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During an attempt to escape from her lunar prison, Nightmare Moon unwittingly pulls something into her dimension that doesn't belong. In doing so, she sows the seeds of her own defeat. Now Luna must deal with the consequences of her other persona's actions.

An Ender's Game crossover exploring common themes of regret and redemption, this story takes place parallel to Seasons 1 and 2. Knowledge of the book is NOT required.

Thanks go to the wonderful and talented Companda for creating a beautiful cover image. The FIMFiction-sized version really does not do it justice. Please take the time to view it on DeviantArt by clicking the source link; you'll be amazed at the level of detail she put into this picture.

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Divide #1 · Oct 3rd, 2012 · · 1 · Ember ·

This. This right here. I never, NEVER in a million bloody years thought that someone would create a crossover between the Ender series and MLP.
I was wrong. And I'm happy that I'm wrong. Very happy. This story was well written, well executed, and is understandable to people who haven't read Ender's Game. Please continue. Please.



Ender cross MLP?

Yeah, I'll have some of that.

1378385 What he said, but more eloquent.


oOo... enders game series and ponies? For now I'm adding this to my 'read later' list, cause I dont like reading stuff thats mostly incomplete. Enders game has an interesting take on how fundamental physics works; mix this with ponies? Win. The only thing left is semi decent writing.

So many much interesting concepts and possibilities could come from the enders game physics and ponies alone.

derp. me want moar:yay::derpytongue2:
but seriously, its kinda sad that Ender never had a… female interest....:ajsleepy: but its not that i want NM to change that, infact i expect him to beat her up. badly. on a totally unrelated note, asdf-movies are awesome.

Comment posted by dashdlkashd deleted Jun 22nd, 2017
Comment posted by dashdlkashd deleted Jun 22nd, 2017

im REALLY enjoying this story, which is more than i can say about most stories whilst only two chapters in... even though you do have a humongous word-count compared with the other stories i have read...

anywho, keep up the good work author :D :3 c::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

awesome chapter, must have more!!!

Woot, chapter update! And what a chapter it was! Have you considered trying to get this onto EQD?

Oh hell yes.

There is no way this should work, but you are making it work anyway. Words can't describe how awesome this is (actually they can, but the only words that can describe how awesome this story is are the words of the story itself).

Also, it is your fault I am still awake at 4:00 in the morning.

That is all.

just finished reading chapter 1 and 2 when this was posted :pinkiehappy:

Pluss you have made me want to read the original book… nice one.

Here’s hoping for chapter 4 soon.

Comment posted by dashdlkashd deleted Jun 22nd, 2017

This needs to be WAY more popular than it is, you have done a amazing job on one of my favorite books of all time. This may sound sappy but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this master-peace.

this is AWESOME!!! Oooohh I wonder what Fluttershy will do when she sees Ender?:yay::yay:

OK, so I said I would read it when more chapters popped up... I couldent help myself after seeing the third chapter up for a while.

My first question is: When will chapter 4 be released? My only comment is that it probably wont be soon enough.

I really like how you set Luna's capability to be such that she can pull stuff out of the void that sits between universes; mostly for the purpose of 'decorating' the night sky. At least thats what it seemed like to me.

It seem you are setting this up to more or less diverge from the MLP storyline in the middle of season 2. As for Ender's universe... it will be quite different without him. Is it going to be re-visited? I suppose without ender the bug things wouldent face extinction. Is time a common thread between the universes? I am assuming they are different universes, but now that I'm thinking about it, they dont necessarily have to be the way this story is written.

Words fail me with the exception of one that keeps coming up: Moar! :yay:

For some reason I cannot see chapter 4, it is just a blank space.

It seems to be an issue with the new site set-up, this isn't the only story I have seen this problem with. Downloading the story or the individual chapter in question doesn't work, either. Hopefully it will get fixed pretty soon.

All: Due to derpage, Chapter 4 is posted on Google Docs (just don't delete it, lol):


Comments back here are appreciated =P

Comment posted by dashdlkashd deleted Jun 22nd, 2017

Another great chapter. Though to say I was dissapointed that the text was not there when I first saw the update... is an understatement. :unsuresweetie:
Thanks for tossing up a google docs link for a temp fix... so the rest of us can get a pony fix.

As I said in IRC...

Seriously, I donno why there isnt more people reading it... cause enders game.. epic. Ponies... epic. both combined? 20% more epic layered on top of the double luna epic scale.


I'm really glad you did not make the languages the same; so many other writings have the languages the same... that irritates me slightly. To make up for this, luna, and possibly other unicorns, can communicate at least by dreams, or possibly slightly more directly than just dreams. I do question Enders size relative to the ponies though. Ender at this point is supposed to be what.. 13? 14? I dont remember in the Enders Game series if he grew very much after that or not, nor if he was an average build. Fluttershy having that much difficulty given his age seems unlikely. Speaking of which.. Twilight Sparkle should not really have that much difficulty picking up Ender's can/pack thing

Anyway, just a couple passing thoughts that came to me after I read it. Great chapter. I hope you write more etc. etc.
I'm going to sleep (more like pass out on my bed, from staying up reading this chapter):rainbowkiss:

AUTHOR!!! you could copypaste your story to here! please do.:yay:

lolvely chapter by the way :D

Comment posted by More Dakka deleted Dec 11th, 2012

I want to congratulate you on something I'm really noticing as I read this. Each character has their own voice. Nobody (or pony) sounds like you, and no one sounds like their oft-used stereotype. Ender sounds like Ender, Luna sounds like Luna, and Fluttershy sounds like Fluttershy -- and not like 'Pony Who Is Shy'. Very well done. :rainbowkiss:

Good news this chapter is awesome.

Bad news now we have to wait for a new one.

Just one thing how old is he exactly in this fic? Excuse the stupid question.

The bug appears to be fixed! Enjoy, everypony.:yay:

well i just stumbled uopn this and like others i thought

ENDER GAME+MLP? what the? who would? huh?
But it is you did and it is good

thank you

Okay, I've just started blasting through this fic, and I've gotta say, this is frickin' brilliant. I've been a huge fan of the book for years now and this fic has definitely gotten me excited. I'm definitely reccomending this fic to everyone I know.

Once the Ender's Game movie comes out next year, expect alot more faves for your story.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Good characterization, and the style fit very well.

this is a great fic hoping for an update soon

Knowledge of the book is NOT required.

Hey, can you let you let us (the readers) know if there are any spoilers ahead? Spoiler Alerts would be swell.

With how much Orson Scott Card disapproves of any fan written work, I was a little surprised to see this story. Then I was ready to hate this VERY much. The Ender Quartet is possibly my favorite series ever, and I was expecting to be disappointed. You made it work. I am a little shocked. This is extremely well written, and all of the characters are unique and act differently. Too often in other fics, characters seem to bleed together into something that is just... meh. Another thing is that are doing right: Nothing good comes easy. Very refreshing to see that bit.

Specifics I liked: Difference in language, Not everyone is super ready to be BFFs right from the second they lay eyes on him, Technology is present, but is not overpowering.

Specifics I disliked: Ender was initially headed towards Earth for what purpose? He had no real desire to go back, and he wasn't welcome their either. The general mechanics of the spaceships bug me somehow - Not really sure why.

All in all, Update soon! This is an awesome story.

Why hasn't this shown up on my radar before, it's really very good; is this the last we're gonna see from it, or are you just taking a winter break?

Just discovered this fic, and it is all kinds of awesome, though a bit slow. I've been hoping for a Ender/MLP crossover--if there's ever a child who never really got much of a childhood, it's Ender. And of course, he has a WILDLY different mindset than what most of Equestria has. Tons of detail, a well-thought-out world, and excellent characterization of the ponies--and the Ender characters. Ender is maybe a bit TOO tough, but he had to get through the everfree forest somehow, and I very much enjoyed hearing how he dismissed Discord's reign as a fever dream: hilarious, and in character. And all your technical descriptions of IF survival gear and protocols, while probably not necessary, are nonetheless interesting to consider.

I especially liked Chapter 4. Fluttershy's timidity, Twilight's geeking-out, and Rarity's interest in the clothing was all very good. I feel like a lot of fics fail to consider how a geek like Twilight would react when meeting a new species, and it was cool to see how the ponies gradually discover the different parts of human culture.

One things worry me. One is that this chapter ALMOST seems to be setting Ender up for ponification--a strange magical connection left on while Luna goes to sleep. I find it doubtful, as you've spent some time and effort establishing Ender's alien nature, and turning him into a pony would make him lose a lot of that--if make the language barrier easier to navigate (also kudos there, while it's debatable that Equestria has a separate language, it makes sense they would).

The other worry I have is that having finally introduced the Mane 6 to the story, you'll now dismiss them to focus on Ender and Luna again. I like your portrayal of Luna, and Ender is of course fun, but the Mane 6 are the stars for a reason, and I hope they have further opportunity to interact with Ender.

Whoa, now this was a great fic, i can't wait for the next chapter.

I would never have thought that MLP and Ender's Game would be good crossover material, but the way you have seamlessly melded these two vastly different universes together is just incredible. I don't think I have read any better written fanfiction for Ender's Game than this and I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

*Stumbles across this again while rooming the site…*

‘Wow has it really been 24 weeks?’

By the heavens there is a God! I just realised I hadn't faved this but it seemed luck was on my side as I saw it in the feature box! If I had missed out on the next chapter... O.O

But yeah, I love Ender's Game and I love this too! Can't read now as it's 1.30AM but will read tomorrow I promise.

great so far and glad you finally updated again :twilightsmile::heart:

Why hellooo, Interesting!

Oh boy, when they drag the story of Battle School, Command School, and the whole Bugger War out of Ender? On top of the near war on Earth afterwards and the 'compromise' that was to effectively exile him?

Crap, this sets the timeline at "Sweet and Elite". Ender, meet the Changelings. I get the feeling they will see "Admiral Wiggin" go to town on a new set of Bugs. Poor boy can't catch a break unless it's one of his bones.

just trying to remember right is it the book where ender plays a commanding war game to train to become a commander for a war? however theres another weirder alice in wonderland like game he likes to play on the side?(tried to not have tooo many spoilers if im right)

Wow I thought this story would never update... one of the few Hie fics that I can respect for the idea and the characters. I'm glad its being continued.:twilightsmile:

My mind just stopped working when this updated.
I was honestly convinced it had been discontinued.
There are so many stories that stop after the Initial conflict is over.
I am very, very excited to learn that this has continued.

Spelling error? but beyond the place where the light shown
Should be shone

Comment posted by dashdlkashd deleted Jun 22nd, 2017


Yup that is about right. There were three "games": The Fantasy Game/Giants Table/etc, there was the Battle Room (which was similar to a game, where they fought pretend war in Zero-G), and then there was the game that Ender played while in Command School, which was against his mentor.

So I received an email, saying that this fic that I was following updated.
My first thought: What fic? Pericy-huh?
My second thought: ERMAHGERD!
Good job on the update. Totally forgot about this.

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