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James Rogers is just your average sixteen-year-old British immigrant. Moving to the US after living in Southport for ten lonely years he ends up in a friendly town and manages to live happily. James still faces the fact that he has spent most of his life alone, he has friends but he has secrets that he doesn't want to show and secrets that he doesn't even know about himself. All of this changes one fateful day at the gas station when he finds three young girls hiding behind the building, James soon finds out that the girls are the Cutie Mark Crusaders in human form. Lost, scared and clueless to where they are, James makes the choice to take them under his care, but that one decision leads to a mix of love, hope, loss, betrayal, and sacrifice. No matter what though, James made a promise to get the kids home, and he'll keep it until his mission is accomplished.

Author's notes: I'm really glad I finished this story. It's my first fic and the whole thing took me three months to complete and a week to fix all the errors and change the passages that I didn't like. This story here is probably the best thing I have ever written(not to brag or anything), I hope to write sequels to this story if it works out. Hope you enjoy it, because I enjoyed writing it.
One more thing, this is the first story in the Final Crusade Trilogy and the adventures of James Rogers will branch off into other shorter stories. I'll start writing them if this becomes popular enough.
UPDATE: I've decided to heed my friend's advice and divided this up into chapters. Hopefully now it will look even better than it did before.

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I see you finally making this story in chapters now.:trixieshiftright:

Yep, the size of it was helpful when I was reading it on a long flight to England. I got bored because there was no wi-fi on the flight but I had the story saved on the Safari app so I was able to read it. It helped kill a few hours.

This Is The Best Story That I Have, Or Will Probably Ever Read. I
congratulate You On Creating This Work Of Art.


Top gear :moustache:

I Read it again! :D
Still good :rainbowkiss:

Meh, it's fine. A little short, and not too tasteful. But I did think you wrote it well, that and it had pretty nice dialogue. To be honest I'm not sure how I ended up here, oh well reading 37% of this in the past hour has helped kill time, and it looked pretty nice up to that point. :pinkiesmile:

wow the teachers are pure cunts. If my teachers did that, i'd just run home and ask everyone else to join me and if they tried to stop us id just smash em. :scootangel: but great chapter either way! :pinkiehappy:

this is really a great story. cant wait for it to get better. I will continue reading.
You, sir, have the stache of approval :moustache:

The book he read sounds a lot like "My Little Dashie" lol anyways, great chapter. Again, here you go :moustache: Now I will continue reading

STill reading, my good man (Or woman, I cant tell by usernames lol) Here is another stache:moustache:

I havnt read ahead I promise, But i think he uses the eagle feather to transport the CMC home. STACHE!:moustache:

LOL I have NEVER been in a jet or plane in my whole life (Im 15 so I dont travel much outside my own state) and you described the feeling of being in a jet so well that I started feeling sick. lol STACHE! :moustache:

Scootaloo has a family? :rainbowhuh: I dont remember even hearing of any members on the show :derpytongue2: ah well. Just accept it I guess

Wow. Wish I knew that much First Aid. Wouldve helped me ages ago:derpytongue2: any way, without further waiting, STACHE! :moustache:

I wouldve checked the comments to see if anyone actually noticed how Scootaloo looked a lot like her MLP self. anyway, STACHE!:moustache:

And just for fun, I actually searched the video on YouTube. Sadly, it dosnt exist. lol

:rainbowhuh: An experiment? and hes happy about that? :rainbowhuh: well, that escalated quickly STACHE:moustache:

haha. I like his "Blow Sh*t Up" to calm himself down stradegy. I need to remember that STACHE!:moustache:

Jesus.:fluttershysad: that was one of the darkest chapters Ive read about any book/fanfic in my entire life:fluttercry: it was completly unexpected and shocked me. Still, one greatly written chapter. I cant compliment this any further

jesus. this has escalated SO fast that it just interests me more and more STACHE!:moustache:

wow amazing chapter. Im looking forward to when the CMC get home. VERY much:moustache:STACHE!

wow I was half right. waddaya know STACHE!:moustache:

OOOOOOOOOOH i think I know whats happening! Want my opinion? TOO BAD I'm reading the next chapter!:pinkiehappy: STACHE!:moustache:

I a beggining to love this the more I reaqd it, now I dont do this for anyone, but HERE IS A DOUBLE STACHE! ! ! :moustache::moustache: Treasure the staches I give, they mean I LOVE the chapters I read

"Thanks For Letting Me Sleep The Night"? SCOOT! He's let you sleep at his place for 3 Months! i dont think 1 night is SO much to ask for

BEST CHAPTER EVEEEEEEER!~ :moustache::moustache: Double Stache means I loved this chapter x2! A single stache means I loved it. just so ya know

I am so glad to have found this and read all of this. This was the best story I have read so far. TRIPLE:moustache::moustache::moustache: STACHE

I know quite a bit about jets for two very good reasons. The first is that I've been in a military grade fighter simulator and It was a lot like being in a jet. The second reason is that I live next door to an F-16 Air National Guard pilot who is friends with my parents. Best part was that I got to see his jet up close on the base where he is stationed. Best day of my life.

Those names sound kind o f familiar to me,,,,:applejackunsure:

I only today realized that there was a massive part of this chapter missing. But luckily, I found what was missing and I just fitted it in the chapter.

Two things:
One, Would James' dad be Mister Rogers :rainbowwild:
Two, will James' 'talents' be explained later, or are they just going to be ignored from now on? It just bugs me that you explained that he can inexplicably speak fluent german and russian, shoot a gun at a young age, and be good at martial arts with no training and then nobody gives a flying uck about it. Seems fishy to me :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:.

Just keep up reading, all questions will be answered in time.

The way I see it, dancing is definitely what will help Scootaloo earn her Cutie Mark. She just needs to fully realize it.

Dang! Looks like flying a fighter jet is much harder than anyone can imagine! And I thought just the mathematics and technicalities tough enough to deal with. Still, I would give anything to have the chance to ride in a jet.

"I don't know what I'm good at." Well isn't it obvious? His main skills are combat and applying medical aid.

Wow! I had a feeling from the start, that this story was going to involve genetic engineering in it! I knew, because there is just no way that someone at James' could be so skilled in combat and in multiple languages with such profession. This is like something out of the show, Kyle XY.

AWESOME!! Equestria now has a new defender!

Wow! I gotta hand it to you, you really have shown a work of literature here! This is one of the best fanfics I have ever read, and I believe it deserves much more attention! I'm looking forward to the next story! I hope you start working on the third story pretty soon. Good luck, and congratulations to you!

That William character was a badass!

What if one of them gets a cutie mark with guns and then they are sent back to equestria (as ponies) ?!??
That would suck:applecry:

I feel kinda bad for Bob...

Where did the teachers get pepper spray from??

You mispelled friendship in the title... lol

0.o I dont think Rod deserved alll that....

did he?

2137918 Maybe not, but he wouldn't learn. Besides I think he have been a pain in James ass for a long time, and will probably continue until he can't be one anymore.

The most amazing story i have ever read thank you for writing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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