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Mirror site for LordDragonClaw.

Hi. Many of you know me as LDC (listed above). Some of you know me as Macronomicon. My brony name, on the other hoof, is 5007 (read "SOOT").


Do you like Lewis Carrol? Do you like faeries? Especially the flesh-eating, blood-drinking kind? Check out my wife's book, Glass.

Books by LA Knight (my wife):
(Prices in USD)

Glass (an urban fantasy)
reg: $10.49
Large type: $11.49
Kindle: $4.99
New Cover: $9.99

Their Forever Family (a realistic religious romance)
reg: $8.99
Large type: $9.49
Kindle: $4.99

Obsidian (sequel to Glass!)
paper: $10.99
Kindle: $4.99

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INCOMING! · 11:02am Aug 11th, 2016

Except this isn't a test.


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Oh hai. Sorry for taking so long to respond.
Yeah, that's me.

Are you really lord dragon claw from fan fiction.net? Right now, I'm reading the laughing fox- I looked at your other stories and found your summon is pink, and I thought about how weird it was that I found it there.

Fairly well. She's starting on a sci-fi book.

If you had read "Spell Salad", you would have realized that I had just finished another chapter and sent it to my beta reader.

Hey dude =D

Is Your Summon Is Pink still alive? It's been awhile since i've heard from it..

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