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Princess Luna, Mistress of the Moon, co-ruler of Equestria, is utterly bored, and tired of dealing with the bureaucracy. When she happens upon an uncompleted spell that promises access to other worlds, she finds a project that engages her as seldom before. Yet, some worlds are not so pleasant and safe as Equestria, and Luna is about to find out how denizens of one of the more dangerous realms entertain themselves as she is thrust into a bloodsport like no other.

The Tournament awaits.

A crossover with Unreal Tournament, specifically UT2k4, which I've come to regard as my personal favorite of the series.
There is some gore, but nothing worse than your usual FPS game made in the last 10 years or so. Rated Teen for that, and some foul language. (Because it wouldn't be UT without the smacktalk.)

Consider this as the soundtrack. Because that's exactly what it is.for Deck 17. So, freakin' EPIC.

Cover art commissioned from Atryl, who is a demigod of Art. Seriously, he's awesome. Go throw money at him.

Chapters (6)
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By the mighty hammer of Thor! UNREAL TOURNAMENT!!!:pinkiegasp:

tracked for both Luna Awesomeness and unreal tournament

Aaaah, UT. The saga that marked my life. You can tell by my name, I guess.

Xan Kriegor is best pony, especially the ut2k4 Xan.

*Clasps hands together* "Time to read!" :pinkiecrazy:

Aaaand, done!

Gotta say, that was an amazing read.

...I do have a few complaints though.

It feels like Luna is getting adapted to this too quickly, and is far too agressive aswell. I particularly didn't like the scene were she tossed Axon around like a toy. I understand that she has "Alicorn magic" and such, but I don't think people would like seeing her going psycho after a match, flinging everyone around.

It's UT, you'd think that she would die more. :applejackunsure: She comes out a little bit mary sue-ish sometimes, being so good at this "sport" despite not knowing anything, and the weapons that they use.

You're introducing a character to a WHOLE new concept here. It's really good, but make sure you keep it that way. Again, it's kinda rushed how she reacted, but it's fine nevertheless.

Seriously, I want this to be the best fic ever. Hell, I'll be your editor, or your servant, whichever.

A Luna with some spicy character development, a nice description of the events, and an excellent interpretation of the Tournament's 'verse. Mmm, we got something interesting over here, maybe even worthy of being on Equestria Daily.


I wanted Luna to get into the game quickly, so I figured that she would get the bum's rush in reverse and then dumped into the middle of a deathmatch. To me she's the passionate one of the two royal sisters, since in "Luna Eclipsed" she had a rather nasty temper. So I used that, had her insulted and jerked around, which would tick off any being, but take one that's normally bowed to and treated with great respect and then heap insult after injustice upon them, and you've got a recipe for aggression.

As for how fast she takes to the game, there's two reasons: 1. As I foreshadowed early on, she and Celestia used to do a lot of hardcore battling against monsters and griffons in the distant past. A past that isn't so distant to Luna given she spent 1000 years locked in the moon (and canon hasn't established whether she was fully conscious and/or aware of what was going on back on the planet). And 2... Well, that's part of what I'll explore in the second half. Which is getting written, but be patient; it took me over a week just to write this part. :ajsleepy:

Die more? Maybe in the video game itself, but remember this is a story, and one must take some artistic license now and then if one wants to keep the story interesting. It would become rather annoying to read about being respawned every five seconds. And again, Luna is 1: a demigod-like being, and 2: again, foreshadowed that she's been in terrible combat before.

And finally, given the high-adrenalin, aggression fueled nature of the game, I think the occasional post-game scuffle is rather common. And it's not like Luna killed Axon, she just gave him something to think about. :ajsmug:

oh mah gawd this is epic! i love UT i want more!


I liked how quickly she was thrown into the situation and had to react to it. I think that is the best part of the "spirit" of UT that you can use to crossover with, the frantic pace of the game, and possibly the soulless nature of Liandri corp. I am sure that is for later though.


I was hoping a little you would take even more of an artistic license regarding how death would work. The idea of respawning to me seems like it just doesn't work outside of video games, as it is so easy to start poking holes in it, or having to come up with all kinds of reasoning to back it up. If all characters effectively have a single life, you could add a lot of suspense to the matches. I am sure this is just my personal preference because it does afford you the opportunity to do other interesting things, like talking to her competitors after the matches :twilightsmile:

The darker side of Luna seems really interesting and I think you are doing a great job of describing her internal conflicts so far. Best of luck, I will be keeping an eye out for additional chapters in the future.

Oh also, I can't be the only one that wants to see Luna to just go ahead and launch of giant fireball down a hallway or something :derpytongue2:


I did consider going for the more "Battle Royale" approach, as it would be more tense. But UT3 kind of did explain respawners a bit, even if it was somewhat forced. Also, I like the idea of being forced to endure death after death, feeling the pain of a mortal wound, only to be denied that final rest and be thrown back into the melee. There's something quite Hellish about that, like Sisyphus' punishment: forced to endure the same pain and suffering over and over again, with no release, only a lifetime of fighting until a respawner fails, or a post-game scuffle gets out of hand. In my mind it fits the violent, dystopian future of the Unreal-verse and makes the psychology of the combatants far more likely to become unstable and highly violent, which will be interesting to see in Luna later on, I hope. :twilightsheepish:

So yeah... This story started out as a one-shot, went into a two-parter, and now it's looking like a mini-series. :ajbemused:
*Sigh* :ajsleepy:

One of these days I'll try to write a sentence and end up getting a novella, I just know it. :unsuresweetie:


:flutterrage: Luna you trigger happy team killing n00b!

you killed Celestia, you team killing fucktard!

Celestia: "Luna, why didn't you tell us you could drive the tank?"
Goliath: "Main Cannon Lock On."
Celestia: "What? Oh, son of a-"

Others to consider:
Cadence: "How come I never get the ****ing sniper rifle?"

:applejackconfused: "What the Sam Hill is a Puma?"
:twilightoops: "You mean like the shoe company?"
:rainbowhuh: "No, it's like a giant cat."
:ajbemused: "You're makin' that up."
:rainbowderp: "I'm telling you, it's a real animal!"
:ajbemused: "Twilight! I want you to poison Rainbow's next meal!"
:twilightsmile: "Yes, sir!"
:ajsmug: "You see these tow hooks here? Those look like tusks. Now what kind of animal has tusks?"
:rainbowwild: "A Walrus."
:ajbemused: "Didn't I just tell you to stop makin' up animals!"

Also, Firebolt, your icon is creepy in ways no pony should be. :applecry:


That is funny Rokas nice to see another fan of RvB and my Icon is the rape face guy as a royal guard http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16572797/images/1318216105010.jpg

The princesses will end up on different teams, won't they?

This... this is brilliant! Thank you for linking me this, good sir. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

It's nice to see that Luna got picked up by a good team off the bat, and by Malcolm, no less. :ajsmug:

Can we have more :pinkiehappy: Really unique and good Story.


Turn your favorite UT music on, crank the bass to eleven, and pull out your Flak Cannon and Link Gun~!


You have no idea. :ajsmug:

Liking this so far. While I hope Luna kicks solid amounts of ass here, I'd also like see her get some humble pie too. She may be a demigod-like being and has seen combat before, but as you already established, she's not invulnerable to weapons and the other combatants have plenty of experience as well so it's wouldn't be fair for Luna to be able to god-mode through everyone else. Besides it doesn't matter who you are, luck and the chaotic environments mean even the experienced get fragged a lot as well.

That said. Ponies in UT. Kick ass, mate!

Um...since we didn't get a info blurb about Celestia joining, did Luna just murder her own sister? What kind of noob doesn't check first?! :twilightangry2:

I just remembered this:
ASMD (in the Shock Rifle name) stands for 'And Suck My Dick'. :rainbowwild:

Was this named that on purpose?

Heh, thanks. Glad someone can understand my reasoning.
That's kind of why I wanted to write the third chapter to this, because it explains what happened after that.
But I don't think it will be too big a spoiler to tell you that Celestia is made of some strong stuff. :pinkiesmile:

That was the original, unofficial meaning. Myself, I prefer to think of it as a double-acronym; the weapon is an "Antimatter Synchronized Molecular Disruptor" (my idea to call it that, not the official game term), but everyone calls it the "And Suck My D***" gun in universe. And that will come into play later... :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

817554 So Celestia may have tanked the blow? That'd be nice though I'd imagine her exuberance at finding Luna is somewhat tempered now.


Actually, the designers confirmed that ASMD in 'ASMD Shock Rifle' stood for And Suck My Dick. It was a reference to a movie, where some guys detonate a gas can in midair with guns. The SR's alt fire (shock ball), being hit by a primary (insta-lance), was a 'futuristic' nod to the scene.

Here is a quote:
"It stands for 'And Suck My D*ck'," explains 23-year-old Cliff Bleszinski, the game's co-designer. "It has a special move that just annihilates all the ****ers around it."

As a side note, the G.E.S. in 'G.E.S. Bio Rifle' is Green Exploding Shit, which seems highly appropriate.

I'm talking about in-universe fluff, not the game developers' official terms, which I know very clearly as I've been playing UT since 1999. ;p Hell, half the reason I love the game so much is that irreverent, snarkily anarchistic feel.


OOOOH.... That is what you meant...:raritydespair:
Now I feel kind dumb. :twilightoops:

S'okay, I guess I wasn't that clear on the fact I was referring to fluff rather than real-life.

LOL RVB, How many seasons have u seen? also when are u planning on posting the next chapter, cuz it's getting really old waiting:twilightsmile:

I'm actually working on chapter 3 right now. I decided to get it out before I head out on vacation, so hopefully it'll be done by Monday.

This is a bit more rough than I usually like to put out, but I've been sitting on this for a while now and I figured the few people who follow my stuff deserve something new for being so patient. Plus I've had like 80% of this chapter written out for months now, figured I should finally just bite the bullet and finish it.

Some of it might not be all that great, really. Certainly this is not my greatest work. But I needed to put something new out, and try to break from my funk. Hope y'all enjoy.

And yes, Luna is speaking more modernly. I'll try to keep her language more floral and formal, though.

10 Years of Unreal Tournament will do that. At least she's not speaking L33t. That would force me to kill you. I don't want to have to kill you, I like your stories.

The triple kill with the Shock Rifle Combo was funny though. Shooting Celestia in the face with it even more so...Good Times, Good Times...

Yes, finally, another chapter. :moustache: And a great one, I might add.

I still very much enjoy this Story. Remembering something from the old Days of UT and mixing it with Pony is brilliant.

:pinkiegasp:NEW CHAPTER!?
Great job, keep up the good work man:twilightsmile: But please, try to release chapters more often:twilightsheepish: I was getting worried that u had given up on this fic:facehoof:
Anyway, in addition, when are u gonna be releasing the next chapter of falling stars as well as ASMD?:pinkiehappy:

You should read my journal.

Yes, new chapter! Can't wait to read Celestia's reaction to pretty much everything and hear about what Luna's been up to.

This has been marked as canceled. I have just returned and am checking story updates so I don't know what's up. Please rectify this, this is too good a story to just let go!

this i will read though, right now... maybe perhaps yes i will read it

not bad... it was interesting. but didnt luna buck one of them, and isnt melee not allowed in the game?

then there's the whole respwan thing i'd help if we had more info on how they work

this is good have a fave:unsuresweetie:

wow.. you amaze me so. methinks that because this is new concept that it is not featured. no one pays attention to me though. oh and 2 complaints. one why did have to be 10 years? if it has been ten yers then she would have already amassed enough wealth to get the neccessary ingrediants to go home,and why 10 years? its just so cliche. two CLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111!!!!!ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crap, now I'm out of fic to read.

That was AWESOME! "Gamer" Luna bucking some serious flank!
Proceed when you see it fit.

Also, here have a headshot:

So I'm sick, can't concentrate, yet I look over the measly, single paragraph I had written to start this chapter, and suddenly I feel like writing it out. :ajbemused:

I'd complain about losing sleep, but sinus infections make sleep... problematic. :pinkiesick:

Anyway, enjoy as I jump the shark with this chapter. :unsuresweetie: Also feel free to spear me with your hate for having a bit of a cliffhanger. :twilightsheepish:

i'll be honest.
I just stated to read with this just because i saw woona with guns.

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