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Hat and clogs guy

derp. just sayin :D

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Thank you for the favorite

395959 Yeah, inspiration can be a violent female dog sometimes.. >.>

395869Eh, it just came to me. Like I tell my friends, "Inspiration doesn't just hit me, it bitch slaps me across the face and introduces me teeth to the curb."

394776 the fire elemental part.
The way you described his new body seriously made me wonder why no one else had done so before it was so awesome:rainbowkiss:

393671Unique as in he's a fire elemental or just Jack in general?:rainbowhuh:

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Some things I felt like saying

SO! After watching yet another great movie, it came to my attention that I have.... a problem of sorts... so to speak.
See, the thing is, when I see a good movie or anime or such, I suddenly have this urge to, to write a crossover of it with MLP FIM!

The problem with this lies in my mediocre (at best) writing skills :/ coupled with my already having a shit-stack of half-assed ideas floating around in my head... see that there is a problem. Quite a problem. Well it's mostly irritating to be honest. AND I JSUT HAD TO TELL SOMEONE NOT THAT ANYONE WOULD LOOK HERE FOR ANYTHING BUT STILL!

There I said it. Atleast I won't feel like yelling this at someones face now >:C