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What would you do if you've gone where no mare has gone before, and have no idea how to get back?

Rainbow Dash found herself alone in a strange, magicless world governed by entirely different natural laws than Equestria, ruled by a race who thought themselves the only sentient species in the universe...

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This was a good read. Very eager to see where you're going with this. Keep up the good work :)
I will be following this.

huh..... Light Barrier?

multiple Sonic BOOMS?

the science is broken....


There is a self-consistent science in Equestria, but it isn't the same as the one in our universe. I have made several postulates for the differences which should be in accordance with the show.

This will all be explored in detail in later chapters.

So Rainbow Dash pulled an Pinkie and broke the 4th Wall... oh boy.

Good story, one problem. Your formatting is weird, a lot of the text is clumped together making kind of hard to follow and the << >> being used instead of quotation marks

Thank you for your constructive feedback. This is the first story I've written that hasn't been part of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, so I'm not very experienced with formatting. I've reformatted chapter 1 - Is it easier to read now?


Yeah that is much better, and after looking up guillemets (<< >>) on Wikipedia I retract my compliant about them since they are used in place of quotation marks in non-English languages

I'm liking this so far!

This reminds me of Star Trek: Voyager " Threshold ". Tom breaks warp 10. Then he horribly mutates into a lizard thingy.

Heh! There's more than one nerdy reference hidden in this story, and that was one of them. Except for the lizard part. Or?

Of course! That's why it reminds me of Trek! There are references everywhere!

You smashed rainbow dash through a tungsten wall, burn her with radiation, and then froze her with liquid helium.

Yes. Yes I did.

You don't just break Boom Factor 10! :rainbowdetermined2: Oh wait, Dash just did, nevermind. :rainbowlaugh:


That's gotta hurt... :rainbowderp:

Well, provided you didn't somehow horribly mangle her permanently I think I might followed this.

Congratulations on breaking the universe Rainbow! Now have some pain!

Great story so far! I can't wait for more!

Alright, if you insist. I've changed them around now - They were biproducts of using OpenOffice to write the first two chapters.

507291 after reading about those things in a comment on chapter 2, I meant to remove the comment but I couldn't find it. Oops!:twilightblush:

really great addition. You seem to have captured exactly how people would react if a Pegasus had randomly crashed inside of a particle accelerator through an extra dimensional wormhole. I'm guessing it was twilight's spell that saved dash's life but if there was simply different circumstances in the epicenter of the event, it would make sense. maybe it was the shielding itself that caused said conditions as it failed due to a different set of physics taking over as she entered an alternate universe. OH! what if they realize that the frequency at which her quantum foam resonates is different or can we actually measure that in more that just theory now? /nerd-ed

minor quibble "only 4363 grams" should be "only 4.363 Killograms"

Thanks for the feedback, but my reasoning goes as follows.

When you take a measurement, you report it in the unit of the scale, and convert it later (To prevent miscommunication when you convert it in your head - especially important when dealing with imperial units). I chose grams because most weights-scales intended for humans round off at the second decimal mark, and so to measure Rainbow Dash's weight, you'd use a tool with higher accuracy - Which would report in grams.

There is no such thing as too much science.

I hope there's more soon!

Alice... That's yet another reference, correct? Or is it just coincidence?

You're doing wonderfully! Keep it up!

Every sentence has me either giggling or making me all serious, looking forward to reading how this will unfold.

ALICE - A Large Ion Collider Experiment - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Large_Ion_Collider_Experiment
It's a reference to one of the experiments actually going on at CERN right now. Physicists love acronyms ;)

I faved and liked this story after reading the description and i still need to read the story!

I've read the first chapter! Now let's go to the second chapter!

This is getting good!:pinkiehappy:

Nice story, but the ending of this chapter is kinda sad.

.......of course you end the chapter that way:ajbemused:

Here, have a heart for caring.

Cliffhangers, you hate them but you can't live without them.

And awesome story, cant wait for the next chapter

T^T Rainbooooooww

good chapter!

I personally would have traded in update speed for chapter length, but anything you produce is masterful.

Well, time to go to chapter si-

*only sees 5, which is the one I'm on*



let me state the physical impossibility's here (constructive critisizm alert)

1) an object can not go the speed of light or it would have to have infinante mass.
2) drag cannot be reduced or that would break the laws of physics, the only place where the laws can be broken is in a black hole
3) multiple sonic booms cannot be acheved after that the mock cone that forms around an object (indicating it has broken the sound barrier) becomes acuter.
4) time can only be slowed in the black hole.
5) pretty shure rainbow would have died.

but other than that its pretty good:pinkiesmile:

i can be your proof reader for physical impossibility's if you want, im kinda an egghead:twilightblush:... ok im a HUGE egg head.encrypted-tbn2.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR2A6shKROKkF3xwmGjwZEn_28Sl3cDe3yiGYxp8Hkc0do1HrBgFA

531014 There's a reasonable explanation for all of this:
All of what you said may be true in our world, but all that kind of goes out the window when you go into the world of My Little Pony , as they have a very different definition of physics than we do.

And this chapter is called happines!?

While your offer is appreciated, I'm a physicist myself, so some of the fun for me lies in taking into account the physics.
The whole reason I wanted to write this story was to explore some of the physical differences between Equestria and our world, and eventually offer a field theoretical explanation of how Magic works.

1. The speed of light is not conserved in Equestria - I never said anything in our world moved at the speed of light. I said the neutrinos from the CERN experiment had an apparent speed higher than c, in accordance to the OPERA anomaly.
2. Magic can circumvent "our" ideas of physics to a certain degree. To make a simile, if you were in a capsule falling from space to earth, the "effective drag" would have been negated somewhat by the force of gravity. If an observer from a world without gravity was to see this, they would consider it magic. An aerodynamic shape would also reduce the drag experienced.
3. The picture that goes with the story is sort of foreshadowing an explanation of this. If you understand it from just that, kudos to you.
4. Actually, time only STOPS in a black hole. It's slowed all the time both due to attractor fields such as gravity (See General theory of relativity) and the relative motion of inertial systems. (See the Special theory of Relativity)
5. She would have, but the "Wrap" Twilight cast has some interesting properties that limited the damage. Ever wondered why the USS Enterprise from Star Trek doesn't get blown up by space dust when it goes to warp?

Thanks for the feedback though, if you find other things confusing, I'll be more than happy to address it.

Well, until the last sentence, everyone was happy.

First off, I re-read your initial comment.
1) A particle moving at light speed would not have infinite mass, it would have no mass at all. If it had mass, it would have had infinite momentum and energy, which I think was the point you were trying to convey.

As to what you can do with fanfics...
Yes, you can write anything, but it doesn't mean you should.

For instance, making Twilight be Opalesence's little sister and also the mother of Scootaloo AND Celestia doesn't make sense to anyone who has watched the series, and would most likely be poorly received.

I think you mean a six-limbed animal, not a six-legged.

Thanks, that certainly works better than appendaged.
She doesn't know specifically that the two on the middle are wings, but I guess she wouldn't call them legs either.

So the Doc didn't get specifics then... not a problem Tobbzn, I've dealt with six-limbed fuzzy critters before. And the Enterprise doesn't get blown up by space dust despite traveling at FTL in normal space because of the deflector shield

I like to call this one the AwesomeScience Story, where the AwesomeSauce is actually Science!

Since your little fiction of awesome is gonna contain ludicrous amounts of actual !!science!!, why not go the whole way in sci-fi hardness and make Rainbow Dash alien in origin, perhaps with no genetic relationship with our tree (no common ancestor within our tree), or even better, a set of different nucleobase and an alternate nucleic acid structure/chemistry

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