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In the frozen north of the Equestrian Wasteland lays a city, battered and crippled, but still clinging to life. It is beset on all sides my dangers.

Displaced griffins rage against the ponies they blame for the apocalypse. Madmares brood with their unquestioning minions under mountains of prewar technology. The Unity extends its malefic tendrils to sake it endless hunger for slaves. Unnatural horrors stalk the forests, consuming all in their path. A dozen factions rage against each other in wars of words, caps, secrets and fire, tearing at the very foundation of The Sovereign City. All the while an ancient threat prepares to once again, bathe its self in the blood and anguish of ponies.

Welcome to Flankorage.

(Comments are encouraged as this is my first attempt at fan fiction. The more feed back I can get, the better I can write.)

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Greetings my friend. I am interested third party and I noticed the posting of this story. May I suggest you look into this document?

and this link


I assure you that it will b worth your time.

Well, I keep seeing you pop up all over the Internet. Comments on Equestria Daily, a Christmas project involving Wasteland Heroes, even forums. So I finally cracked, and checked out your story. It was pretty good, especially comparing it to all the FO:E side stories I've read. There were a few spelling errors (Deadpan is one word) but it didn't stop me from enjoying it. The Stable has an interesting history which I'm looking forward to seeing what happened to it. The characters... It was a good introduction to them, but I can't relate to them yet. Ochre is taking things... pretty calmly. All things considered. And he's pretty quick to believe that his entire life was fake. But maybe he's just very believing, and it's just a character trait. I'm sure as the story continues I'll understand him... It's him, right? I'm not sure if the gender was ever mentioned. What else to say... Oh, if you wanna make it big in the Fallout Equestria universe, I have one tip for ya. WRITE. A. LOT. From what I've seen, if you can make it long, you'll probably get your own post on Fallout Equestria. Good luck! In conclusion, it's a good start, I'm sure it'll get better as you find your style of writing this story, and I'll be watching.

PS. If you wanna respond or anything, you can email me at Tylerzguyz@gmail.com Please ignore my badly chosen email name. Once again, good luck!

ummm i recomend that you fully read all of the OFFICAL foE side and main stories,


it will show you what you need to do to be reconised by the bigman him self

ALSO wtf is this? (not a bad thing)

but i was expecting a more OPERATION ANCORAGE type feel. but this just seems, kinda like name stealing, i will look into it further but im not sure what i think about that


did you even play all the fallout 3 dlc?

I did play the DLC, several times actually and it was my original intention to base the sorry on it. But during pre-production it evolved into a 'what would the region be like after the apocalypse' story and the name stuck.

This is a brilliant fic - so much so, I'm actually thinking about considering it canon FO:E work. Obviously, I can't really decide on that until you put some more out for me to read, but I'm sure you won't have too much trouble with that, right?
_And_ (although I probably should have realised this at some point before now, even with being sicker than a dog), you have a stallion... colt... ugh _male_ mane character! See! _See_! Colts _can_ do anything mares can do (and just as well, too)!
*Ahem* Sorry, but it is refreshing to read a well written male mane character fic.
I do have a question though - you say that the mover pony _built his own Stable_? Ignoring all the difficulties associated with building an effective fallout shelter, why would Derpy not... Oh, right, immediately after the bombs radiation would have killed anyone inside if it were opened - and he probably killed himself before it was safe to open up.... Damn it, here I thought I'd managed to find an FO:E fic that _wasn't_ massively depressing.
Anyway's, I'm rambling a tiny bit now, so I'll end by stating my feelings on all the best FO:E fics - I both anticipate, and fear, your next chapter greatly.

im really looking forward to many more chapters in this story i have to say its a tire above most run of the mill fallout ficts :pinkiehappy:

First of all, thank you for your comment, I still cant wipe the self satisfied grin of my face. :pinkiehappy:
Second, yes, after being rejected by all the Stables he moved his delivery wagon into the cave and made it into an improvised bomb shelter.

I'm sorry, but you are mistaken. Project Horizons is recognized by Kkat, but neither it nor Pink Eyes are considered canon to his universe. While many people write as if multiple stories are canon, Kkat has retained the write to overrun anything they written with his own ideas (though he has been kind enough to avoid that whenever possible). It is really each writers individual choice.

Kashin, I really like the story! Good characters, an original Stable idea, and a decent plot hook. I really like how you detail your work though; the gun descriptions, posters, pictures, and new drugs (THERMAL!) really expand the setting over other works. If you keep putting out chapters of this quality great things could happen.

While I don't have much free time now, I will check be as often as I can. At some point in the future I will have free time and, if you are still writing this, will add this story to the Fallout Equestria wiki.

Thank you very much, my production may slow due to the needs of Fallout Equestria: Nuclear Winter Wonderland, Wasteland Heroes (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DqF0mpzjc2dD2TOMU8QrJ2JODQozjioKEJk9fAG4ab8/edit?hl=en_US), but I have a two chapter backlog so.. we will see (this board needs the pipshrug emote).

I would be honored if you put it on FOE wiki, when you have time of coarse. I had been told to do it myself, but I'm rather uncomfortable with the prospect (The irony of feeling awkward putting a page on the wiki while flooding pony communities with self promotion is not lost on me:derpyderp2:). If you need anything from me for it pop me an email (Kashin1701d@yahoo.com).

Not bad, though it's AU from 'official' kkat-somber universe.

not sure where this is going. but will still continue to follow it. good consept so far!

27027 yea ignore those comments

Yay, new chapter! Which means... review time! *Throws confetti*

I'll start with the characters. Ocher and Maple are already being fleshed out, which is good. It seems like you already have a better feel for writing them. It's also interesting to note that you're subverting the traditional 'one naive pony in the wasteland' theme by having two newcomers with varying outside experience. Should be interesting to see how it goes. I also think it's good that Ocher is showing signs of atrophy, since his real body has been used... never? He should be as weak as a kitten, but maybe the stable kept his body relatively fit. I still think he hasn't really been fully hit by just how bad things are right now in the wasteland. No big freaks outs yet, but the wasteland can break a pony. You can already see a slowly growing tension in him. It shows a skill of writing that I care what happens to our two little ponies.

Next, we have plot! And it looks to be underway! Ocher, the rescue pony! And we also got hints of Maple having problems, which is bound to come back in later chapters. Not too much to say, I liked the sleeping bag scene. I thought it was a good source of fun in such a depressing world. "MIIIINE!" Ocher is also finally getting closer to seeing what happened to all those people, like the pony in the cave. I'm interested to see if Ocher will follow tradition and become a history nut.

Oh, yeah! It's easy to forget a fight scene, since those can be hard to write. You did a good job with it, though we only got to see how Ocher fought. It adds to his 'I'm a weak pony' feelings though, which is good for character development.

Couple of finishing notes. You doubled the length of the previous chapter. Nice! It also felt higher quality too. Though it doesn't look like it'll happen anytime soon, I hope Ocher does get trapped in a simulation again. Could be a source of character development, and pay homage to the DLC your story is named after. But I'm sure you got a plan.

One last thing. I'm shocked at all the comments going 'You're not canon!' Neither is Somber, and we read his. Kkat gave Project Horizons and Pink Eyes his blessings, but he never read them. The first story is the only canon source right now. Kkat looks at the art, but he has made it clear he won't read any side-stories until he finishes his main one. From what I've seen, if your story has art that Kkat likes, is decent length, and read by many people he'll recognize it. As much as we all love Somber's story, Flankorage and Project Horizons are exactly the same weight in canon until Kkat reads them. It's us that keeps bringing up the issue. So anyway, you're doing a great job so far and can't wait to read more. *Thumbs up*

Interesting story. Well written and fun to read. I'll definitely be tracking it and I expect more chapters as well. Keep up the good work! :pinkiesmile:

Nicely done! I really need to take a day and upload my story here.:facehoof:

Few minor spelling errors that kinda broke it for me - the slaver letter should have 'waive' instead of 'wave', and in the fight scene with Stinky you say he 'telakeneticly' re-sets his ribs. Erm, you mean 'telekinetically', yes? Finally, the accepted abbreviation of 'for example' is 'eg' not 'ex'.
Those minor points aside, this is still looking to be a brilliant fic - and for some reason I especially look forward seeing how that Shrike he let live is going to reappear.
Finally, a query; Jousting. It clearly means something different to you than it does to me - as far as I'm concerned, it's an activity for knights on horseback. But what exactly do you mean by it?

I liked this chapter the most so far.

Except for, umm, that scene with the passed out drunken raider. Orcher's reaction kind of made me feel awkward >_>

Alright, we got a much more action-orientated chapter this time. Which is not a bad thing, Ocher does need the experience. It also is a good chance to see how Ocher can handle the stresses of being a wasteland hero. Which is where he's going, if he's determined to save some slaves. We also get a better look at Maple towards the end, what makes her tick.

As Dozy Dreamer pointed out, there were a few spelling errors, but they can be fixed. There's not too much to say because it was a lot of action, not as much talking. But the action was written well, so that's a good thing. And I can see the drunken mare becoming important in the future, as well as showing that Ocher isn't going down the easy path yet. Being merciful is a good a trait as any for a hero. I was actually expecting her to become a party member, but that could still happen.'

You're also getting these chapters out pretty quick. That's really good, keeps the readers interested and develops the core of the story in a smaller amount of time. Good job so far. You're doing a great job.

Freeflyingwolf in Deviant art and Fimfiction.

Sunshy the lanky, surprisingly tall sunshine yellow pegasus with a red mane and tail. A cutie mark of a smiling lion face with a roll of bandage in the mouth with chibi bat wings and a scorpion tail. Standard gear of metal boxes in place of saddle bags, like Remedy's Fluttershy boxes. The box is enchanted to hold much more than he could normally hold. He wears leather armor and a doctor's coat over it with holes for his wings cut in both.

I love the series, too, especially how funny Ocher is. And I'm obsessed with the word Spelunking now. XD

Pffffft. 5 days? I may be running on death's door, but it only took me.... Two days...... *Falls to the floor, dead, before a fairy crawls out of a bottle and starts spraying fairie dust on me*

.... Fuck, I did it again, didn't I?
Okay, okay, I know what you want... here's a cookie. Now, Get back in yer bottle!

*Ahem* Where was I? Oh, yes: FO: E and PH. I started reading FO: E when I first saw it in the meager chapter numbers of the lower twenties. I caught up much too quickly, read other fics, noticed an update, got confused, started over, etc. I've read it about three times in its entirety. Haven't had he same prob with PH, seeing as I found it just last week. I have come to reading roughly 1 chapter in 48 minutes in Kkat's story. PH is usually 30 min per ch. I'll give yours a shot. :twilightsmile:

this is really good

and it updates faster than pink eyes

ITS A WIN WIN! :yay:

(Writing with ~80 % done of the total story read)

I actually found the whole concept really interesting. (althou unicorn protagonist was not surprising for 5 bits, the reason/build up of why was however xP) Was a bit "Hm..." at first, but it made sense shortly afterwards. Althou, still a bit confused why Red Eye would waste potential good slaves. If they now were with Red Eye. But that's a different case. I also like the the "hoof" measurement, since I can understand wanted to use "feet" or so in fics to describe distance, but ponies doesn't have feet.
The characters seem to have possibilities to grow and develop, which is a great start. Althou several questions are raised about the whole "virtual reality" matter. Where they all in stasis for 200 years? How'd reproduction serve? How could they learn spells "without" being able to use magic? I guess said random ponderings might get answered later in the story. And I could easily see the overmare "going offline/out of the matrix" to do... stuff, thus the mention of her "leaving town". And I could see some sort of complex system with "genetic material tubes" and a half-offline (top open, still in program) for foaling. But that leaves the question of.. ah never mind will have to hope it'd delve into that matter later hehe.

The part with Boxy (or whatever he is called, already forgot, bad me xD) was a good concept imo. And touching too. I personally hope Kkat would give Ditzy a blast from the past with having Raindrops (or somepony else she knows, show canon wise or not) show up as either also a ghoul, or have been in stasis or something. That ghoul deserves more then muffins heh.
The part with *ahem* male anatomy was not overdone, it worked quite smoothly without trying to hog to much attention. Just like it should, be a part of the character, not a definition. And a bit more character wise, main character manages to be "new" enough (at least for me). Physically weak, rather docile/submissive (at least from my semi-wild guesses) a good barterer, not used to the wasteland but in a different way, and like about the rest: quick to adapt. Regarding the "sidekick", she seems interesting enough in the "sidekick" category. Rather generic, but not enough to be a blank slate. And something almost tells me after she gets back to functioning quality she will yell at him for not mentioning the locked box and prove to have lockpicking skill (or a crowbar) or something.
Otherwise, I liked the hints that not only the males can do the raping in the wastelands, at least I think those were hints... since if they were just "throw her to the males" hints, then nevermind. And also, if they were just hints for general torture, then also never mind haha.

~Satch (aka: Kattlarv, aka: Kim on ED) xP

And just a quick extra update upon finishing: Ok, ouch. Did not expect you to write about genital hits. Especially not female ones. I must however admire the fact you did. Not many dare go there. They are just another target area however. No matter how much it mentally hurts my brain to think about heh. Can't imagine what it'd feel like to have your vulva "melt/fry", especially a certain part of it. *Ahem* In either case, enough about that. And haha, I was right about the lock thing xP And ooh, unexpected character development. Intriguing. And more shocking pony cruelty. Recycling? I doubt she'd even be dead before they tossed her in. (Also +awesome for using flabbergasted xP)
As for "make you a mare", I dunno what to have expected to hear, but it worked out, quite classic line. A few other "alternative" ones swam through my mind. One of them being a synonym for the one used. Such as "and I'll make that barding of yours really fit your figure" or something.

And dammit: Forgot one thing: I'm not too sure "spayed" is accurate as it hints on either ovary or testicles(?) removal/disabling. I can see the shots doing that (too). But it wouldn't really melt her nethers I think..., anyhow. I've made to many comments already heh. Will look forward to reading more.

Wow great chapter i could put this story up with some of the best fallot side ficts that ive ever read:pinkiehappy:

Hmm, pretty nice chpter here. You might want to watch out for the spelling - you alternated between 'scrapper's and 'scrapers' a fair bit. There is one question I am forced to ask, though, what with my lack of knowledge concerning equine physiological terms - did Gellwin just get killed by a magical exploding apple up the ass?

this is just too good for words thank you sir. :scootangel:

Finally, stable dweller who pretended to be a slayer and actually BOUGHT slaves to free them later safely. FINALLY! It seems everypony else use only violence and guns to solve problems and forgot about neat tricks like deception, bribery, smooth talk, barter, threats and bluff. More smartassery, less shooting!

(Once again commenting ~halfway in 33 min to be exact)
Gotta say I really like how this character has more non-combat then combat oriented skills tagged. And I have to admit the main character has this quite twisted (yet justifiable) concept of karma. (he still has more mercy then the monsters he's killing, but he still lets them suffer if able) Yes, they deserve it, and he lets them have it. What goes for "details", I really like how you include mares as cruel assholes. FoE: PH had a brief mention of them doing some raping, but this one went a step further. At least I think it was implied, that or that mare just really liked to torture, not caring (or maybe to much) where she applied said torture. Tbh, I'm almost expecting him to find and rescue a stallion with blood caked coat around his "area" from a mare only, or vast majority raider group, whimpering on wobbly legs how "they wouldn't stop... they just wouldn't stop" in a nearby chapter. (likely causing him to cringe from obvious reasons) Then I think I'd read of about all forms of horror raiders and whatnot have done.

As for painful deaths, heck if you'd add a mare on a sander, I think you'd have covered most of the "gruesome kills" list I've read in the Fallout: Equestria stories as well. And have done 3 of them in that case heh.
So far of all character I've read about in FoE stories, I think he is the one less likely to care about (and possibly even drag along) my "Dexter" character. Which I'm unsure if that is a good or a bad sign haha.

Ah good, more Fallout and Ponies. And I must say it's nice to have a story from a colt point of view.
Don't ask me to comment on the spelling or grammar or anything like that, because I am horrible at that sort of stuff.

I do however know a good story when I read. And this is a good story :)

Great chapter its been a wile sence i got my much needed fallout

I love the "But I am weak and helpless" quote from Fluttershy. And Ocher trying to think of her name. XD

Still doing a beautiful job of a story. And what's this? A Fallout Equestria fic that isn't insanely depressing? I'm impressed (Then again, we're only five chapters in, so you've got plenty of time to fix that).

63617 :chalengeaccepted: go read pinkeeyes:pinkiehappy:


Yeeessss - the fic about the little filly who's looking for her mommy who is 200 years dead... And that's the best case scenario. Coz that's not depressing at all.

While the "preening" thing (I'm guessing) was a bit of a surprise, it actually made quite allot of sense heh.
Althou, the "grey earth pony stallion" part, shouldn't it be "unicorn"? Or did he disguise himself last chapter? Was a while ago I read it.
Echo's outburst of... whatever she was doing added some pondering to whatever the hay she was doing in there.
And oh, mentions of the freed slaves. I like continuity. That and his conclusion made sense. It's actually surprising how many times characters free slaves or prisoners, then trot off. And yay, good example of showing just how mentally stable you are xD (it's like a thing for wastelanders to talk to themselves haha. But overall I like their initial reactions. Felt a bit like they had "He's going to rape me, isn't he?" in their minds, and I wouldn't blame them. Althou, seeing how this is FoE. They are likely to get so in either way, and at least half of them are in direct risk of being killed.) bit smooth attempt at a save nonetheless.

And after hearing the "plan" then yeah... the general odds for survival just sunk a bit lower. And ah, so it was two weeks she was kept as... "entertainment". And why do I just know someone that says "just stick with me and you will be fine." has their survival chance reduced by at least down to 10 %? I actually really liked the hug scene, it was sweet. (especially the "hugging felt nice" part) Even if it had the "wrong place, wrong moment" part in it. And *yay* more character development. Actually took me by surprise, but found the "insult me again" joke quite amusing... and somehow it made me wonder how a FoE story with a transexual character would be like. And man, my fantasy trails off way to easily. But ah, now the mystery started to unravel a bit of why they did what they did in the stable. (also, I just got a feel that the "hugs?" was partly a reference to the "hugs?" meme thingy hehe)

Another "Don't touch me!" character, they tend to be able to have a interesting possible character arc. So far she seems to have a bit different reasons for it then the other two I know. And neat, I had been waiting for a male character to open a memory orb of a mare xP Internal monologues are always a good sign. Hum, as for Strongheart being well... still small was a bit iffy (at least I saw it as "small" in the description) I could've just read it wrong thou. I liked the reference to the sheriff and Pip (the other Pip) and I smirked a bit at the perk. There, finally had time to read it, and it was rather enjoyable. Now I just have 5 others things I gotta deal with haha.

So...a mixture of Alien and Werewolves? I approve of this :)

Wow awesome work like always :pinkiehappy:

The amount of Alien references makes me very happy.

66411 read the new chapter, it explains what happened to her mom :(
But I love that fic and this one, although I would like to read a fic with a griffin that is a "good guy", I mean, griffins can be good to right????

We need more Henri(s) in this world.

im likeing this

Sorry for the really short review but: I found this chapter to be quite good. I'm not 100 % sure if it feels like fallout, but then again, it's 4 am, and I'm dizzy so xP
I however find it a bit "blah" that I forgot most about Spruce and the other "companions". I usually manage to keep quite decent track of things. And hum, wonder if this means most in the "party" got that "quest perk"?

...You freaking crucified him. Just...I did not see that coming.

#46 · Jan 9th, 2012 · · · BARON ·

Something you should edit: "“If you say so,” I replied skeptically, looking at the massive bugs with revolution." It should be "revulsion", which is synonymous with disgust, if that was your intended word.
Sorry, when I see glaring errors I have to correct it.

Oh... fuck! That was unexpected. B.A.R.O.N. - robot, keeping his promises? Xenophone? necromancy? Main char - nailed to cross, crippled and left to die alone? You are awesome writer! Keep it up!

I wonder what his party will do. Echo will search for him, that's for sure, she ows him life. Marple too. Slaves.... follow them two, I think.

thanks, fixing

"If we fight now there is now way we would win" = No way we would win.

This is nice. Very nice.

HAIL TO THE KING BABY! :rainbowlaugh:


This is pretty good, I like his inner voice, and PCTSD or post combat traumetic stress disorder is a neat angle. ^_^

Wow thats something right there i wassent expecting it 0_0 i must have more!!!!

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