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Twilight's time in Canterlot tends to keep her away from her Ponyville friends for far longer than she would like, so she decides to invite them the the castle for a get-together.

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna love Twilight with all their hearts, but for some reason Princess Luna has misgivings about this event.

Sometimes, the connection to a friend extends far further than you want to believe.

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A most excellent twist in the tail there. Very enjoyable and bittersweet - thank you!

That was good. I enjoyed reading that. Thank you!

This has been one I've considered writing for a while, and I'm certainly glad I did. This probably contains one of my favourite scenes that I've written.

Thank you to Diomades and Tursilion for going through the story for me!

"Time and the Passing of Time are the Curse of Immortality"

Neat! Although I called it before I even started it was still a good read.

First, two errors I caught.
"Twilight’s took in a deep breath as she looked toward Pinkie"
"Twilight, this is exactly what we need to discusst."

Second...I have no problem with the quality of the writing of this piece, but I have to wonder why you wrote it. I see that you said you've been considering it for a while. What made you choose to do it?
I've seen a number of fics where Twilight outlives her friends into immortality or semi-immortality as an alicorn, and I see that they continue to be written, but now I ask for the first time - why? When the writers have stated explicitly this is not what is going to happen (there's still a bajillion different things that could happen, and ways it could all turn out...this just isn't one of them). So why do you - or other authors, if you know - keep writing with this prompt?

This isn't a complaint, but I do wonder. And so I ask. Hope you don't mind.

This was really good. I didn't see the twist with the crystals coming! I'm going to sulk in a corner now. I did notice a few errors.

Her smile faded as she turned towards the sun princess. “Where is Twilight, Sister?” she asked, making her way from the balcony.

Since there is no speaking verb the comma would be a period. "She" would be lowercase since you have a speaking verb.

Celestia shook her head and closed her eyes. “She’s with her friends tonight, Luna. She had been looking forward to this, so I let her take some time to prepare for their arrival.” She seemed worried.

She seemed worried. Are you talking about Celestia or Twilight? I think it's Celestia.

Twilight furrowed her brow.It's peppermint tea. Don’t you like it?”

There would be a period here because your brows can't speak. Now if you had, "Twilight furrowed her brow and said" then you could use a comma.

Luna raised her brow and frowned. “She sees them often. She has missed work for them before.”

I changed the comma into a period because you can say something wih a frown, but you can't frown something.

I hope that you didn't mind me pointing out some errors. There might be a few more errors like the ones mentioned above that I missed. This story is written really well so as a writer I want to see it be the best that it can be! Keep up the good work!


The reason why, is overly simple for me: Because the idea itself fascinates me, in terms of what emotional exploration it can provide for a story. What would she, or anyone in her position feel? What would they do, how would they act? I find those questions fun to explore.

The writers have explicitly expressed that it isn't going to happen. Quite honestly, that doesn't bother me. Branching further out, you could say that about anything; ponies will never be blind, ponies will never visit a haunted mansion, ponies will never go on an existential journey of self discovery (I would say that Pinkie Pie would never watch paint dry, but she did.). A writer's world is a writer's world, and in that world, nothing canon has to be canon.

My idea for this was mulling around for the longest time since before Meghan said it wouldn't happen. The reason it took me so long to put the idea down, is because that's just part of my creative process. I need to work out how things will work out, how I'm going to say things, or write a scene. The scene toward the end was one of those things.

Quite the wordy response, but I hope that answers your question.


There would be a period here because your brows can't speak.

It is a magical land. Brows will speak if I want them to speak. (No, but seriously, thank you for pointing those out. :twilightsmile:)


You are very welcome! Thank you for writing such a good story! :twilightsmile:

the feels.........nice job:twilightsmile:

Fairly even keel story. I enjoyed it but it didn't deeply affect me. I liked the insight into Celestia's relationship of immortality as opposed to Luna's. The ending felt odd and off kilter. Was that the invitation Twilight sent? Or a letter she sent after this scene? It didn't really seem to have enough context to fit.

were is spike and why is he not helping Twilight deal with her grief?

2793719 It is a little sad to see he gets overlooked now and again.

Excellent writing. I have to admit I saw the twist coming quickly, but the story was still very enjoyable for it. You get thumbs up from me.

2771782 It was later clarified that they weren't talking about Twilight being or not being immortal, only that as kids show, the canon will never address death-related issues.

You know what, for a moment there careless reading gave me an accidental twist ending. The rest of the girls weren't dead, they just moved on with their lives and lost contact with each other.

You sir, are awesome.
I don't do sad stories, but I guess I'll just put this one as exception.

Fuck you, you made me cry. :fluttercry: Take my kudos, you heartless, brilliant bastard! :heart:

This is why I don't like the "immortal Twilight" motif. It's just too cruel to force her to spend eternity without all the friends that changed her life so much. As far as I'm concerned, Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle is as mortal as she ever was, and is better off for it.

Read this ages ago, re-read it today ... and I still don't get how Derpy fits into this story.
She's roughly the same age as the main cast, who are all long gone; so how is she still working as a mail mare?

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