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I'm a student that loves to write fanfiction, an aspiring author, and an avid World of Warcraft gamer.

Behold! Glorious!

lulubellct zone! Favorite MLP artist!


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Hey man, thanks for the follow! :rainbowkiss: It really means a lot to me and I hope to not disappoint you with any future stories. :yay:

You scared me! Before I saw you changed your profile picture and username. I thought you'd left.

Hi, I like muffins! Do you like them too? :pinkiecrazy:

Random follow day, now is everyday (WOW!!) Feel free to return it (Or not...)


Of course. :D I know that the name seems a bit odd itself (the "e" always throws people off, but its for extra flare).


Hah, fair enough! It was the first thing I thought of when I saw it, so I had to ask.

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