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This story is a sequel to Dexter's Lab: Equestria

He was so sure Nightmare Moon wasn't real. He was so sure all the stories about Nightmare Moon were merely fabrications meant to induce fear in the ponies of Equestria, and insure their loyalty to the alicorns upon the throne. In fact, he was so sure Nightmare Moon didn't exist, he built a time machine to go back 1000 years and prove it.

Needless to say, this time-travelling colt genius bit off more than he could chew.

Now the 8-yr-old must survive the chaos of Nightmare Moon's uprising, forging unexpected alliances while learning to trust in the word of others. But unfortunately for him, Nightmare Moon isn't the only surprise in store for this colt.

This fic is a side-story to Dexter's Lab: Equestria. As requested by you readers, this story will be expand upon darker themes surrounding Luna's original descent into Nightmare Moon and the following events. - But expect a twist or two. This story was made separate to Dexter's Lab: Equestria because of it's darker themes and atmosphere. Reading of Dexter's Lab: Equestria (to chapter 11) is not required to enjoy this story, however it is strongly recommended as it will explain a lot (especially if you've never seen the Dexter's Lab TV show.)

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Interesting alternate storyline, me like.

In this universe, Copernicus is rolling in his grave while Ptolemy is having a riot.

I like this, and I am gonna be stalking this story like Pedobear stalks children.

...Not the best comparison to make but there you have it!

Next chapter.
I say rabidly.:twilightangry2:

This is all so very odd because I remember that when Mandark tried getting revenge for Dee Dee wrecking his lab, he USED magic against Dexter.

I know I said I'd post 5K words after one week. I lied, I posted 10k words. (Well, technically I guess it wasn't a lie. :trollestia:)


Oh god, so good... I think i gonna die.

Well, ...fuck.
That was awesome~ :pinkiegasp:

So hes hanging around with Clover the Clever. I wouldn't be surprised if he is somehow related to her last conundrum.

This is a great side story, I like the idea that Nightmare Moon actually mange to turn so many guardsponies by torturing them in their nightmare and brainwash them afterward; this allow to leave room to to a short, if almost bloodless, but intense civil war that where the converted rebels are ingress by every one of the loyalest how sleep. This makes the stakes of the battle so much higher for the heroes and show how evil and powerful Nightmare Moon really was.

By the way what did Star Swirl mean by he had a «hand» in the creation of the vault?

Awesome chapter. Celestia's fight with Nightmare was aw some and I like the dynamic between Dester, Clover, and Starswirl. Hope to see the next chapter on the following week.

*sees new side story*
I need coffee, a comfy bed, and a cool pillow stat.

This looks really, really great. Waiting for more!

This was good... really good. I don't know how many chapters you've got planned for this story but judging from the synopsis i'm guessing it is quite significant in number...

I love it :pinkiecrazy:

First time i'm going to read a side-story that's potentially as epic and as long as its ongoing main story. Wow. Two stories side-by-side, being developed together? You're commendable capability as a writer is only matched by your ambitiousness. Kudos :twilightsheepish:

Wonder what would happen if some of his tech gets left behind? Will he stash it away in some time capsule?

He should just say he's from The Future. Star Swirl is an expert in temporal magic, after all. Of course, Dexter doesn't know that.

Hmm, I wonder if he'll take the Dreamcatcher back to the future(:derpytongue2:) with him. There's his Retroactive Preparation dealt with, already.

Yassssss... best fimfiction story maker made more stories...
Yes... especially when one of the main characters are a child...

In the original timeline, NMM gets Rainbow Blasted in 5 minutes...

In this one, I'm guessing Dexter screws up the past and Marty McFly has to teach him to play "Eart Angel" before he disappears? :trollestia:

6565735 It also has the same problem as EVERY SINGLE NMM fic with a more evil and long-term NMM...

Celestia would not leave this experienced and far more deliberately wicked NMM to 6 untrained mares in the future, hoping in pure luck that they manage to stumble across the EoH before NMM just flat out slaughters them all.

That only works in the innocent, childish FiM world. Thus, drastically changing events and tone would necessitate a completely different start to the entire series, not to mention changing Celestia as well, since she'd be planning a thousand years for the return of a very deadly and dangerous rebel, rather than entertaining the delusion that Harmony would prevail and rainbows and sparkles would save her sister.

This might be the first side story that I look forward to as much as the main story. :pinkiegasp:

Cool. I look forward to more.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

“Vive nox.” They bowed.

“Long live the night.” The bowing ponies chanted.

I kinda guessed that that Latin phrase is suppose to translate out to "Long live the night", except it actually translates to "Night live". If you want it to say "Long live the night" in Latin, then you might want to consider changing it to"Vivat nocte". And on a side note, is it really necessary for the guards to be speaking that sentence in Latin if they're just going to say it in English anyway? It just seems a little redundant when you really think about it.

“Well, ‘not your concern,’” The mare smirked. “You can’t have it back, taking things that don’t belong to you is wrong.

Is that why you're taking something that doesn't belong to you? Fucking hypocrite.

entertaining so far please keep up the great writing
PS more please

According to the book "The Journal of The Two sisters", Star Swirl The Bearded knew time travel spells and was even alluded to have met Twilight Sparkle at one point. Here are a few direct quotes from that book.

Star Swirl invited Luna and me over to his library today, obviously very excited to share something with us. The two of us were waiting for him for a while when suddenly he appeared out of nowhere. Luna and I were very startled, and then Star Swirl announced with great excitement that he had finally mastered the Time Travel Spell. In fact, Luna and I had just witnessed his returning from his first trip.

Whenever Star Swirl travels in time, he is very careful not to tell us anything about our future. Though I can see in his eyes that there may be troubled times ahead for Equestria. I'm just so glad we have the Tree of Harmony to give us strength. More and more, those three markings of the sun, moon, and the star draw me in and make me feel like there is something special about them. When I said this again to Star Swirl, he got a little sparkle in his eye. For once he couldn't hide it. Those signs are important for Luna's and my future.

I ran down to the Tree of Harmony, and our cutie marks were the exact symbols on the tree. Luna and Star Swirl had followed me. When I asked him if he knew about the pony with the last symbol of a star, he shrugged, clearly knowing something.

Obviously, time travel isn't a foreign concept to Star Swirl The Bearded, even if his methods relied on magic as opposed to how Dexter did it. If Star Swirl doesn't end up getting involved with Dexter's time travel shenanigans in some way, I will be very disappoint.

Absolutely screwed thou art.

Enter at your own peril, past the bolted door
where impossible things may happen that the world has never seen before
In Dexter's Laboratory, lives the smartest boy you've ever seen
but Dee Dee blows his experiments to smithereens
There is gloom, and doom while things go boom
in Dexter's Lab!

6565684 pretty sure he is the one who gave it to her to shut her up, after he noticed that the earth ponies if that time had all the tools solve it by themselves.

...I wonder if Star Swirl (you know, the pony who invented Time Travel magic) will cotton on to where Dexter's getting his info?

For some reason I envision the new DexStar armor as a weird fusion between knight saber armor with Tron lighting and Pinkie Pie's catsuit. I don't know why I don't envision something closer to a wonder/shadow-bolt uniform. We need pictures.

Hmm I'm guessing one of two things will happen with Celestia using the EoH.

1. Her using them alone permanently blocked her from using them again.
2. Luna helps her in using them subconsciously against NMM.

Well considering that the elements ended up as dormant rocks for 1,000 years going by canon, I'd think it's most likely the former.

So how long is this spinoff story going to be?

Wait, so Nightmare Moon was able to convince a mare that a highly relatable issue was not but mere teenage angst? Perhaps I haven't given her enough credit.

Good that your proofreader throw out old speach, because it would mighty hard for me to read it

Bad at making friends? But... But... Clover can be his friend right? She's clever, and Starswirl seems pretty cool/can actually see that Dexter is more capable than he appears. :fluttercry:

6567520 knight saber armor with or without the helmet?

6569387 Dexter and friendship is kinda weird. I don't recal his show perfectly, but aside one character named duogless who showed up in a few episodes( like a handful or so.) he never really had permanent friend characters. Witch given he spent most of his none school time alone in his lab, or dealing with DeeDee or her two friends (One if I remember right seemed to have a slight crush on him but that only ever came up once as a throw away gag if anything.) Yet there were a number of episodes showing him with one shot friend characters. A D&D group where Dex was the killer GM, an episode where he and two friends basically cosplayed as lawyer friendly versions/charactures of Kirk spock and McCoy, Two friends who got picked on with Dexter because said bully didn't like their accents,

Really his computer was his best friend/coworker/one true love. Though you could make the argument that mandark while clearly his rival was something of a friend as they hated each other and were constantly trying to one up the other, or destroy the other's lab, they were on the same intilectual level, with Mandark possibly being smarter. Though how much water that holds is up for debate and I'm running off memories for a show I haven't seen in over a decade so there might be more I'm forgetting here but yeah Dexter isn't much at making friends, though it's been show that he can be a effective leader at times so there's the possibility he COULD make friends and great ones at that but little evidence that he WOULD do so.

Given Starswirl's mastery of time spells, he'd have to be a slack twisted idiot NOT to deduce where/when Dexter is from.

As to "What does Celestia know?"
Ponyville was founded where it was because Celestia gave one of AJ's ancestors a land grant (Family Appreciation Day)

She could have scheduled the Summer Sun Festival for anywhere. Why pick a hick town like Ponyville? I suppose it is just a coincidence that 5 of the 6 Elements were living there

Twilight's Cutie Mark is almost identical to the mark on the Tree of Harmony (Princess Twilight) Pure coincidence, no doubt

Celestia could have had any chef in EQ cater that feast. Instead, the Apples got that job
C could have had any entertainment. She picked Fluttershy
C could have had any designer. She picked an unknown like Rarity.
Dash moved to town on her birthday (Pinkie's Pride), probably because she got a job in Ponyville despite what were probably rotten grades (Testing 1,2,3... she has trouble w book learning, her school grades probably sucked) How very odd.

In short, Celestia was responsible for Twilight meeting 4 of the 5 other Elements (All but Pinkie, who greets every new pony in town)

Twilight found that prophecy in an old book. Who wrote that book? Could it be the same pony who left it where Twilight would spot it?

That doesn't even get into the question "Why did Fluttershy act so VERY out of character?" Based on her behavior in Luna Eclipsed, she should have ran home, hid under the bed, wet herself, & then died from fright. She should NOT have followed an almost total stranger into the scariest woods in EQ to fight the worst monster in pony legend. & without even being nagged into it? No way -must have been a geas.

No, IMO Celestia knew a LOT about that night (or at least had some pretty shrewd guesses). Maybe not everything, but it wasn't pure luck that beat NMM

6571146 Add in that she trusted Twilight and her new friends to deal with a dragon only what, a month or so after they met? Even with the massive cluster that was the Gala tickets? Celestia may or may not like sherbert Lemon, or cockroach Clusters but she seems to work in similar ways to Dumbledore only getting involved when no other options are available seemingly never letting even those she knows and trusts the most know everything she's got going on. She doesn't work directly or with hard power, indeed Chrysalis showed us that much she works indirectly through soft power, through careful planning and trusted agents and friends Immortal or not there IS a reason she's stayed on the throne for as long as she has espcailly given we know that she is NOT the sole person capable of moving the sun.

In some piece of Billionaire Porn someone made the comment "There are no accidental billionaires" & IMO it's the same w princesses. Celestia did not stay on the throne 1000+ years by being unable to spot & nurture talent or by being inept at intrigue.

You know, in some piece of Noire Murder Porn (according to the wisdom of SouthPark), I recall reading "It's easy to become a billionaire, you just have to start out with more than a billion dollars." Statements like "Change is inevitable," and "the wheel of fortune spins up and down" have become turn of phrase.

Following the wisdom of the boneyard I'm sure there were many times when Celestia was between fortunes. I mean, if you didn't have to worry about the fear of death, imprisonment, senility, or deformity I'm sure you could learn from (and take a chance on) lots of opportunities that come your way; before you have to figure out which ones are a generally a bad idea (because they're more trouble than their worth) and you can pretend you're psychic. Surely, there had to be a time when Celestia was bored and became the ultimate actress and troll.

My point was Celestia did not become Princess because she went to sleep one night & the ponies snuck up & stuck that crown on her head (the little rascals). Also, the fact she won & Luna got stuck on the moon for 1000 years & then got beaten even faster in the rematch was NOT an accident. She was just ever so sorry, but she was around to BE sorry & Luna wasn't. She took down Discord, Sombra, Crysalis, Tirek. She didn't do any of it? Yeah, just an incredible run of good luck that they lost & she's still standing.

Once is luck, & anyone can get lucky but after awhile you stop calling it luck.

Considering her behavior at both Gala's, I'm a little surprised she wasn't Laughter. Like Pinky, she has a sense of humor w a side of cruel.

The D&D and Star Trek friends were the same people minus the tall blonde guy, so it's a good assumption that they were definitely a part of his circle of friends. Guess the writers stop putting them in episodes and focused more on the lab aspect, hence the name of the show I suppose.


There's his Retroactive Preparation dealt with, already.

cool prediction there bub. It's a good possibility

6572881 Ah fair enough, still that's tw episodes for them and what two maybe three or four for Doug? Title or not they really were showing that Dexter was an introvert. Though I know it was only a one episode thing but was anyone else creeped by by the teacher that had a crush on him in that Detention episode?

One thing that confuses me: Starswirl keeps saying they need they need to go to Canterlot, but aren't they already there? I thought Dexter was still wandering in the same building from when he started, to when he watched the corruption, to when he met Clover.

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