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I am a closet brony. That is probably the only thing you have to know about me.

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Vote #1 · 9:15pm Mar 2nd, 2014

OK. I have not that recently made a story called Growing Up. I have gotten some good comments and some not so good comments. I want some feedback as to weather I should delete and cancel the story or keep it going. If you want to keep it going comment saying 'Want' if you don't want the story to keep going comment saying 'Cancel'. Thanks! Also if there is a tie I will go with cancel. Thanks, Bubble Berry.

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2212430 I really like Spin's personality. Cara's cool too. I just love all the characters.

Thank you for adding 'Pen Pals' to your favorites. May I ask what you enjoyed about it?

2211456 I like changelings so that was a big plus. I also realy like all the split personality stuff that happened to Shade/Sunstreak/Sunglider.

So you told me you liked 'Converted', so may I ask what you enjoyed about it?

2210457 Well I love Converted so I followed.

  • Viewing 39 - 43 of 43
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