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"Humans.... Quite possibly the most infuriating mythical creatures in existence. If you ever have the 'luck' to meet a Human in your travels across Equestria, then you must be careful. Humans are extremely powerful creatures, some would say more so than Celestia or Luna, they are also more unpredictable than Discord. They can help you in a tight spot if you're lucky, or play nasty tricks on you if you don't hold the Human's favor. In my time I've seen a Human give a filly pounds upon pounds of gold, and the same one turn greedy ponies into gold. The only one I ever have seen 'face-to-face' was in my earlier years, he helped me repair my wagon when it broke down in Everfree Forest, by fix I mean a whole new one appeared not ten feet away, and the only thing the Human asked for in return was a spindle.... But be warned, never anger a Human, a trick or two in fair game is fine, but if you ever manage to truly anger a Human...... you'll be part of the small number ever to meet non-existence." - Star-Swirl the Bearded.

A silly nonsensical story, not to be taken seriously. Some chapters are not connected to others.

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Years ago, Twilight preformed a spell to teleport a notebook to herself that she needed but had left behind at her home. The spell worked, just not as she intended. The notebook was actually a diary, and it was not hers. It was the diary of a human boy, she read the diary making foot notes as she went along until, much to her surprise, it vanished. The next day she tried it again to find that her foot notes had been responded too. Over the years the two wrote back and forth like pen palls. Their friendship grew and grew until one day the letters stopped, until today, today she receives one last letter.

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Lyra Heartstrings, a well renown and skilled linguist and archaeologist at ‘Celesta’s Institute for Gifted Ponies', or as it's known more commonly, ‘Canterlot University’. She has a good job, a good life. Only she is dragged into something bigger by one of her old friends, Feather Duster.

He had been ostracised not too long ago for his newfound and outlandish believes. Only his incessant requests for her help have swayed her into helping him. Only, what he brings her intrigues her. She want's to find out more.

Lyra holds the belief that history is not what's important, not who's important, it's only what we remember.

That begs the question... What could we have forgotten?

Lyra intends to find out.

Rewrite of : 'The Gods In The Stars'

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