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Harry Leferts

Hey, Harry Leferts here from Nova Scotia, Canada. Hopefully you'll enjoy my stories.


This story is a sequel to The Wizard and the Lonely Princess

Book Two of the Lonelyverse

Having returned to the Dursleys after a highly eventful first year at Hogwarts, Harry and the alicorns had been looking forward to unwinding. As it turned out, all their hopes were for nought. Between summer shenanigans, a crazy house elf, and learning Potter family history, they've got a full summer ahead of themselves. And when they get back to Hogwarts, they'll have to deal with giant snakes, idiotic teachers, and a gathering darkness. With things going off the rails, they've got a long year ahead of them.

And if they survive that, they still got to deal with the strange power surges and dreams that both Luna and Nim have been having since soon after the Summer Solstice...

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YES! Yes, yes yes! You're back! It's here!
Huzzah! The stories about Harry have been doubled! Sort of!

Also: DOBBY!

YES IT'S OUT WOOHOO. :pinkiehappy:

Great to see a new story at last! Thanks for writing it out!

Sweet. I was just checking WatLP to see if this was out yet a mere hour and fifty-five minutes ago!
What? I know the exact time because something else popped an update while I was checking!


I second this motion

Oh my gosh... What the plucking hail... Poor Harry. XD So much traumatization...

Haven't even read it yet, and already on my Favorites, 6/5 Stars, and All my YES YES YES! Bookshelves!

Really enjoyed the chapter!

Found a couple things that need fixing. Green is an addition, red is a deletion.

Hogwarts and we'll know if they know if I am missing

"It'll be rather interesting to see how things might have changed in the Muggle world since my death..

It still warms my heart to see an idea that was originally an omake over on SB make it to the main story. Still, learning to walk in Luna's body will be good practice for when Harry gets to Equestria. Er, I mean, walk in a pony body.


Put one hoof in front of the other! And soon you'll be walking 'cross the floor!


*finishes the first story*
"Okay this story is good i wonder when ther will be a sequel"
*had page still loaded and 5 hours later*

(i littereally just made a account for this)

*squeels like a schoolgirl*

mutha bucking YES!

Blind Fav and Up Vote... And I know i will not regret it.

hmm seems like using "equstrian" magic might slowly turn Harry into a pony...
jeez then what are we gonna call him: Harry Pony ....


for the love of all that is holy more :flutterrage: please:pinkiehappy:

Harry's going to learn krav maga? Oh, this certainly possesses great potential.

Just a note, this release mmaaaay have had me tittering like a little girl. :twilightblush:

I almost forgot that this existed and I feel terrible because of that.

The two of them then spoke at exactly the same moment. "Let us never speak of what has happened over this week ever again."
Meanwhile, Nightmare watched them as her expression only grew more amused. 'Mmm... yes, never speak of it again. That just makes it so much better for blackmail material when needed...'

LOLZ! Great first chapter! Keep it up!

Oh my god!!!! Thank you so much for this!

Three years... I waited three years for The Wizard and the Lonely Princess to be completed so I could read it all at once without fear of hiatus's or slow updates... And when I finally thought I could start, it basically becomes incomplete again...
...When... When will this one be complete?




I don't think I have the heart to tell you how many harry potter books their are...

This is only the second one.

That was a great chapter. Here's hoping the momentum of updates for this fic (my favorite fanfic of all time) picks up from here... I hope to at least be reading this fic in book 4 within 5 years.

Comment posted by Teh_Naim deleted Mar 2nd, 2015

Let us never speak of this again? Don't worry Lulu, this will most certainly come back to haunt you :pinkiecrazy:

5685804 Um, you realize that there are seven Harry Potter books, right? And four, nearly five MLP seasons. You're looking at a long wait before you can read the entire series in one go.

Honestly, in this case I recommend just reading Lonely Princess and forget this second Book until it's finished. The first Book ends in a good point.

It Back!!! Wooo!!!

*sees next chapter/book is out
*instant upvote, fave, and tracking.

I see three heretics must be banished from this page - they actually DOWNvoted this story!

YAY! It's here!

Into the tracking faves you go!


It has begun! The sequal has arrived! :yay:

5685804 filraen is right, the first story ends as the first harry potter book, with the end of the school term.

also, that gif needs context

Yay!:yay: I can't wait for the next chapter! That being said, when a certain irritating imp pops in to sabotage Harry's return to Hogwarts, could you possibly see to it that the little bastard gets set upon by Nightmare? If not, oh well. Update again soon!

Hallelujah, I'm so excited! Please please please say you have an update schedule too! This series is too awesome to WANT to wait months or a year for (though it is totally worth doing so).

XD I loved it, and Harry taking Krav Maga? A nice change from the usually squishy mage. I actually read a story on fanfiction about harry being raised by Ryoga Hibiki, "Harry Hibiki and the Philosophers stone". The combat scenes, once it reaches them, will be much different when Harry can do more than wave his wand, or even, as in this story, use wandless magic. That being said, Nim continues to be awesome. It's hard to read her as a baddie after reading your stories. Keep it up.

5685510 I think it is more like an Anmagis Transformation I think he will be any Alicorn because of how Human Magic is discribe and with haging around Luna and Nim... It just makes since

Nim might finally get her answer to what keeps Hogwarts clean when she finally meets Dobby maybe?

I suppose I didn't realize the author was going to go through the entire story, like this was going to be a standalone, self-contained piece or something. Now that I know it's going to be all seven years at Hogwarts, plus canon MLP, and taking into account the roughly three years taken to write book one, I'm guessing I'll be waiting for a minimum of eighteen years before this is finished.

Harry represents my emotional despair at finding out the story isn't complete. Remus is my logical side attempting to both comfort me and holding me back from flipping a table, as that would only make a mess I'd have to clean up later.

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