Lyra Heartstrings, a well renown and skilled linguist and archaeologist at ‘Celesta’s Institute for Gifted Ponies', or as it's known more commonly, ‘Canterlot University’. She has a good job, a good life. Only she is dragged into something bigger by one of her old friends, Feather Duster.

He had been ostracised not too long ago for his newfound and outlandish believes. Only his incessant requests for her help have swayed her into helping him. Only, what he brings her intrigues her. She want's to find out more.

Lyra holds the belief that history is not what's important, not who's important, it's only what we remember.

That begs the question... What could we have forgotten?

Lyra intends to find out.

Rewrite of : 'The Gods In The Stars'

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Good. Glad to see this story starting up again.

Hey-hey! Looks what's back!

Heh, I can't even remember this story.
Have to reread the prologue I see in you story's at some point, right now there's too little here to judge it in any way.

But I like Human story's so I gonna keep watching this.:twilightsmile:

love those last four words

Any idea why I got six unread chapters that I can't see when I faved this?

"assonate" - man, what a fun typo!:rainbowlaugh:


Probably because Nightwatcher deleted the original story to put his rewrite in its place.

the walls where a brown color

‘Celesta’s Institute for

If only to stop in incessant requests
the incessant, his incessant

an unicorn like herself
a unicorn

This is my life's work were talking about

I just needed somepony who could it.”
read it, translate it

absolutely covered in scrip

I could be a pre-reader for you if you want. also,
“Then from the dark, they came,”...and found the souls of lords within the flame. :rainbowlaugh:

This seems like it might be interesting. You've got a few word choice issues that spell check wouldn't pick up though. I'd recommend giving it another once over. The most vexing of the issues to me was "Exacerbated" early on in the piece... I'm reasonably confident that you meant to say "exasperated"...lol:pinkiehappy:

I knew it'd be interesting when I first read the description, but I wasn't expecting this. I am now eagerly awaiting more.

Am I to assume that while both are capable of glassing a planetary surface an "Anti-magic annihilation bomb" and a nuclear device leave very different trace signatures?

3224312 Really? I thought theres no one who didn't play or at least know of Mass Effect. He's the Illusive Man.

It looks better and better with every new chapter!
To give the best complement an author can get: I want to read more!

You know what this fic needs?

A ponyfied Giorgio Tsoukalos.

Ahem.... MMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

Fascinating. Please do continue thine tale my good sir and with haste I might add, for waiting a new chapter in a finely told tale such as this is feels excruciating.

If that is okay, but whatever you want is fine too...

So I read "Of things Amiss" then I read "The Long Road Home" and then "Life Giver"?

3315755 Just of things amiss. The other two are to be rerwriten

3314661 shush, if he shows up its just going to be a waiting game, till everyone else believes to the crazy pony. This will be better if they come to the conclusion on their own without the ramblings of a mad pony that just happens to be right. :moustache: (edit: ramblings of an even madder pony, since everypony there is atleast considered abit kooky)

Wait, "anthropomorphic?" You know that means giving something human traits, right? If you meant to say that their gods are depicted as similar to ponies, "equinomorphic" or something similar might be a better choice. I don't want to be nitpicky here, I just would like a clarification on what you mean.

3449096My pre-reader and I had the exact same conversation about the use of 'Anthropomorphic'. I think it to be more of a blanket term that means 'it looks like us', and is not really bound by any one species. We only really say it means 'human like' because we are the only intelligent around, thats why its not 'Humanmophic' or some other.

3450124 Well alright. Etymologically, it really was meant to literally mean "human like," (anthropos=human) but I suppose I can appreciate your point of view; I suppose that ultimately, it's just a weird linguistic snag one might run into when writing xenofiction, and really you're probably right in this case to just keep the original word even if the other sapient species in question could be named by a word we already have.

More to the point, I really just wanted to make sure you meant "looks like us" when you used the term, so thanks for answering my question!:twilightsmile:

*cough* MORE!!!:flutterrage: please~~~:fluttercry:

This is really good, keep it coming.

A "spindly, cable-like tower that disappeared into the clouds"? That sounds familiar.


3510506Dude good eyes i didn't even notice that relation!!! :pinkiegasp: THE PLOT THICKENS!!!


Confusing, I hope you explain soon.

:applejackunsure: I don't know what the cannon for this universe is, so I'm unsure what is exposition and what is delusion.

Hmm... not sure where this is going, but it's interesting. A couple of grammar things: you keep using "to" in the wrong context. For example:

She had read somewhere that Sombra, their ruler, had been captured not to long before she’d left for Corinth.

This should be "too."

Well, this thing is certainly living up to the Alternate Universe tag. I hope we get a bit more explanation soon.

It had been around three weeks since Lyra’s ‘incident’ with the artifact. In that time she had been in and out of concisenessconsciousness and largely delirious up until four days ago.

something that disconcertedlydisconcertingly had become commonplace.

With their information net down, the Empire descended into a variableveritable chaos as they tried to get it back up, giving the Protectorate room to bide their time and end the war.

This chapter felt random. Maybe it would have been better if I had re-read more of the story previously posted, or maybe it will be more coherent in context with future chapters—but it's something to keep in mind.

I sure hope all humans aren't evil in this, but if you have a good reason I'll
Attempt to buy it.

3802279 By names the nano-thing was called, I think that it's humanity's failed creation, a nano machine Skynet of sorts. It was created, was working for, and when it crossed some bounds, attempted to destroy by humanity, and then it fled into space. At least that's my theory.

It doesn't make a lot of sense to me "to tell of the fall, that it might never happen again" and yet kill the ones it tells. If the goal is to stop repetition of the mistake, how is killing everyone who gets the warning going to do that? Or is it only Ash who needs to die because she'd repeat the mistake?

Also, "awning" should probably be "awing" or "aweing".

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