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I told myself I wouldn't bring it inside. I will never bring it inside. No matter what I do, that box is going to stay stranded out on that porch... else I only hurt myself again.

A thanks to my editor, Future, for being awesome.

cover image by johnjoseco

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Ya know, I just needed that tenth story. It was bothering me. Sorry guys.

1195817 We all have our own personal goals on here. Besides it looks interesting.

An amazing beautiful story where I had no idea what the heck was going on for the first 2/3rd, then it all fell into place. Classic Church, and I wouldn't have it any other way. :ajsmug:



poor Raindrops...

This was really great, I can't believe how well written this is!:fluttercry:

Wait. You got johnjeseco to do your art?:pinkiegasp:HOW!!!!!!

For some time I expected Gummy to sit in that box, waiting for his new home to open up to him.
In other news:
You killed Pinkie Pie. No mercy for the wicked! :twilightangry2:

1203649 I don't know what classic Church is... :derpytongue2:

1203679 It's RainbowDoubleDash O_O

I kid. Thank you for the kind words! At least... I think they were kind words?

1203769 Is that an insult!?

Kidding. Thanks a lot for the read!

1203787 I didn't get him to. This one was already done :scootangel: I just credited him.

1204193 I didn't kill her! I blame it on disease.

They were sad words! Because I was sad!

(but I did thumb this up, yes).

Am...am I really well known enough to provoke an "it's X!" statement?

1204942 haha, usually I don't do those. But surely you are well known. I see Lunaverse fics all the time.

In any sense, thanks for reading!

Don't forget to credit my doppelgangers for helping edit! :derpytongue2:

1205056 So many Futures! I didn't know how to handle myself!

You are no amateur writer! :ajbemused:

I loved it, really. I could immediately tell it was Pinkie from the first set of dialogue with her, which lead me to think throughout the majority of the story "Pinkie. And Raindrops. Pinkie, and, Raindrops. Pinkie and Raindrops?" But it was good, you do a pretty darn good Pinkie! You also do a good "I've been crying so when I speak I hiccup" voice-thingy, even though it was just stutters.


Raindrops :3

1205133 Awwwwww, Raindrops!

Thanks so much! I was wondering how well "Pinkie x Raindrops" would go over. Like, how does that happen? After awhile, I just realized it didn't matter much. It could very well be the same as shipping the mane six together. Ponies will like what Ponies like.

The thing it, it didn't necessarily have to be Raindrops, it doesn't look to hard to edit it into any character really.

1205328 I realize this. It could be anybody. But I like Raindrops :pinkiehappy:

Yea, she's underrated :pinkiesad2:

AnyPONY ^_^

:sniff::fluttercry: thumbs up

This is well written, and quite heart-ish. But it was hard to follow.

1209558 I can see that. For whatever reason, I never like to be straightforward with my fics. Some weird sort of mystery has to develop. I hope that people can understand it well enough.

Anyway, thanks for the review!

I have no idea what I just read. So, Pinkie's dead? How'd she die? I'm so confused.

1213539 I decided not to add so much backstory to it. But, if you read closer, there was a line where Pinkie said something like-

"They said I'll get better, but it's just, if I don-"

In which case, you can draw your own conclusions.

Well done sir, as usual. Keep up the good work.

1222036 Thanks much! Thanks for reading!

It makes me wonder...

...Does a OC/mane 6 shipping story always have to end on a sad note to work? Can it work with a happy ending?

1278434 Probably. I haven't seen enough OC x mane 6 in any sense, though. I'm not even much of a shipper in the first place... soooo... I didn't know... :twilightblush:

Hey! didja notice? Raindrops got a character tag now so you can properly tag your story! :pinkiehappy:

1869779 Gah, bluh, heh? Cool! I'll be sure to add that.

What the...what kind of romance is this?

That's beautiful.

I can't tell you what an understatement those two words feel like at this moment, either.


This is just... No.
Why would you deliberately make me feel these feels? :rainbowhuh:
You are a cruel person and an INCREDIBLE writer.
I hate how much I loved this great story.

Good job though! :fluttercry:

I may be over a year late to the party, but when I came across this and read it I simply couldn't leave it without telling you how amazingly well you made this out. The flashbacks and the pattern you wrote it in were excellent, and that's to say the least.

I don't know if you'll read this, but I just have to say that you struck me hard with this story. Thanks for putting this up!

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