aren't you?

group of people, if you would, who dislike me doing what I do. In fact, if it was up to them they would have me stop and then try to erase the traces of any sort of magic...

Like Jews?

Not only that, this is a story in the same universe. In other words, this happened off-screen in The Wizard and the Lonely Princess.

If you limit it to religion only, it could be any non-christian demographic, really. Though only the more radical groups would go so far as to try and take out St. Nick.

No... My guess is it's those silly wizards responding to what they see as a threat to their equally silly "Statute of Secricy".

Although I don't like that red, fat, marketing tool, that story was pretty nice. Thank you for this Christmas (or rather new years eve) gift. :twilightsmile:

BTW. Any news about next chapter of the main story?

Yeah, it was the wizards who were chasing him and hoping to take him down. They see him using magic as being a threat to the SoS and want to stop him... even if "Officially" he does not exist.
Well, that version of Santa/Father Christmas/St. Nick/Kris Kringle/etc. is actually rather new and only dates back to the 1930s. He was originally much thinner and basically wore a Bishop's clothing for the most part.

5474811 I know, that's why I call him 'marketing tool', especilly 'Coca-Cola's marketing tool', because they were the ones who "invented" him.
So, about that new chapter of the main story? :twilightsheepish:


Actually, yes they would, as they basically have the same holiday, even if Nim is not aware of that fact due to the holiday being created after she was sealed in the moon.

since I haven't read the series yet, Is Luna stuck there, FOREVER?

No, according to Harry (the author) over on Spacebattles, the first episode will happen probably during the summer between Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban.

All Coca-Cola contributed to the modern image of Santa Claus is the red color of his suit. Before they did that, his suit was different colors depending on the artist.

5582057 I've heard It was usually green.

This should probably have the "random" tag as well. :applejackconfused:

Meanwhile, Father Christmas continued on. "As for young Harry, where else do you think that his little toys such as his tin soldiers had come from? I may not be able to bring much for him, despite I wish otherwise, but small things such as that his relatives will ignore and they still bring a smile to his face." At Nightmare's expression, he explained. "Anything bigger then that and the odd treat, his relatives might notice and give to their son. So small things it goes." Having seen that Nightmare understood, he shifted some. "Now, I'm sorry to run, but I need to-Oooh... That's not good..."

That paragraph needs a grammar overhaul.

For some reason, I can't read this... I love all your stories, but this one is a bit... to weird, I can't seem to be interested in this, no matter how I try.

and one thing, there is abig misconception about "santa" it is just that for many European countries, this being does not come during Christmas, but actually abit earlier, For me it is actually 6th December.
For us, during the Christmas eve, its angels/Jesus/god itself or even just parents (if they don't feel like lying to their children at all).
It actually helps a lot by basically halving the load of work for him, and splitting to more days, rather just one night. I would just love of people finally realised it, there is more than one way of Christmas.

Great story! Loved this! Lol.

5739849 To be fair my family always make a cake decorating it and such with a variety of things done to mainly celebrate Jesus being born on earth but still did abit of the marketing version of Santa Claus when I was younger . I say marketing version as there was historically a version of St. Nick that did good deeds and did things for children

I request a mini story depicting the Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator version of the Grinch against Santa as it just sounds rather amusing for such a fight

5800340 We actually also have a St. Nicholas rather than santa, but a huge amount of people doesn't even know who that is.

Nightmare then threw him away from her only to blink as something crashed to the ground in front of her. She then looked up to see Dancer shouting at her. "THE CHAIR NIGHTMARE! GIVE HIM THE CHAIR!"

this is purely amazing

I do enjoy the Harry Potter/MLP crossover universe of this storyline, and I have read all the other fics in the same continuum, but to me, this seemed a bit too... ...silly.

5962614 What's wrong with silly? After all...

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