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After the royal sisters' black hearted mother is inadvertantly awakened by a curious young knight in training, the world is changed for the worse. Celestia and Luna are banished to their respective celestial bodies, division has reformed between the three tribes stronger than ever and even the Elements of Harmony are seemingly lost.

Very few retained their memories of happier times. One of these few has been biding his time, waiting for the right moment to strike and take back Equestria in the name of chaos! ...no? Not chaos? Fine I guess for Harmony. Party poopers.

Sequel to Settling In, not really required reading but the last chapter at least helps set the stage!

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so much has changed from settling in to Galaxia's Equesrtia
not a bad prologue hope to see the next chapter soon so we can know what just happened

It won't all be revealed at once, but more and more pieces will be revealed in the coming chapters.

Definitely looking forward to more. The end of the last story was just too depressing. BTW, any idea if this is going to be 'Settling In' length or closer to 'Babysitter'? Also, will any of the humans (the secret agents or Jennifer's family) be making appearances?

The length I'm not one hundred percent sure on. This one is going to be closer to Babysitter in setting and such since it'll be more action oriented.

The agents ARE in fact going to have a role, especially Miller but in the next story.

I like this, it's nice :pinkiesmile:, yet I'm trying to guess from where has this Jubilant Surprise came, since I doubt she's Jen reincarnated... Or maybe she is and you're trying to confuse me? :rainbowhuh:

Discord is her dad...i didnt see that one coming:rainbowhuh:

Sort of! It'll allll be explained. :o In drips and drops. Just enough to drive everyone insane. :derpyderp1:

2353588 oh sweet insanity how i have missed thee!:pinkiecrazy:

Need help oppressing the masses? Here's a video on how society works. :pinkiehappy:

Uhm, I like this (partial) explanation, and something concoted by Discord and Pinkie can't be anything sane :pinkiecrazy:

During the playing in the park scene, for some reason I heard this song.

That's right, I put a Nickleback song as one of my many references. Deal with it, haters. (I have my reasons for enjoying this song.)

I know little about the band so have no judgment! lol

2374596 I actually think most people judge them without hearing them because they are the band that a lot of people put down. Its become somewhat of a social norm to hate Nickleback, which I think is unfair.

Haha I was trying to think of a good pony name for him because Discord has a sort of negative stigma, and felt he worked best as a kooky uncle.

I like where this is going. With the 2 amulets and now Discord apparently starting to make his move you can really feel the momentum starting to build. LOL at the Mission Impossible reference.

Haha thanks! I like the idea of him making the occasional pop culture reference that soars over everypony's head.

Eh song sounded alright to me. Really anything with a peppy beat or crazy heavy guitar is good in my book. Only music I shy away from is hard rap.

another great chapter!:twilightsmile:

2374608 I like nickleback older songs more then their new stuff but even their new stuff is still pretty good in my opinion.

2374668 Of course discord is best pony! He's discord!:rainbowlaugh: All other arguments are invalid!:pinkiecrazy:


I think that uncle D is great, it also recalls uncle Derek :pinkiehappy:

Haha yeah it's funny I didn't think of that at the time, but as I was re-reading it I was like "Oh yeah her human Uncle was an Uncle D too." Big :derpytongue2: moment lol

Spy stuff? For any time there's something to do with spies, MGS music works.

Haha. In Dragon Age bards are spies. I thought it was a cool idea and STOLE it. So Lyra the spy was born!

Just hearing about all these attrocities makes me want to join the rebellion.:moustache:

Tis the idea! I wanted to establish that she wasn't just racist but she IS in fact even worse than Discord. He made everypony miserable but he wasn't a stone cold killer.

Wiping out cities out of the blue is a bit too much even for a godlike being... she's just an ass :flutterrage:

And Spy-Lyra is a great idea :pinkiesmile:

Haha thanks! Like I said I kinda stole it from Dragon Age but I liked it. :x

That Lyra's a spah!

You know, I kinda want to see a Patryn come on, hand Galaxia her ass on a silver platter, and then leave. You know, just as a funny thing. BUT that just isn't possible, considering they'd become an Alicorn, and that kind of power on-top of rune magic is Gary Stu.

Great story though. Nice way to introduce Cadenza as well. There are some issues though. Drug should be dragged, as dragged is the past tense of drag.

Well thanks! Cadence and co. will have a bigger role coming soon as Discord goes hunting for the element of honesty.

Tenses trip me up a lot. My editor is spell check so if it doesn't see anything wrong errors will get in there haha

I had to wiki what a patryn was! Only Weis and Hickman I've ever read is Dragonlance novels, but I loved every one of them. The Chronicles are what got me interested in fantasy in the first place.

2398699 Yeah, the English language sucks.

On another note, A story where Cadence actually has a big role! Haha, I cant seem to find many like that, and the ones I do aren't really that serious.

I'll make sure to point out any grammar inconsistencies. Good grammar + good story = good author after all.

I likes the idea behind the Death Gate Cycle, enough to use it to an extent in my up and coming story.

EDIT: Not saying you're a bad author or anything!

Haha well I'm glad you're enjoying. Cadence is gonna have a bigger role as it goes on. This is actually the third part in the series so if you're enjoying it, Babysitter and Settling both come before it haha.

"A pleasure to see you again D."


I really like your portrayal of Discord. He perfectly embodies the 'cool uncle' trope. What was that star? Oh god, the suspense is killing me. On a small side note, I suspect Dash is going to be overcome with grief and self-loathing when Discord breaks the spell on her.

Dash is either gonna be in the next chapter or the one after, and she's not gonna be in great shape already. XD While some things are really changed others aren't, and to me the pony's are inherently kind and caring toward one another.

The star is going to be explained sooner or later, though it's super corny. XD

Haha, what's so funny about that? Did I inadvertantly reference something hilarious? XD

2408226 You pretty much said Rarity LOVES the d. Haha!

And I don't mean Discord ;D

Very nice, and expalining a different eye colour will be pretty awkward for Jubilant XD

I am really into this and I am just shivering waiting to hear what its going to be like.

Haha well thanks. I haven't even gotten to the big battle scenes or anything yet! :o

Well the way you portray this world I want to take up a sword and run Galaxia through.... I really do.

This story is awesome! :yay:

Ok, not that I didn't already know, but it's needed to be said :raritywink:

Massive spiders the size of a full grown spider skittered here and there.

A spider the size of a spider is not massive. A spider the size of a pony is, though.

"D. Pleasure t'see ya again."


...how do you know maybe REGULAR spiders are massive in Equestria? I don't think they've ever had one in an episode...but thanks. XD

I still don't know what 'the D' is ^^;

2483165 A sexual innuendo, relating to guys. That line started it, but the conversation between Applejack and Fancy almost killed me. It takes an oddly twisted mind to find comedy in stories like this

I have been laughing at that little innuendo joke since I found this fic. I thought it was on purpose.

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