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There is a secret being kept from Equestria. Not a single soul is aware of it. There was gossip, yes. Those ponies had been deemed mad. But those who accused the gossipers as such didn't notice the extra weight that was carried by the air. They failed to notice the subtle shifts in the breeze, or the slight change of coloration to their surroundings. Not a single soul saw it coming.

Well... there was one.

And if she divulges the information accordingly, she might be able to save them. Hell, if she only said the word, everypony could be saved.

That is... all but one

cover image is entitled Thoughts by PrincessSaros

Chapters (4)
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From the guy who brought you such blog posts as "Hey" and "Dammit!" comes this far-fetched story garbage! Enjoy!

Yet to be edited by my courageous editor, Future, who has the ability to turn oranges into lemonade. All blame for crappiness lies directly on my shoulders.

The creative juggernaut that is Church cannot be stopped. Submit to his glorious will.

Amazing work bro. I'll message you regarding editing.

This story is amazing. I totally believe in you, Church. You will make this a classic of pony fanfic.

Damn....me likes :trollestia:

1299826 INDEED

1300494 I certainly hope so. It's looking to be fairly epic.

1300748 Why thank you :twilightsmile:

It took way too long to write.

I used to go to Church... then I took an arrow to the knee e.deviantart.net/emoticons/t/trollface.png

1301410 I think I just died a little inside! :derpytongue2:

Yet another piece of quality work, have an up-vote and a Derpy :derpytongue2:

Finally a fic that could of wiped out those arrogant,snobbish Canterlot noble ponies but you decided to save them :fluttercry:.

1303478 Thanks so much! Thanks for reading my stories, I'm sure it's quite a handful :pinkiehappy:

1303649 Oh, I know. Luna is too great of a princess to let them die...

Why do I get this "Stargate Atlantis"-vibe? In all the good way! :twilightsheepish:

Dayyyyyyymmmmmmm :rainbowderp:

Wait, what about the Griffins, the dragons, what about Spike? Bloody racists, only saving themselves.

1304459 Definitely see that... but I've never seen the show :facehoof:

1305492 Ah, yes. Couldn't save everybody. They hardly saved all the ponies, let alone themselves.

There's a history lesson in the coming chapters more than likely.

And no worries about Spike... I think.

NOICE!!!! Epic, sad....gahhhh all the wants :yay:

I knew it! I knew Pinkie Pie was an alien! :pinkiegasp:

Is this story about the strategy-based board game from China? If so, that, plus the description, means I'm very intrigued.

1306971 :pinkiegasp:

1307539 No :twilightblush:

But if you wish to think so then by all means keep thinking that...

Dayum. This is good. I can't wait to see where you go with this.

1308115 Thanks so much! :twilightsmile:

:rainbowkiss: damn
this is going to be awesome

1309650 I certainly hope so! Thanks for the read!

......I can only think of Zecora's last thoughts about the whole "giant doom piller erupting out of Ponyville" situation.

Unless what is presumably the only Equestrian zebra was in Ponyville at the time. Or all the other races were settler species.

Anyway, fantastic so far. Truly want to see whats going to happen next.

1315233 Thanks so very much! :twilightsmile:

I was prepared to send the link in Gdocs when I found the time...

when will next chapter come out?!?!? OMMGGG i must know wat happens next!!! what will TWILIGHT to when Luna's all like "Celestia....Celestia is dead, Twilight." and Twilight will be "Lier...NONooooo!!! LIER!!!!!:pinkiesad2"

I have a question... How do the ponies know what a spaceship is? :rainbowderp: I know this is AU, but is it AU to the extent that they have more advanced technology then they do in canon?

1567420 To answer this, nobody knows what a spaceship is at all. Only Luna and Celestia really know what it is, because they came here in it, and the Royal Guard was only let in on it because they knew someday they'd have to drag it out of hiding.

Further things will be explained in upcoming chapters. I hope.

Thanks for reading!

But the reaction of the Mane 6 seems a bit... underwhelmed. And Twilight refers to it as a spaceship in her mind. That was why I got confused.

Anyway, thanks for the response! And I'm looking forward to those further chapters. :twilightsmile:

This chapter has not yet gone to the editors, Future and Pokonic, but you get the jist of it...


Editors, Shmeditors. They might have some kind of a fancy language filter & they can be helpful, but there were no glaring errors that took away from my experience, and that experience was glorious.

Editors can only wax and polish what is there. If it isn't good, they can't do anything with it, but if the material is good, the polish will make it shine like none other, and this work already shines.

Yay for ridiculously early morning philosophical randomness. ._.

HAHA. YES! UPDATE!:pinkiehappy:
1737816 this. I second this. although, that ending made me have a :fluttershysad:

You updated!!! All my favorite fics that haven't updated in forever have updates today!! :pinkiehappy:

That feel when this shall be forever on hiatus.

1300494 Alas, The best laid schemes of mice and men... :applejackunsure:

4764767 and I want a girlfriend. Let's keep dreaming together.

Why is it that every fic that sounds promising is abandoned?

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