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A writing day? · 1:59am Jun 26th, 2013

Hey guys, I know it's been a RIDICULOUSLY LONG TIME! But I do have good news.
I finally have a job and I finally have set days off.
I get plenty of time to sit around and do nothing all day on Tuesdays, so I've yet again continued writing some more. I've gotten some written, but not a lot.
Will I ever finish? At this rate? Probably not, but for pony's sake I'm gonna keep trying! Hopefully I can get stuff done.
Anyway, time to go. BYEE!

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Well guys, I was fired from my job. So, looks like I have time to write again. It'll be a slow start back up for a bit, as I have to get into the swing of writing again. However, I think it's safe to expect a new chapter soon-ish.

I just love love love your storyes i havnt stopped reading them for days now :rainbowkiss::heart::ajsmug:

Happy birthday tooooooo meeee! :pinkiecrazy:

Update for those curious about the progress of Rainbow Crusade. I've finally started getting words back down, hopefully I'll get this chapter done soon! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy:

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