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Just your average gaming geek/college student. I study computer science, play pathfinder, and write stories, and have a patreon!


A thousand years ago, Celestia and Luna put an end to Discord's reign, freeing them from the Chaos Spirit's tyranny and securing peace for generations to come.

However, one knight, a relic of an age before Discord, is unsatisfied with his place in things. His honor demands that he repay the two alicorns somehow, yet he is frustrated by his lack of ability. His quest to repay them, however, turns to tragedy, as the magic he seeks has unexpected consequences.

If he wasn't a relic before, he certainly is one now. A relic that many ponies wish would just disappear...

MLP:FIM and all related characters are owned by Hasbro. Lauran Faust crafted them with tender loving care, please support the official release.

This story is an idea that I've had rattling around in my head for quite some time. I hope you enjoy it!

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Sounds awesome. Can't wait to see more! Keep up the good work man!

Gosh darn it, as if you didn't have enough interesting stories and now you've added another possibly good one....urgh, why the buck is this time machine taking so long to build? I'll be needing it last week at this rate.

I like it so far, I really want to see were you take this. :)

What a loyal squire

6513224 Doesn't matter when it is finished. it's a time machine. Just go back in time and give it to yourself.

Wow, that's heavy.

But I really like the premise. Knight from olden times in modern ponyville. It's a great set up. Awesome opportunity for some really humorous moments. I wonder how that humorous atmosphere is going to work with the extremely somber one that you've started out with?

"The brightest flames cast the deepest shadows. How will a knight outside his time react when he finds out what his shadow has done in his absence?"

Interesting and the first chapter indicates the magic mirror was just outside the Crystal Empire?

Speculation: When the knight entered the mirror (where time is distorted and seconds inside are months or years outside) one of the shadow monsters trapped inside took his form and escaped to and did terrible things using his face and name. When the creature was later destroyed the knight was released. The knight's name is Sir Sombra.

Oh, he's gonna be in for a shock if they've already befriended Discord.


That's a good speculation, and I think you might be correct. After all, the story description does imply this knight (whose name has been conspicuously withheld) will be strongly disliked by the populace - and there must be a pre-existing reason for that. Unless he manages to do something absolutely horrible in the following few chapters, but that doesn't seem too likely.

The fact that this takes place near Crystal Empire should be significant as well. If the guy really is Sombra (minus the shadowy corruption), there is no better place to send in to a tizzy and instinctive loathing with his mere appearance. After all, no one would even recognize him if he emerged from Everfree into Ponyville (until he stumbled into Twilight anyway), but in Crystal Empire? That's instant boogieman material.

And then there is the question of when does this take place. Assuming the pulse that weakened the shadow monsters was the same one that destroyed the shadow-Sombra and that time stopped progressing quickly for him afterwards (which seems likely - Knight Breeze seems to prefer the "unicorn Twilight" part of the timeline after all), he is going to reach the Crystal Empire where the battle against his shadowy self is a very recent memory. Potentially as little as a few hours ago.

Assuming the above is correct, things won't go smoothly for the guy at all.

Knight Breeze had such a hard time coming up with a name for this fic. When he told me about it, and said he couldn't figure out a name, and I immediately said it's current title. Your welcome.:derpytongue2:

An interesting story, thus far, but what else should we expect from you? I will eagerly await the next chapter.

A sword named Oathkeeper being used against shadow creatures? Heh.
Fancy Feet... You... :applecry: You could've just gone back, you noble fool...

A knight out of time who fought shadow creatures...you know I have a similar story going on right now that I started a few months ago that is similar but thankfully it's different enough.

Sounds like that squire needs a nice big cup of tea. :twilightsmile:

Hmm, interesting.
And poor, forgotten Fancy Feet.


That's an awesome premise.

This pony probably would've had a much happier life if he had followed his name and taken care of a few dozen cats.

I'm really not entirely sure what direction this seems to be taking, but it's certainly interesting as a concept. As a lot of people seem to do recently, the premise reminds me of a game I saw a while ago. It's one of those new Castlevanias and basically eventually reveals that the bosses of the game are the former leaders of an order of Paladins who left behind the evil in their hearts when they ascended into heaven to become... vaguely defined guardian spirits of some sort, I dunno. It's something I find intriguing in a Jekyll and Hyde-ish way. I'll be following this.

This has gotta be continued!!!

8625211 Your wish is my command!

First of all, WOO! IT'S BACK! Second of all. . . . . . Okay, I did NOT expect Sombra to be the knight!

Ok, I love this twist.

*waits patiently for next chapter*

Oooo! I like-y! This'll be fun.

More damnit! This is amazing! :yay:

WHAT A TWIST! I can't wait to see what happens next.

So, I'm guessing either a dark twin or a dark shadow stepped out of the mirror when he stepped in? Harsh, and as others have already said, what a twist!

And if my dark theory is correct, here is an even darker thought. Maybe Fancy Feet didn't die of exposure, he might have actually been the dark kings first victim. How'd the Knight handle that revelation?

Well the summary makes a lot more sense now.

Wow, this was quite a surprise!

Recent activity on this story finally got me to read it, and I must say it is quite interesting. Let's hope the update interval is a touch more frequent, eh?

Hah, what a great twist. :pinkiehappy:

... Ha. That’s funny. Sombra’s first victim was Sombra.

Well, that was actually unexpected. So, the mirror creates an evil twin, or similar?

:0!!!!!!!!!!! WOAH this is AMAZING! The ending definitely had me going for a spin, I don't think anyone was ready for that!

Dun dun duuuuuun!

Great chapter and I'm glad it's continuing. :)

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