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Jacob Doakes has an unusual hobby- he loves to explore abandoned places. Crumbling halls, collapsed staircases, long-empty rooms... every one tells him a story. But on one moonlit night, a trip down the wrong corridor sends him tumbling- not to his death, but into an entirely new world. Now, to return home, Jacob must unearth the story and alter the mysterious fate of the grandest abandoned place he's ever explored:



Inspired by this video by PonyVisation. Rated Teen for language and violence. Now sporting its very own TV Tropes page thanks to the inimitable Leo Archon!

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For those interested: The Old Saint Nicholas Coal Breaker is a real place. I've personally had a fascination with urban exploring and abandoned places for years- though not so much of one as to get me to go risking life and limb.

Some bad news here- expect this story to be updated REALLY slowly. I mean, at a pace that might make Crossed Paths seem more like Danielle Steel's typical speed. As much as I enjoy writing, there's times I approach burnout if I don't switch between projects.

Besides, I just bought Dishonored, and making a Let's Play of a game can get a little time-consuming in itself. [/shameless plug] :pinkiehappy:

Two things:
1) How the hell did Canterlot end up abandoned without warranting a dark tag?

You have my attention.

Lets see where this epic takes us! ALLONS-Y!

I'm normally quite wary of "modern day humans stumble upon portal to equestria" plots, but based on Crossed Paths, I think you can pull it off.

Avoid the sun, huh? You're not gonna go all Digital Devil Saga on us, are you?

Can't wait to read this. I'm sure it'll be as good as if not better then Crossed Paths, which blew my mind.

Man, up one day and Written in Dust is on the Popular Stories list. I feel so special! :twilightsmile:

1487657 Your wish is my command. Just be warned- my voice is not the most wonderful.

I'm liking this so far. Faving and watching commence in 3...2...1! :pinkiehappy:

Really interesting, i am lookig foward to the next chapter.

"Dear Princess Celestia,

I'd really, really like some SPF 32,000 sunscreen right now. And maybe a lead-lined parasol.

Your unexpected visitor,

ok, so you're not going DDS on us. Solar beam sun isn't much better than petrification sun though.

They're not gonna ponify him are they? Not that I hate ponification or anything, but you've kept him human so far, and I'm really enjoying that.

I must say that the story have caught my attention, and the fic itself is very well written.

Aww man did they ponify him?

Oh god, it's Haestrom all over again.

I find it odd there isn't a tragedy tag, that usually goes hand in hand with mysterious mysteries.

Well anyway if I didn't know better I'd say you wrote this about me. I'm a Jacob and I can't help but see myself acting the same as this character so far if I were in this situation.
Also there doesn't seem to be anything about this story so far I don't love.

You have my attention...

Also, Friendship is Fashion? Could it be Rarity's shop? Curious...

A little Point Insertion, perhaps? "The right stallion in the wrong place can make all the difference... in the world." [/gamegeeking]

Yes, I ponified Jacob. And yes, this is a major theme shift. But trust me- this all ties together. Despite all appearances, I do have a plan! :pinkiehappy:

I need more!! It's a shame that you won't work on this as much as I would like, but, this update was a pleasant surprise nonetheless. :twilightsmile:

Anyway, I was thrown off a little by the ponification. I was really hoping for Jacob exploring post-apocalyptic Equestria and engaging in Q&A sessions with any survivors. But I did read your other story Crossed Paths so I trust you know what you're doing.

Now what I hope for is Jacob attending the ceremony and recognizing the Princesses' voices as that of the sisters'. Wouldn't that be quite a shock?:trollestia:

I wonder how he'll get their attention. Does the ceremony happen to be the reason Canterlot turns into a wasteland? Sabotage by Discord or some other villain to overthrow the Princesses? Are the effects immediate or delayed?

I'll just wait until the next chapter before getting ahead of myself.

Just making a wild guess here, but Story Seeker is a real pony who's body he's inhabiting in the past. His human body is still in the present fast asleep. When he goes to sleep as Story, he'll end up back in his human body and when he goes back to sleep again, he'll pop up in Story's body again.

Wolf, at this point, I trust you to know what the hell you're doing with your stories and I doubt there is anything you could do to botch them honestly.... I on the other hand... could use some help figuring out wth to do with my only published story so far, Wandering Wood. I know what I want to do long term, but I'm having trouble getting short term to flow. Any advice you could give me in that regard? :trixieshiftright:

1558211 I'm working as fast as I can! But things are a little rough over here in Casa del Lupo. :fluttercry: Sometimes the words don't flow as easily as I'd like.

1559083 It's late in the day for me, and I typically avoid giving advice (because I have the tendency to want to get people to write like I do... this is not necessarily a good thing), but I've put your story on my "read later" list and I'll give it a looksee tomorrow.

As for the conjecture... carry on! :coolphoto:

1559167 hahah, Awesome, Thanks for giving it a look later. Wasn't quite expecting that. Until then, I hope you rest well :pinkiehappy:


I know what you mean by the words just not flowing.

1559167 Just take your time. Forcing the writing doesn't usually result in good reading material. :pinkiesmile:

Awesome job, man. I'll be waiting for the next chapter.

Dun dun dun!

I know the pace may seem plodding to some, but there's a payoff to all this.

Interesting.... I have several (contradictory) theories on that last incident. I wonder if any of them are correct? Good stuff, in any case. :twilightsmile:

. . . Somethings watching from the shades of time. . .

I have the distinct impression that Jacob/Story is going to end up saving Equestria, and preventing the apocalypse.

Either that, or he's in an interactive memory.

Why was it targeting Dinky, I wonder?Was she just a victim of opportunity or is there more to it? I guess we'll find out if it continues to try to go after her.

Very interesting, I'm looking forward to see what happens. This story has caught my interest. :ajsmug:

The story is moving at a good pace. I like

This... is getting weird. I'm having trouble making heads or tails of what's going on now.

Was Story Seeker just part of a memory? Or was he Jacob's past life?

1619114 Maybe they just sent him back in time in a new form. So I imagine when he goes back to being a pony it'll be the next morning.

In the mean time he can go around broken Canterlot, see if he can find clues.

You know what they say, no such thing as a coincidence . . .

This is not good

I find a good fan fiction... and then there is only 5 chapters so far..... I hope to see more chapters and this is sure one interesting fan fiction.

Woo, strangeness abound and greatness shall thrive.

Nice, you have us wandering around with a limited vision field, I cannot tell where you're going with this but I don't care. The interactions between the characters is great and the pacing seems to fit. I sense the action is just around the corner, love it!

wait, back to human form? Ok, this got a lot more interesting...

You can tell I was exhausted when I published this chapter because I didn't even remember to put a comment on it beforehand. :ajsleepy:

I AM SO ASHAMED :raritydespair:

This is getting really interesting. It looks like he's popping back and forth through time. I first thought that it was some form mental time travel but it looks like he actually went there.

He gets to be shanghai'd into saving the ponies at very high risk to himself.
Not that it's bad, just that he should pop the sisters in the nose afterwards.
And get a reward.
A big one.

Sometimes we do dumb things because we have to! Or at least feel that we do. Or because they seem like smart things at the time. I've been in enough situations to where I can sometimes sympathize with the "idiots" in horror movies.

But still, I at least know not to go down into the dark creepy basement. Ever. :ajsmug:

"I thought I was just walking around in a faked body with a cover story, not hijacking some innocent guy's life!"

Called it! :yay:

1635720 Unless, of course, armed to the teeth with weapons and gadgets.

1635795 It's still possible that Story is a made up pony the Princesses shoved into existence.

Unlikely though, I have to admit.

So is he really changing things?

but whenever you have a weapon, you ALWAYS have a shitty aim. Hollywood logic.

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