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This story is a sequel to To Befriend the Night

A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step, sure, but the remaining steps are no less difficult. You are merely more determined to survive them.

A deed which, like all others, is much better endured in good company.

Coverart once again done by jjames10 (or Tome Turner).

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Hoh my gawd yes, a sequel! :pinkiehappy:

My down vote on To Befriend the Night has been changed to an up vote. You better not end this story the same way though...

Oh nice, a continuation! I was saddened that we didn't get to see more after the end of the last story.

Just please tell me that Celestia isn't going to be all "Rawr! No Hendrick for Luna!"

(Actually, that said, maybe what Celestia really needs is a special somepony of her own.)

All the YES!

Come on lets get this story into the featured!

“Now, I believe you had a particular cake baking contest in mind tonight?”

7 trillion Dollars and Bits says that Celestia is one of the judges!


Awesomeness, sequel. More Luna and Hendrick action incoming, I shall enjoy this I do believe!

Good to have you back :)

Aaaaand 100... Good to see the part the second is finally here.

a sequel quick: gather the virgin sacrifices as tribute :pinkiecrazy:



Good to see you're sticking around, I'm certainly enjoying your work. On that note, I finally got around to Watching you. Something I've forgotten to do until now despite having at least a handful of your stories favorited :twilightsmile:

I hope this Story will be wonderful as the first. To Befriend the Night

It's not often you read a Human in Equestria Story that is not from the look from the human. (Hope that was wrote right :twilightblush: )

Sweeeeeeet. More good stuff to read.

I really enjoy this series and I hope you'll post more soon! I can't wait to find out more about the developing relationship between Hendrick and Luna!! :raritywink:

I just finished reading your previous fic and loved it, can't wait for more of this one! :pinkiehappy:

Excellent story.could be about 20% cooler though

all my yes :) right here. to bad blueblood is such a snob but eh what can you do :)

I think I speak for all of us when I say: POST MORE!!!


Calm down, calm down. It's coming. I'll get it out by tomorrow night, promise.



:pinkiegasp: You know, what that means, right? When you Broke a Promise, you can Loose a friend. FOREEEEVEERRR!!!


Cross my heart and hope to fly,
Stick a cupcake in my eye.


Hmmm... Ok. But I watch you. Like a Hawk ( :pinkiehappy: you are a Hawk?)
...maybe more like a Pegasus.

Whisper Voice to Pinkie: "Pinkie! Get out of my PC. I have told you so much, dont break the 4th Firewall. My PC can get a Virus."

:pinkiegasp: "What? Is he not Vaccinated?"

Ohe Celestia, there is so much you need to learn.

Yet another wonderful chapter. This story is getting better and better with every new chapter you produce :twilightsmile:

I don't like Hendrick. This is wierd, because he didn't do anything wrong in my eyes. I just.... don't like him.

Small mistake: Near the end Shining Armor said "They're talents" where it should be "Their".

And done reading. I must say, very well done once again. This story is the story I have been anticipating the most in the last few weeks and I am very happy with this chapter and awaiting the next. I really enjoy your writing style and language as well: It is only in a few cases in few stories that I actually read them out loud because I like the sound of them and I did so for this entire second chapter.

2685519 Have you read the prequel? It really gives more insight into his personality and past, explaining quite a few traits he has.

I still read his voice as that small detective from that Spawn animated series :pinkiesmile:
It is great to see another update in this brilliant series! I mainly skip human turns pony stories, or outright dislike them if there isn't a warning about it early one, but your first story made its way to my fav list despise that.


He's a tough character to understand (took me quite a bit of the prequel to figure him out just a little bit). Still, the minute you figure him out will make you love this story for what it is.

Great new chapter, can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

Hendrick's afraid he's Falling for Luna? Oh, boy, I don't think his past is quite finished with him.

another great chapter and hes afraid of falling for luna? wonder how itll turn out

I wonder what happens when Luna finds out what Celestia's telling Hendrick...

Gah, pet peeve of mine!
The word you're looking for in that phrase is 'pique', not 'peak'.
i.e. 'It piques my interest.'

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