"Humans.... Quite possibly the most infuriating mythical creatures in existence. If you ever have the 'luck' to meet a Human in your travels across Equestria, then you must be careful. Humans are extremely powerful creatures, some would say more so than Celestia or Luna, they are also more unpredictable than Discord. They can help you in a tight spot if you're lucky, or play nasty tricks on you if you don't hold the Human's favor. In my time I've seen a Human give a filly pounds upon pounds of gold, and the same one turn greedy ponies into gold. The only one I ever have seen 'face-to-face' was in my earlier years, he helped me repair my wagon when it broke down in Everfree Forest, by fix I mean a whole new one appeared not ten feet away, and the only thing the Human asked for in return was a spindle.... But be warned, never anger a Human, a trick or two in fair game is fine, but if you ever manage to truly anger a Human...... you'll be part of the small number ever to meet non-existence." - Star-Swirl the Bearded.

A silly nonsensical story, not to be taken seriously. Some chapters are not connected to others.

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more plz
this was great

This sounds like an awesome serious of oneshots
And is an awesome story on itself
please undo that "complete" part

Now This. This is Nice. I would be incredibly happy if you continued writing this. :twilightsmile:

I love the description alone. Time to read the story.

Uhm... That was deliciously random. :twilightsheepish:

((Insert Incomprehensible Babbling Here.)) - Sorin "Kalreas" Kanire

1874863>>1874808>>1874829 Well at this point I kinda have too! :rainbowlaugh:

that had me chuckling quite deeplly good job good sir

Why, this story contains all things I like:
1) A non-standard portrayal of the human race.
2) Relatively fresh idea.
3) Comedic element.
4) No cliches! (sic!)
Oh, this is great! You, sir, made my night. :pinkiehappy:

1874891 aww, thanks for the complement.

It got a smile out of me

Please, just please make more.:rainbowlaugh:

1874956IDK how to massive text so.


Okay this is just hilarious, please write many more chapters of this genius. :rainbowlaugh:

I just thought of something, I know how to explain Pinkie Pie! She is a human! It makes so much sense!

Incredibly interesting, i have to say that this is one of the few HiE that actually STARTS with Celestia

This fic, I like it.


Cute. And was that a ship teasing joke with the cake?

humans in this remind me of 4chan... is that good or bad? :pinkiecrazy:

please give us more, this fic is to good just to leave it like this :twilightsmile:

Make more and I'll call off the hell hounds!:pinkiecrazy:

i lol'd

An entire universe where all the humans are Q!

Awesome! You're continuing it!
Not even a sorta-large Brohoof?


also have a oversized brohoof and a moustache :moustache:

The provided level of material relevant to my interests is insufficient to my personal required needs.

Comment posted by oberon deleted Dec 30th, 2012

Gotta say, I've been waiting for something like this to come around. Everyone does so adore a prankster XD
Also I love the little extract from Starswirl the Bearded for the description :D

That's what she said. Disregarding "write", of course. Unless she has a serious literature kink (and can you imagine the paper-cuts? *shudder*).

Would Equestria survive this human and Pinkie Pie dueling it out? Shes probably the only one who can take him on. :ajsmug: *ahem* "Hint, hint"
:pinkiesmile:"Here's your party invite, Human!"
:flutterrage:"Hey! My name is not "kiltpizyxiM", Its Q..... Oh, Sh-h-h-hoot!" *POP*
:pinkiehappy: "SUCKER!"

I have no idea towhat I just read.

You need to fix your "than"s. "Then" refers to time and consequence: "X happened then Y happened", "X is the situation, but even then, Y", etc. "Than" is used in comparison: "X is more Y than Z". Just as there's a big difference between the words "pen" and "pan", "then" and "than" are completely different and you just used the wrong one twice in the description alone. Not a good first impression. I'd strongly recommend memorizing the difference - when you do, it becomes really obvious which you should use in any situation (downside: you also begin to notice when other people do it wrong and become a crotchety old fart like me).

Comment posted by BOBthieBomber deleted Dec 30th, 2012

I've always liked the idea of Humans being mythical as well as legendary creatures in Equestria, and you wrote an entire fic about it!

I applaude thee!

He needs to show up with a crowd of humans. Just like randomly pop out of her cup of coffee in the morning or something. Like a clown car.

1. Human in Equestria
2. Instantly meets the royalty
3. Possibly fantasied self insert
4. Romantic connotations WITH main character
5. Uber-unbeatable super powers, aka gary stu....


Lol, just kidding :pinkiehappy:....
:duck: Although on second thought if you fail to continue this... :pinkiecrazy:

Hah, it's like a dickish, slightly less malevolent but more OP (apparently) version of Discord :P Are all humans going to be as annoying as this to the other characters? I guess if one's too nice, they tread in Mary Sue territory..
Ah well, you get a fave for this, and I await further installments :pinkiehappy:

more more more more more more more more more PI equills three point one four one five nine two seven six exetera exetera

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