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Harry Leferts

Hey, Harry Leferts here from Nova Scotia, Canada. Hopefully you'll enjoy my stories.


When the Elements of Harmony defeated Discord, they did their job too well, and completely undid all of the things Discord directly did...

... Like send a subcontinent from earth into a pocket dimension so he could focus properly on his toys. And now Equestria has appeared on Earth.

Yet, neither side was completely ignorant of the other. On Earth, there was the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" and in Equestria there was the ever popular movie serial "The Dark World: Technology is Courage" which was a favorite of colts everywhere as well as the "Pumans".

And now both sides learn through an event that the other is real. Come join us as we watch as both sides learn to work and live together. And as they find out that events on their respective fiction was not as nice as it seemed as we widen the lenses of the view points...

A Round Robin created on SpaceBattles of which I am a participant and am posting with all their permission.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 760 )

Intesesting concept, now let me reed it.


...It got a little sloppy after the prologue.


And Glorious SpaceBattles invasion of FImFiction continues!

I think[from reading description] this is a little too overdone.
I dunno. I'm going to read it after school.

Sorry about that. Trying to fit five separate writing styles into a single chapter.:twilightblush:

That, Twilight Sparkle, is called 'The International Space Station'. Wave; as odd as it sounds there are six seriously weirded-out sentients up there waving right back at you!

1217916Get off this site. If you want to advertise wares, purchase ad space from the site. Don't just post a comment.:twilightangry2:

I like this story! Good concept! Keep it coming! but where are the girls!!

They'll be coming, don't you worry.:twilightsmile: Just have to get the set up out of the way.

A new chapter already!? Yay! And I'm still liking this story! I just hope it doesn't turn violent... that would ruin this story...

Oh, I love the idea of a Pegasister C-2 jockey painting her bird with Ditzy Doo and then it being seen by the Fillydelphian pegasi watching the Enterprise. Something tells me that a lot of very hard questions are going to be asked by mid-level bureaucrats on both sides whilst Celestia and Luna laugh their butts off at the power of Magic to make fools of the wisest of us.

I wonder if Lauren and Jay have the slightest idea what awaits them when they are marched in before the UN Security Council and asked, with cold formality, if they mind explaining what the hell they have done? What the hell made them think that they could have an informal first contact with a whole goddamn different sentient species and then think it was not just okay not to report it but to make a children's cartoon out of it? Meanwhile, as always happens, as the politicians fret, the ordinary people and ponies are finding out that they quite like being friends...

Ponies not knowing their celebrities but the humans are to them! Yet on the human side the ponies are celebrities to them man! shocking faces abound!

Well... this is a world that's pretty much our own with some differences. There will be some violence, though not for the reasons that you're likely thinking, as this is a more "Realistic" look at MLP.

Hmm... So, Dainty is another supersonic Pegasus? It's another interesting example of cross-polination between the Earth and the pocket dimension that her cutie mark should be an SR-71. BTW - that hallucination sequence was almost certainly the inter-dimensional boundary filled with unfortunates who passed through dimensional breaches such as The Bermuda Triangle.

Ah! And she's warned the Canadians about Discord! I'm betting that one of the first official communications between the UN and the Princesses will include a demand for a certain statue to be sealed in the bottom of a multi-mile deep salt mine surrounded by automatically-fused nukes programmed to go off should he show the slightest indication of 'waking up'.

Lauren's reaction to seeing Ditzy was lovely! Welcome to the Twilight Zone, my dear Ms Faust! :derpyderp2:

My worry? It's only a matter of time before one of the more hostile races like the Griffins start trying to cause trouble. I shudder to think what a Phalanx CIWS turret could do to a Griffin raiding party. It would be a shame if the 'welcome to Earth' was the collapse of the shaky truce between Equestria and the other nations of their continent.

Don't bother - I've seen this before. It's a SPAMBot, an automatic program that creates member accounts and uses them to send advertisements via the PM and review systems. You'd never believe how much trouble they caused on sites like fanfiction.net before they tightened up their registration system to make it harder to create accounts.

1217981 All the more reason I like this! A realistic take on what it would be like if the actual well... worlds existed as one complete world only torn apart by an unavoidable fate this being Discord and well fairly believable too I might add.

Dainty Dish is from Higher Flier OR My Little Blackbird by AdmiralTigerclaw. I have not read it yet, but it is on my read later list.

Edit: I love how this story has played out so far and I am looking forward to more.

Love your work as always! First caught Lonely Princess on ff.net, and you got me hooked to your works. :twilightsmile: Hope to see even more!

It's not just mine here, but others as well. But thanks for the compliment.:pinkiesmile:

Damn it! Stop posting awesome stories and making me all indecisive in regards to what I want updated next!


Don't worry, it's not just him writing! Many, many bronies are working together to bring Equestria kicking and screaming to Earth!

The Equestrians have learnt two very important thing about their new neigbours today: 1) They are very, very, very good at killing things; 2) You screw with their friends at your own risk.

I figure that, assuming that the Diamond Dogs have anything close to a functional government, they'll be informed (in no uncertain terms) that slaver raids on a UN candidate nation will make NATO extremely cross and Russia and China reluctant to do business with you. If there isn't a functional government and it is an Afghan- or Somali-style failed state then I imagine that thing will get extremely... unpleasant for those who aren't willing to play 'nice neighbours'.

BTW - That's the first kill by the Royal Canadian Navy Air Service since how long? And by a helo at that!

They're not even a failed state. They're roaming bands with some allied with Equestria and others like what was mentioned in the chapter. No central government, nothing.

Then this will be the chance for the Equestrian military to teach the humans something. After all, we haven't had to deal with nomadic hunter/gather-style raiding parties really since the turn of the 20th Century. I doubt that there is any up-to-date military doctrine for dealing with it. The Royal Guard, on the other hand, probably teaches counter-Dog strategies and tactics as part of its basic officer training courses.

Oh wow mind blown! and here I was thinking this was gonna be a simple story! I am impressed DUDE! keep it coming!

1218611 Not with out giving out some of its own hurtin and damaging some of the ships and killing some people/ponies before it died

Well... it would be wank otherwise on one side and we have to keep them somewhat balanced...
Nearly forgot... who says that it was all a hallucination on Dainty`s part...:raritywink:

1218648 No it was good it lets the humans realize that even with warships and what not there is STILL very large threats in Equestria that it takes a combined force to take down. Oh imagine it took so much to take a single dragon down now imagine if the whole lot would get together! Good thing though it makes Equestria a dangerous place if taken too lightly.

1217968 Well, the first thing I would do in their place in front of the UN (chokes back a sarcastic laugh) 'Security' Council is to drop my pants and moon every last one of those self-serving bastards. Then I'd tell them to go to Russia and play their idiotic political games in Putin's backyard where they belong.

PS: I am not intimidated by any human. They can all die just as easily as the rest. :pinkiecrazy:

Thank GOD! This is SUCH a change from the Conversion Bueru stories, I love it!

who cares if humans and ponies getting along isn't really realistic, it can still be a good story! Ponies on earth! It's a fantasy, and fantasy doesn't have to be grim dark! Humans can be heroic too! YAY!

Other than the worlds converging and being peaceful with eachother.... what else can I expect from this story?

1218780 And then there is But, she's a Pony! which is like this.... with the peace between worlds, except with "You" and Fluttershy together.

Things won't be totally peaceful though. We're going to be realistic which means issues on all sides of the equation.
Thanks, I'll go fix that now.:twilightblush:

Grinning hard enough to begin ripping my stitches :pinkiehappy:
Brilliant and loving it!!

And that's great. Two different worlds or in this case, a whole new continent and many new species, meeting for the first time, let alone introducing a new political power into the world, SHOULDN'T be simple, or very peaceful. Its a big, BIG deal! tensions are on the rise, ponies and humans in power are scrambling to get the situation under control, others are on the borders, making first impressions... it's exciting!

As is the idea that both humans and ponies are going to have to re-write ALL the rules now: big sudden change is always scary and interesting!

I'm just happy that there isn't a world-ending problem like the "fatal-magic spread' and ponification going on: this makes the whole equestria/earth contact scenario play out in a much different fashion than the CB stories... one that's going to require a lot of knowledge about politics and social/cultural change to make realisitc.

I'm just happy this is trying to portray a story rather than a social commentary: realisitc is good, beliveable is better... entertain is best. use all three and you've got a killer story.

Okay... If this were to happen for real, I'd hijack a boat, take whatever weaponry I could find and help 'em out... Dude... You rock my mind.

1218584 With all their tunnels and guerrilla warfare tactics, it'll be Vietnam all over again. Though technology is a lot better now and (hopefully) the higher ups learned from their mistakes last time around and have come up with some better tactics. Not to mention, as you said, the ponies are sure to have some of their own tactics, experience, and magic to bring to the table.

It's nice to see a story where ponies and humans meet that isn't all focused on how humans suck, Earth sucks, and everyone's evil (except the main character of course). Yeah everything's not all sunshine and rainbows, but there's just as much good in humanity as there is evil, and I always love finding the stories that show that half of human nature as well as the darker side.

I pick nits when I find something I like...

I really like this story, but...it *really* needs an editor.
that being said, fav'd and follow'd

I sooo hope I won't get into the next chapters seeing that the ponies speak English. It just wouldn't make sense.

Not sure if I want to read this. The last time I even heard of this concept was The Conversion Bureau, and that turned out...let's just call it divisive and that I was not particularly fond of it.

I do notice there's no Dark so that's promising.

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