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Inspired by the heroics of the mysterious mare known as the Stable Dweller, Silver Storm, a guard of the town of Marefort, decides to go on a daring mission to rescue her captured brother. Of course things rarely go as planned and her attempts at heroism drags her into a tangled web of plots and conspiracies as warring factions vie for control over the last great city: Dise.

Spanish Version translated by Spaniard-Kiwi: https://www.deviantart.com/spaniard-kiwi/art/Fallout-Ecuestria-Heroes-996263393

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:pinkiecrazy: yay another FOE fic, pretty good. I've been wanting to write an FOE fic too.

:moustache: ...ladies

There is never enough of these Fallout crossovers. NEVER.

My favorite game and my favorite show together the way it should be.


Heya folks, thank you for the kind comments and ratings. I do enjoy the brief ego boost. The next chapter should be coming by the weekend hopefully. I have a (awesome) editor but he's under the weather, so stay tunned. (Also I have to finish writing it). As you can tell by now the story will be based somewhat off of New vegas but not a carbon copy with poni.

Uh, if you have any questions ask because I love to hear the sound of my own voice(the sound of me typing doesn't sound as egocentric). Thanks.

~No One~

Interesting sense of character and setting. There's a good vision here.

Could use cleanup in terms of grammar, and I have a few other quibbles about things like not really being able to tell Silver's gender until I re-read a bit and got the dropped hint...but I find myself interested in seeing the next chapter.

I do hate commenting on my own page. feels like comment whoring. No matter. Chapter two has been revisised by my editor theBSdude and is now 20% cooler. Check it. Next chapter is taking longer then anticipated, but hopefully it'll be up as soon as possible. Take care ya'll.

~no one~

Wow, ending changed my feelings. If somepony 'steal' fillies and chain them... Well, you didn't feel half as bad when you need to kill them)

I am going to start responding to every comment personally, because I like to talk.

8933 True enough, but I think that only counts of you knew she did it BEFORE you kill her. Finding out after can't justify it because you never knew. IMO anyway.

8967 Thanks! :D

Also I noticed a few people voted 3 stars recently. I was just curious if said people could possible PM me as to why so I can continue to improve the story. Thanks.

~No One~


True, but it helps deal with past feelings. You can stop blame yourself when you know that kill was justified.

and sorry for not commenting before: i like what i read, the reactions of your protagonist to her misadventures are really well thought, keep up the good work ^_^


sorry for the double post, just say a word and i'll delete it and compile in single one; about the low rating, here are my two cents: i think the story is worth far higher than a 3, are you sure that you haven't simply ratebombed by some troll?

9608 Now I suppose thats true, and it certainly has an effect on the events that happen in the future.

10658 Thank you very much my good sir.:scootangel:

10824 Might be thats the case but it might just be I'm not up to someponies standards and inwhich case I owe it to them to keep it there as a reminder to do better.

Also, you can delete star ratings? Thats news to me!

~No One~

Just made it to the last chapter and I have to say that I am enjoying what you have here so far. However, you seem to go through more named characters per chapter than one would expect :moustache:

One of the things I DO like however is making the main character an Earth Pony. Something I have yet to see from the small number of F:E stories I have read.

Other things...It was kind of hard to get an immediate sense of location for how far off from Equestria the current story is taking place. I know we don't exactly have a map or anything of the place, but from both the show and F:E the setting seemed to be a few hundred miles across at minimum.

More things...It seems strange that INT implants would make you suddenly know more; I was always under the impression that they did more believable things like boost your memory functions and just generally enhanced performance as opposed to being database dumps.


Rule 1: Everypony dies. I do have a tendency to kill of nammed character, so I apologize. Though the last two chapters only lost one named character per chapter, so i'm getting better! :derpyderp2:

Eath ponies are more fun I think. Unicorns can magic their way out of every situations, Pegasi can you know, fly. being ground bound and having to rely on your strength and er, cunning (not as applicable here) makes everything more difficult.

I always pictured Equestria bigger then that, but I suppose thats another matter. As for where it takes place the Caladonia region pre-war was much large in size then Equestria but had just a fraction of its population. Think of it as the Canada to Equestria's USA. The actually area their in would be equivelent to were the greater Toronto area is (scaling for size) but the whole region is much larger but not really important.

Incidently I DO have a map of the area, but it's very crude (yay paint) and not done to scale. So its not fit for anything but me to toy with when detaling plot points. :moustache:

I should mention there is a bit of a disconnect between what the INT chip does, and how Silver percieves it. She just tends to blame it (as she doesn't understand it) when she goes off on a tangent, which she would do anyway. Where as it actually does help her think things through more critically then she would have pre-chip. For example her getting the three scavengers to backdown was more the INT chips work then hers, and it allows her to see other solutions rather then her favourite 'It's looking at me funny! kick! Kick! Kick!' approach.

That being said with a INT stat of 4 she's still an idiot.

Wow I am long winded. Anyway thank you very much for your comments! And for enjoying it! I like hearing that. I hope you continue to enjoy.

(all spelling mistakes made above are not my fault. its 7;30Am and I haven't gone to bed)

I've been lurking for a bit and lovin' every minute. I figured I ought to speak up.

I absolutely love the character choices you've made, especially for Silver Storm out of all of the big FE main characters. You've gotta love Lil'Pip and Blackjack, but they're still hangin' on to light side despite the number it's done on their sanity. Puppysmiles is plain oblivious but good natured. But Silver Storm? Woowhee! Straight into the mud like a homesick radhog!

The rest of the FE heroes (mostly heroines actually) only question whether to quit from their path of light. Silver's the only one to really slide and waver on the question of darkness. I espcially liked the scene dealing with Nanny Jane and how you really played the distinction of why Silver pulled the trigger. Knowing you'd be freeing a filly before hand would be a heroic action, killing her for just caps? Delicious, delicious moral compromise! Also I liked Pearly part in that, no one's clean in this world!

Not that to say that I revel in grimdark. I just love how well you've crafted it and worked the moral dilemmas. I may have a soft spot for antiheroes, but my favorites are the sort that choose the darkness for themselves to make things better for others, knowing that anything less will end in doom for all. Tragic heroes are the best heroes in my opinion.

I can't wait to read more!

Have to say im loving the story keep it up thanks for filling my fallout fix for the week:rainbowlaugh:

14928: I Am here to serve! :rainbowdetermined2:

14906: I approve of speaking up! Authors love to hear people enjoy their work (or didn't if thats the case)

I am not arrogant enough to say Silver is a 'Big' FOE character like Puppy, BJ and especially not Lilpip but yeah I did want to try something different. Honestly part of my thought process for her was 'what would bizaro lilpip look like.'. Obvious theres more then that, but i tried to make a character who wasn't so bound but super goodness (Part of this has to do with Silver not being new to the wasteland. The other three mentioned just waltzed into the end of the world, but Silver had lived there her whole life). Though if I did a good job at that or not ain't decided yet. There's still more to happen, but I do hope you continue to enjoy it!

Thank you very much for your comments!

The Mustangs with their leader Roy. I'm surprised no one commented about the obvious Fullmetal Alchemist reference.

15816: Anon wins a cupcake for getting the reference!

Wow great chapter i cant really think of anything that could make it better. and ive gone over quite a few ficts.....still though have you put any thought on meeting with any of the companions cass,rex,Boone, and ED-E, i have to say ED-E could really bring the characters around the waste land......looks at clock...2:00 Dam looks like ill be using coffee in the morning :pinkiehappy:

17969 Thank you very much. As too companion I prefer not to copy-pasta characters directly from fallout into my stories but what i can tell you is that more companions are forthcoming. No ED-E though. Sorry.

Yay! Good reading this chapter 3, I like Silver's way to do things and her weird but really fallout-like moral. Two thumbs up!

Great chapter but i do have a question before posting a more detailed review.

"my foot struck him between the legs"

Wouldn`t that be my hoof?

18013: Thanks Mimey.

18073 :derpytongue2: I dun derped. *fixes*

SPECIAL: It goes to eleven!!!:pinkiehappy:

ok, this is offically great enough to be part of my must read FoE fics. i hope serenity never leaves the character interaction is adorable:rainbowkiss:

sooooooo when is the next chapter coming out

24858: I couldn't Resist! It was so tempting.

24949: Thanks! I'm glad you like it. Definatly get a lot more Serenity next chapter.

25262: Well the chapter is currently finished and sent to my editor, buuuut. Since his laptop broke its taking him longer to finish the chapter.

On that note! Chapter 5 Preview!

Silver Storm and Serenity finally reach Dise! Except that doesn't happen. Instead they find themselves stranded in a town called 'Parasite Mound' that makes up the outskirts of the great city. They find out their neither rich enough, or important enough to get into the city proper. Then everything goes according to plan. Really.

I'm working on adding this story to the fallout equestria wiki. Since I'm reading it straight through, i figure I might as well keep some notes.
"If I was going to storm vault 42, " (should be Stable 42, you use Stable 42 elsewhere)
"There is no such thing as heroes." (is should be are)
==Chapter 1==
'Luddite' (interesting reference for a pony world)
'Apparently my metal leg inedible' (<- was)
'new enhancements by by subliminally making' (unnecessary repetition).

I'm only half way through Chapter 1, but I need dinner. It's been a great read so far!

25430: Vault? Did I really write that. I am ashamed! ASHAMED *fixed*
Other issues shall be fixed post haste.

Luddite follows 'rule of funny' so I apologize to no pony! hehe.

Thank you very much! I like hearing good things. And wiki things. Both are good.

Great story! Compared to other stories, you drop a lot more names and general information. I've counted almost 20 new pages to be added to the wiki, and your named character list is already massive (for your word length) compared to PinkEyes or Project horizons (both of whom tend to leave NPCs unnamed). keep up the good work!

The rest of my notes and corrections. I tried my best not to include comma errors where they weren't absolutely necessary to clear up the sentence, but I may have included one or two more than that. sry, I'm just a bit of a comma fiend!

===Chapter 1 (cont)===
'pass without and further difficulty' (any)
'Their strategy was clearly more effective, is fore hostile' (???)
'After I changed the batter, for' (battery)
===Chapter 2===
'adamantium'(more funny pony references!)
'It was either impossible or impractical to make whole thing have any nerves itself' (???)
===Chapter 3===
'Ripping off the cover to me metal leg' (Arg! *shakes hook-hand*)
'Change your <name,' (eeeeNope)
'Serenity said a sly smile on her face.' (needs a comma)
'with the eve- present consequences' (ever-present)
'the Overma-Stallion's office.' (not clear whether this is intentional or not)
'It was a half mad scrambled to the lower levels.' (half-mad scramble)
===Chapter 4===
'Dropping to the ground rested my head in the dirt. Yum. Dirt.'(rested, dirt. Also, this line has earned Heroes my undying loyalty)
'The sound of his snakes guts squishing out' (pick one, not both. an capitalize Snakes)
'Me being an idiot didn't realize this' (some commas needed)
'Rows upon rows up timber' (of)
'Well we never did have mucha problem 'fore the NCA showed you you see they took most of our traders' (you you... May I suggest a comma or two?)
"glowered up at my and stumbled to his feet blood running" (me feet, blood)
'I've tried being nice. I've tried bowing, I've tried listening and running but fuckit I'm tried.” (tried once too often. tired)

26184: Thank you very much! I try to do good work. As for named characters well... I have this thing where I like to add characters. lots and lots. Though for the most part if I named a character, and they don't die, then I am going to bring them back later on in the story. Actually so far every pony that has been named dropped (and seen on screen. some mentioned ponies don't get screentime) comes back at a later point in the story.

All errors shall be fixed and dicipline shall be administered via fifty lashes.

You realize you just made my life a living hell right? I'm joking (mostly)
Now I have to ensure that EVERY name you've used has its own page on the wiki. I already counted +30 pages... this will probably put it over 50. And I need to reread to double check now... (not complaining too hard there)
On the other hand, that means we get to see Backlight (great name) again and meet Odyssey and that find out the name of that one pegasus who saved Hired Gun. So, I guess I'll stop complaining, IF you keep putting out chapters. Deal?

Random sidenote: You often use words like 'men', 'crowd', etc which are mainly intended for human groups. As humans don't exist (in your world), this seems perfectly fine. It does stand out a bit from FoE, Project Horizons, and Pink Eyes, all of which hold a similar style of word replacement. 'men' would be stallions', but 'crowd' would stay the same (not become 'herd'). Basically, they hold to a strict personification word choice when species could matter (since that group of 'men' could have been griffons or alicorns or what-have-you), while choosing freely whenever species isn't an issue. Switching between the two types (your writing and theirs) can bring out the difference rather heavily. I'm not meaing to say one way is better, since yours is certianly more unique. Just, as I said, a random sidenote.

26884: Well not every character needs its own page on the wiki (honestly the idea of anything of mine going on the wiki envokes my "Oh Gawd I Am Not Worthy" reaction) as even though many characters return they don't neccesarily have important roles. Same with some of the places. Uh, if you have any questions as to the importance of characters and places just PM me and I'll answer in the most non-spoiler-iffic way possible. I just don't want to bog down the wiki with information of my inferior story. *ahem*

As per characters we do see Blacklight and the unnamed pegasus again. Fairly soonish. Sort of. I'm being vauge I need to stop that.

Okay! I can keep putting out chapters! I lvoe doing that! Next one should come out shortly.

Sidenote: As per the man-men-stallions stuff. Well I have noticed I do have some trouble in that department for various reasons. There are language issues of course where as 'men' in an army or similar setting can be seen as gender neutral and all inclusive. Stallions of course does not have the same sort of idea, and is really quite incorrect (Theres really no subtite for everypony under someones command. So when Smotoh Tongue or Silver Bullet say 'men' there is no pony equivilent I can think of). The other reason I on occasion flub that up is that this is my first pony-related-writing (and indeed my first fanfic of any kind) so my mind reverts back to what its used to when I'm in the heat of the moment. Of course some times its intentional... other times mea cupla. (My editor gets mad at me for this >_<).

I talk too much...

~No One~

sooo its been a couple of weeks when is 5 comen out and myb 6-7-8-9 and so on so forth. ya i pay attention.

Dear god itll kill me if this kills her..............:fluttercry::applecry:

28050 no really i think my hart will explode due to a lack of daw dang Pupysmiles have you seen my insulin :pinkiegasp:........to late.......

That was amazing. Very sad though.

Nice. Hired Gun really lives her name.


I liked her, poor soul...

The prologue ended when the Ardu incident was first being reported and now the Enclave is invading. I could be wrong, but I thought there was more time between those two events.

Still though, great chapter. I'm really hoping that Serenity pulls through. :raritycry:

Hmm..better hope that Silver got her HP halved by the explosions and the new perk kicks in. Because I remember a promise to STOP killin' off characters. :rainbowwild:

28100: Sorry.

28120: Sorry.

28215: sorry..

.28148>>28151: This made my night! thank you :D

28832: I know! its like that somewhere a whole week went missing. Oh well, its prolly nothing. Thank you very much though. Obviously can't comment on Serenity ;)

29250: Well uh... I... Okay, no comment.

I really like Gun - she's just such a strait-forward individual. And her interaction with Serenity is just so amazing!
...Which is why, if you let her die, I WILL END YOU.
I will drag you to an abandoned SUBWAY STATION and STAPLE your FLAYED BODY to the CEILING with RAILROAD SPIKES.
We clear on this? Good? Good.:pinkiecrazy:

(Not really, but you get the point.)

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