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It is the year 3070, and Mankind is once again at war. The battlefields of the future are dominated by fierce, robotic war machines known as BattleMechs, and under their auspice empires have risen and fell. Now with the worlds of the Inner Sphere once again facing the drums of war, two mercenary units have set off on their respective missions, their only tie a common ride upon the back of a JumpShip.

Yet when a cosmic accident causes a misjump, they find themselves thrown into a world that they cannot fathom: a world where magic is a force of nature, where mythical creatures live and thrive, and colorful ponies live protected under the aegis of their monarchs. New choices lie ahead, decisions must be made, and the inner character of Humankind will be put to the test when the question is asked: to conquer, or protect?


It is the year 1023 after the ascension of Celestia and Luna to the dual thrones of Equestria, and Ponykind is at peace. With Luna cleansed and Discord sealed away even more thoroughly than before, all looks bright for the future of the colorful equines. With friendship and optimism, they face each day with hope and vigor.

Yet, when the heavens scream as a foreign object tears its way into their reality, the princesses and their subjects face a new threat that they cannot fathom: creatures and machines from a world of death and darkness, where magic is unheard of and the avarice of powerful men drive the engines of war to crush the innocent under their bootheels. Can they survive the coming of these coarse beings, and can they maintain the magic of friendship in the face of Man's Inhumanity?

With Russian Translation provided by Undermind.

A crossover with the Battletech universe, though this is an alternate BT timeline of my own devising. [WARNING: Fandom related material and fanboy rant to follow. Non-Battletech fans won't care, read at your own risk.]

Because **** the Word of Blake and their munch-tastic "armies from thin air" BS. Yes, I know the Clans were almost as bad, but at least they had some sort of justification in-universe. Wobbies? No. Just no. I don't care that it was 15 years, you don't go from "fringe group of mutually-antagonistic and argumentative sub-groups following various degrees of religious mania" to "WE ARE THE SPACE NAZIS ALL WILL BOW BEFORE US" like that.

So for BT fans, this is a 'verse where the Second Star League is still around, the Wobbies still had their temper tantrum though it was smaller and more in line with a bunch of religious fanatics. No stupid "knock everything down for ClickyTech" Wizkids/Fanpro approach, nor any "hey let's shove a bunch of cheesy Level 3 stuff at the players to make the game even more complicated" Catalyst Games stuff. This is just good ol' fashioned 'Mechs wailing on each other, only with ponies. Who will also be wailing on 'Mechs. GLORIOUS.

Cover image by Icaron of DeviantArt.

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Intresting.... Another BattleTech crossover. Can't read it now, but this looks cool.

This has a LOT of promise. I'm impressed by the summary alone - now let's hope that the writing style and actual story content measures up. Here's to hoping that you don't disappoint me ^^

Booyah! It's here! I have waited long for this day. Excuse me while I turn up my Mechassault soundtrack and read this for about the fourth time.

Oomph. Might not have been the greatest idea to upload all chapters at once, but at least I have this on 2 reading lists now.:yay:

"Ivan LOVES cupcakes!" Oh God I'm loving this Russian already.

Ivan's gun is named Sasha. Pegasi attack protocol 23, and O'Connel ordering his assholes to keep firing.

I whole-heartedly approve of this fic right now.


Congratulations, you're the first person since I started writing this back in October to catch Attack Protocol 23. At least, the first person who bothered to comment about it, anyway.

Glad you're enjoying it. :pinkiehappy:

Another Battletech crossover?! Sign me up! Mmm, giant stompy battlemechs marching across Equestria... :rainbowdetermined2:

You know, that little rant of yours reminds me A LOT about the rant that the author for The Thessalonica Legacy wrote.

You guys know each other or is it just a general fan thing dealing with the BattleTech Verse?


Dunno, never read The Thessalonika Legacy. Frankly, I didn't even know a Battletech/MLP:FIM crossover existed until people started comparing my fic to TTL; I honestly thought I was the first.

As for the rant, yeah, a lot of BT fans got real ticked off at what they did with the Word of Blake, basically turning it from one of many B-list antagonists into a neigh-unstoppable force that managed to recruit and build an army to rival the largest ones fielded by star empires spanning hundreds of planets, that managed to compromise seemingly every single government with moles and agents, and then went on a rampage throwing WMDs everywhere because they didn't get their way. And somehow they managed to simultaneously create internal dissent and rebellion by causing mass civil war to erupt everywhere because they had everyone's secrets.

Now I know that the game developers were building towards the Jihad for a long time. There was plenty of warning and hints of the Wobbies being the next big bad guys after the Clans were dealt with, and Katherine Steiner-Davion had her account stamped "paid in full, b*tch." (Trust me, she is such a B*tch. LITERALLY! BWAAAHAHAHAaaaaa- you won't get it. Sorry.) But the sheer scope of the end product was completely out of line with all that came before, aside from a rapid and mysterious and basically pulled-out-of-the-ass buildup just before that part of the timeline was begun. It happened right after FASA (the original BT creators/owners) closed and sold it to Wizkids, who immediately revamped the timeline to introduce their clicky-tech collectable miniature game... Which is no longer around, but Battletech is. Shows you which is more appealing long term, eh?

Anyway, TL:DR: the story/timeline Badguys were turned up to 11, but in a bad way that broke the suspension of disbelief. (Seriously? Everyone was compromised? Whole planets dropped off the grid, to be turned into armed camps of brainwashed soldiers? Hyper-advanced tech that came out of nowhere? F***ING CYBORG ARMIES? NO! Just NO!)

So I broke ways with the timeline in the game year 3067, and created my own version. I'm sure that makes me pathetic and all, but dammit, at least mine still looks like Battletech in its heyday.

I agree with Ivan on that.

Those who make Fluttershy cry should PAY.

This is...surprisingly good.

This is easily up to par with the Thessalonica Legacy, and might I say even surpasses it in the action and interactions aspect! You sir have this story on my absolute best favorites, and I eagerly await more updates from you!

Just earlier today my friend was watching me browse through FiMfiction and asked me "Why are you reading this pile of shit?" I replied with "To find the occasional diamonds in the rough." This story is one of those diamonds, and I count myself as damned lucky to have found it!

Also, Ivan is best character. Period. xD

P.S. If you don't mind, do check out the fanfic titled "The Order of Koaxia"; it's in a somewhat similar vein to yours - epic action with mind-blowing combat, except that it's a mega-crossover of multiple elements from various sources at once. I also endeavor to make pop culture references whenever I can, which is something I noticed in your writing style and massively like as well :pinkiehappy:

Oh god it's Sasha! I am so sold on this fic now.

So so far we have the heavy, and the demo/engineer with the outrageous Scottish accent.

With such a large cast you are doing a great job at keeping the characters both separate and distinct. I don't have any trouble remembering who's who and their personalities really shine even in the short period of time they are "on screen."


Holy shit that was amazing. You made the heavy from TF2 comfort Fluttershy. I was completely skeptical about there being another good BattleTech x pony fic. I see that my skepticism was all for naught.

Ivan demands more screen time!

465370 I find myself agreeing with HellRyden here, this may be the best BattleTech fanfic I have ever read. I'm not sure you can really draw a conclusion with the Thessalonica Legacy since both it's tones and themes were way different. This is a much more serious story than it ever was.

I'm so glad I saw this and decided to read it. I was on the fence since a lot of BattleTech fanfics require crazy amounts of knowledge and I never found the plot for BattleTech very good or enticing. Rokas has managed to make this very accessible and make it serious without being a horrible grim-dark slogfest. I'm impressed and I'll be following this one to the end.

Daim, shit just got real.

One correction:

“Parties?” The pink think by Ivan shouted,

Should probably be pink THING

"Dear god, there are two of them now." :rainbowlaugh:

Welcome, Dark Horse Brigade, to Equestria.

Land of all things cute and cuddly, with a couple dragons and other mythical beasts thrown into the mix as well. Our signature attractions are the entire planet being renamed with punny names, the legendary Pinkie Pie parties, the physics-defying cliff-city of Canterlot, and more vegetarian dishes than you can possibly eat. Literally you probably can't digest half of them.

Please check your weapons on the moon, and have a nice day! :twilightsheepish:

Edit: Oh! and the horse-drawn horse-drawn carriages, cloudsdale, a city made entirely of weather formations, numerous pre-cut gemstones that you can pull right out of the earth... magic, Pinkie Pie parties (hey, they're worth two mentions), and what is now the battlefield of Manehattan, currently a hotspot under attack by a number of large mechanized combat vehicles. If you want to blow stuff up, I'd suggest Manhattan.

This sounds interesting, but I've no clue about what "Battletech" is (to be honest, I'd never heard of it before seeing this fic :twilightblush:)

Should I read this story, when I have no idea about other Lore from this game?


The author has made it pretty accessible. Some of the jokes will go over your head (I haven't been up with the BattleTech universe in well over a decade so some went over my head) but the vast majority is easy to pick up. If you want a better understanding of things you could probably figure out everything you need from about 2 minutes in a wiki (I imagine there's a wiki on BattleTech afterall). Don't bother trying to get the political references, I don't think it's worth slogging through for that but, this is amazingly well written in my opinion. It deals with very serious issues better than a lot of authors do and doesn't paint all humans as horrible monsters or saints. Instead the author delves into the fact that a lot of things in the real world are neither black nor white.

I personally believe it is worth the read, if nothing else then for Ivan :heart:

Did I just read a battlemech getting Falcon Pawnched?

Holy crap I did read that. I know post the appropriate picture.

I always love me some Battletech.

466509 You should look up Mechwarrior. Though I guess all you really need to know is that there's really big mechs with really big guns, lasers, and missiles. And PPCs, love those things.


From your name, you might find some interest in another story of mine.

466755 Haha, brilliant! I will be amused if it contains my much beloved instagib guns. But probably not, for sanity's sake. :pinkiecrazy:

I am now seriously worried that the CMC could get cutie marks in battlemech tech...

When I read Ivan's truly touching speach... I couldn't bear it. I too, have shed manly tears.


I stand with Ivan... for what they have done I well set the air itself against them. They will know truly what it is to be broken! The wrath of the planet itself will swallow those monsters whole! For they have committed the unspeakable. Nopony, and I mean nopony

I cannot wait for more of this marvelous story. Truly fantastic. Now to go compare TTL to IT. :rainbowdetermined2:

(Chapter 5) I remember coming across this story before, when it was only up to chapter 4. I'm glad to see that one of the mech squads has a commander who isn't a xenophobic, bloodthirsty, barbaric son-of-a-brachiosaurus. Still, that other squad has earned a retribution worse than cataclysm for what they did. :flutterrage: Several months since I read about their invasion and I still see red about it.

Some videos for you, to get a feel for epic 'Mech combat:
1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNluyC6x-j0
2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qRmjNexfE0

Behold MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries, in all its mid '90s glory! :pinkiecrazy: Also the DHB in the story are based off of the merc unit I ran through MW2.

3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMlJQ0G3zk4
MechWarrior 3, or "The last GOOD MechWarrior game"

And finally, the one that might replace MW3 in my good graces:
4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CWr3ZUQJeo - Early trailer
5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkWhrahs3AQ - More current

And really, man, that's all you need to know. The fluff and lore from the BT universe is just icing on the cake. (Albeit very tasty icing.)


Wait until the later chapters... :trollestia:

468131 Oh I await them eagerly... I have so many stories on my favs list that I am waiting for I could probably go for 2-3 weeks at one release a day without repeating. Some are epic, some are touching, some are dark, some are romantic (though those are rare...) and some are just utterly beyond description.

This one... I'd put it under epic and dark. Not much romance (not complaining) and not mind-flaying enough to be a crack fic, but it still stands as a truly awesome piece of work.

Haha, I finally caught up! I can't believe Rainbow ate a piece of bacon... the world is going to end. :pinkiecrazy:

Also, loving the references in your story. Makes me proud to see a fellow geek on here, and one that knows about UT and Battletech, at that.

General Stonewall...Whatever you do, don't break off from you soldiers and then go back to them, especially if it's foggy.

And Celestia is AWESOME! (I like the way you portrayed her and that she actually could hold herself in a fight. I don't know why people don't do that more often.)
Anyways, this fic is just great. Keep up the good work.
(Hopefully James can patch things up. Human-pony relations doesn't look so good right now.)

That was an amazing speech by Ivan, and I totally agree with him.

Ivan is now favorite character! Ivan and Pinkie crazy time is needed soon!

Ah, bacon. You have shown the light to yet another faithful follower. Rainbow Dash is now even cooler.:rainbowdetermined2:

That reminds me,hen ar you going to update that story? :pinkiehappy:


When I get to it. Dunno when that'll be... :unsuresweetie: I was originally going to do a rotation on all three of my continuing stories, but now my muse is set on this story for the moment since I'm pretty much past my biggest hurdles in writing it. The stage is set for the awesome battles to come, and I'm eager to be about it. :pinkiecrazy:

Still, the other stories are still cooking up in my head, they're just on the back burner for now. :twilightsmile: Thanks for your interest. :ajsmug:

*Sees your icon*
I am quite glad, sir, quite glad to hear that. Nothing like a spot of insano-tea to get the blood flowing in the morning, wot ho? Please do feel free to enjoy a bit of pipe in my absence, for I must be off. Give my regards to the missus, and do mind the lorries around these parts as you walk home. They take a dreadfully provincial attitude towards pedestrians, you know.

...Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Your icon, your comment, both combined into the perfect storm of Englishman upper crust. And not the tasty kind.


Think nowt of it, mint sir. I intended to make it far too cushy switch to the baked bean 's pommy!

Mint day and all that, though keep keep y'r own squiz out on those popper lorries!


Right. Keep on then. Cheers.

I keep talking and nopony seems to keep up with me except Ivan and he talks funny about guys he's punched and his gun I think he calls it Sasha and it's really neat I saw it on his armor back in the clearing.

Heavy Weapons guy in the future .o.

I started reading this , when you were posting it on fanfiction.com. It is a nice balance between drama and humor.

I agree with HellRyden.

This story is either equal-to-better than The Thessalonica Legacy, and has more interaction with the casts than the former. While The Thessalonica Legacy was the first Battletech crossover, and had excellent character interaction between the BT cast and the mane6, Falling Stars has it better, with human characters that are more solid and have better personality, most making this feel like 2009's Avatar movie, in terms of character feeling.

And yes, Ivan from TF2, hells yeah. =3
Ivan is fucking BOSS. Ivan + Pinkie Pie = EPIC COMEDY DUO.

Speaking if characters, I can picture voice actor Gary Chalk voicing James McKenna, and Michael Ironside voicing the villain O'Connell. Don't ask me why, but those voice actors seem to fit the profile. Plus, whenever I read Jame's lines, I picture Gary Chalk's voice. It just "fits" the character perfectly.

Anyways, keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

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