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Thank you so much for favoriting my story! :twilightsmile:


*looks at you* *looks at your user page* *looks at your avatar* *looks at the blood*

Oh, I have all these hugs to give out so I can't go with you to the park or the woods or wherever you needed to go, but I can definitely give you directions! :pinkiecrazy: You go here and then here and then there and then there and then there again and then you turn right here and then right again here and then right again here and then right again here and you go down into the center of the Earth and then it's just a smile away! :pinkiehappy:

Excuse me , but would you mind pointing me to the nearest park?

The... uhh... the voices in my head told me to go there and I'm afraid I'm lost. Please, please lead the way for me, I beg of you! I am supposed to meat someone in those woods and... I cant go it alone.

Please.... please come with me?

Comment posted by AdamThePony deleted May 20th, 2014

Has something happened, man? Haven't heard a word out of you in a month.:fluttershysad:

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