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Having lost much of her past, memories and purpose in life, Aurora Borealis stumbles upon the junkyard and its sole inhabitant Scraps. Having regained her name and desiring to find her past and place in the world, she begins to walk the paths of discovery. But what she finds and what impact she has may be more than she ever expected.

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Yay its here too now,finally can track it properly :pinkiehappy:

This looks interesting! I need some more FoE stories besides Heroes and Project Horizon.

Took you long enough to post it here. :pinkiehappy: Oh and don't listen to Thundra. Keep writing!:twilightsmile:

108720 Sorry. I got inspired for a story and just had to write it. ^^;

108738 Not gonna stop any time soon, that's for sure. Too much stuff to do!

Go for it ilu! Great story ^_^

There is never enough Fallout Equestria Fics! Never let up. This is pretty awesome.



Just glad people like it. It'll be continuing for the foreseeable future. Woo!

im really enjoying your story keep it up^^

Was wondering when this would update. ME GUSTA as always.

Fallout was never that engaging of a story on its own. But with ponies it's just horrible.

Write Fallout, acquire haters.
Unfortunately, my list of fics is rather long at the moment, but I'm adding yours to the queue anyway. Heard it was good, and I plan to give it a read. Like all things pony, ignore the haters and write what you want to write.

Glad to see this on fimfiction. Its one of my favorite FOE sidefics.

Royal Canterlot Voice- Raise your voice to bowel-emptying volumes! Great at parties!


Eh, it happens. The nature of differing opinions, some people don't like particular variations on a setting or idea. Still makes me sad to get down-starred just for choice of venue, rather than actual quality of writing. But hey, the star rating is there for expressing opinions I suppose.


The best at parties! Never have to worry about talking over the music again!

Coolio'... More FO:E! Moar plox. :pinkiehappy: Scant errors here and there across the first 6 chapters, nothing notable - else I would state them clearly - an interesting story, nice characters, and long chapters. What more could I ask for? Keep it up, 5/5 and tracking.


If you could, would you mind jotting them down for us? If they were something I missed when I shouldn't be doing, that little blue nerd may be able to pan me for once.

*Glomps Ilu* Welcome to FimFic! I'll be tracking your story.


Sadly doesn't surprise me about the errors. I found three minor errors rereading Chapter 5 shortly before submitting the story here. Wouldn't surprise me if there are others in the other chapters I didn't catch. Spelling and grammar, why you so hard? :raritydespair:

Excellent, good show so far.

Aaaargh. Fooge. Missed mistakes when importing. Think I got them all. If anyone notices anything obviously bizarre or nonsensical please tell me. Can't believe I missed this stuff. :facehoof:

Finished reading chapter five, wonderful stuff. I envy you for being able to do such quality work. :pinkiehappy:

I'm really enjoying this, you're quite a good writer. I really hope you go all the way with this one. Definitely on my watching list now.

Alright, finally got to reading this. Now, I'm not the best reviewer, I admit. It's just the way I compose it or something. Whatever the case is, I'll try my best.

*cracks hooves*

After reading what you have so far, what strikes me most isn't the characters surprisingly. It's your style of writing. The way you sew the emotions, weave the sensations into your descriptions... it's... it's just amazing, really. From Aurora's crushing guilt from ravaging the raider fortress to the euphoria of tasting food likely for the first time since her transformation, the way you write is just spectacular, magical. After reading the first opening paragraphs of the prologue, I thought to myself, This is gonna be good. That feeling doesn't come often, especially not after just the first few paragraphs. And you didn't disappoint, let me tell you. Your conveyance of emotion and atmosphere... job well done. Job damn well done.

Characters... I'll be honest. I think it's a little too early for now to say how well you do them. Aurora is done very, very well to be sure (though I was a tad skeptical of having an alicorn as a main character, even if released from the Unity by the balefire bomb detonation if what I suspect correctly), and Lilac showed a surprising amount of depth with this most recent chapter. Requiem... she keeps on being a wild card. I'm interested to see how she develops. However, some things seem a bit... inconsistent. Arsenal, for example. She's supposed to be Enclave, likely military judging by her accuracy with the gem-powered rifle and the fact that she has power armor training. Yet she complains that much? Granted, the world above the cloud cover is likely much better in quality-of-living, but with what she had to go through for military training... it just doesn't add up.

It certainly makes her as annoying as Aurora and Requiem make her out to be, though.

Aaaaand, I think that's it for me. I'm not too keen on reviews, again. I do hope, however, that I do well enough for you. You're doing an excellent job so far. Keep it up.


120923 Not stopping any time soon, most likely. Hoping to finish it someday.

120950 I'll be honest, the emotional tone is something which worries me at times. Because how deep it gets into that swings very heavily depending on what I'm writing. And it worries me that I may be getting too thick on introspection at times.

Arsenal, for all of her complaining, is tougher than she lets on. Remember that when Aurora first meets her she's been kidnapped, maimed, starved and probably raped and beaten more than once. She is, at this point, about as far down as you can get. Her complaining might have gone a little thick in Chapter 5, but she has good reason for it. There's also some other elements to her you haven't seen yet, which may help explain why she acts that way. Just hope I can make them stick right when I get there.

And on those notes I'd like to add that as long as I still have my pan, this story shall go all the way.

Though you might wanna see a medical professional somewhat soonish for those cracked hooves, that can't be healthy at all.

121005 It fits Aurora's character, though. She gets so caught up in these emotions she stumbles into things without noticing them beforehand. As for Arsenal, that makes sense. She's still a relatively new character. Well, best of luck when you reach that point in developing her then. :pinkiehappy:

interesting first ive seen were an alicorns the main character nicely done.

hummmmmm intriguing..

lol thats a shitty job ^^


Do you mean the chapter or something within the chapter?

In other news, next chapter is here, enjoy.

Quite possibly the only Alicorn Main Character Story I want to read.

You are making good progress. How long did it take to produce this chapter? And also, what is the ETA
of the next one?

131476 Took me about 10 days to make the chapter, in terms of how long since I finished the last one.

Next one will probably be up in 7-10 days. Depends on how much my brain wants to cooperate.

131073 lol no a guy said this comment "Royal Canterlot Voice- Raise your voice to bowel-emptying volumes! Great at parties!" and i was just make a pun on how it would empty bowls. In other words its a job full of shit lol.

This is definitely one of the better spin-off fics. Tracking.

108879 well i like it very much and cant w8 for the next chapter if you need help with anything just om me and id gladly assist thee.


Don't you worry, I've got a firm grip on her leash and my motivating pan. That's about all the help she needs.

Well Aurora starts off with quite a few disadvantages as perks and traits go... but she is an Alicorn so that probably evens it out. On to the first chapter :pinkiehappy:

129749 There's actually another one over here, if you want to see a different exploration of Alicorns-as-protagonists: Misfits, might enjoy it if you like New Beginnings.

This was a fantastic story, Aurora destroys a Ghost Town. She finds another recording and we see how attached Requiem has grown to Aurora :heart:.

Looking forward to future chapters :heart::heart:

134898 I'm glad people are enjoying it. ^^ It's been fun to write so far. Chapter 7 is going to be interesting.

I just love the relationship thats building between Aurora and Requiem :heart: :pinkiehappy:

Its a great contrast to the evil of the wasteland and not as used as lover relationship.

Maybe aurora was a mother running away from loosing her foal(along with her whole stable?) before she joined Unity?

Still one of my favorite FOE sidecfics

135048 Yay! Glad you're enjoying it.

I knew the relationship between Aurora and Requiem well before I started writing the story. There's still a lot more of it to grow and change over time.

You'll eventually get Aurora's backstory. But the details may take a while to come out. I imagine most will have guessed the over-all shape of it long before I get there.

132074 okie dokie lokie sounds good

Alrighty. Let's see what I can do...

Aaaand... I totally got nothing. See, this is why I suck at reviewing. I can't pull my thoughts together. Maybe I should just try giving commentaries as I read or something...

Your way with emotions still amazes me. I just absolutely love your style, and it blends with Aurora's character so well. That, at least, I can say.

Also, I half-expected Requiem to be some kind of monster that could disguise itself when she popped back up. Judging by the fact that she leveled up and gained a new perk, I guess not. Huzzah!

... unless you plan to give us a mindfuck later.

Confound you Ilushia! You drive me to irrational thoughts!

139448 Read-through commentaries are always neat too. :twilightsmile: Really I'm pretty happy with any kind of feedback, though.

I'm not quite that mean to my characters, though. Maybe I should start being more evil... :scootangel:

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